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RTC Finance Review – is it scam or safe?

RTC Finance Review - Is scam or safe forex broker?

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Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Standard   0.01 lots 1:200 2 pips


RTCFinance is a forex broker that launched operations in the beginning of 2017. It offers trading in forex and CFDs in a portfolio of over 90 instruments. There is just one type of trading account – Standard. The broker does not provide the option for a demo account for those who wish to try their hand at trading without risking any money.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Icon Markets Limited Belize IFSC


RTCFinance is a brand of the Belize-based financial services provider Icon Markets Limited, which also owns the binary options brand Hedgestone Group. Icon is registered and regulated by the country's International Financial Services Commission (IFSC).


Belize is a popular offshore destination for registering forex brokers and has relatively lax capital requirements and fees, when compared to major and more “serious” regulators like UK's FCA or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. In the beginning of last year the IFSC raised its application and annual fees and capital requirements. Still, the $500 000 operational capital requirement is rather low, compared to other regulators and the IFSC does not have such strict rules on client protection and dishonest trading pratcies.


Nevertheless, when compared to the several other popular among the forex brokers offshore zones, Belize is somewhat better than the rest.


Trading platforms


RTCFinance offers the Sirix web-based trading platform developed by Leverate. It is an all-in-one social trading platform that does not require installation on a computer. Sirix lets users configure lots and instruments they trade the most, allows one-click and copy trading. The platform also contains analysis tools, charts and graphs and provides news and economic calender. Sirix also has mobile applications for Android and iOS.



RTCFinance's Sirix platform. Click to enlarge.

Unfortunately, RTCFinance does not offer MetaTrader 4.


Methods of payment


RTCFinance accepts client deposits through debit, bank transfer and credit cards and the electronic payment systems Neteller and Skrill. Those are fairly standard deposit options provided by many brokers and offer relative flexibility.




RTCFinance is a new forex and CFD broker registered in the offshore zone Belize and regulated by the IFSC. Like we already said, the Belize regulation does not offer the level of client protection provided by the stricter and more reputable financial markets watchdogs, but is better than, lets say, Vanuatu or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which is another popular destination for the forex brokers.


Overall RTCFinance's trading conditions are nothing special – the spreads are average and the leverage is rather low, which in the case of offshore forex brokers could be a good thing.


Pros Cons
  No MT4



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Traders` reviews for RTC Finance

Scam, threatening - I have reported to police and FCA

They are a big scam and call constantly over and over when you are not interested they abuse you and threaten you. I get called constantly all day by loads of different numbers

Darren Bird 10/19/2017

I now believe I have been scammed by RTC Finance

I accidentally sent RTC £200 by mistake but when I contacted them asking for the money to be returned the main trader Jeff Gurney would not comply unless I put more money in, reluctantly I put in some more money on the promise that I would get it all back before my credit card payment was due,total of £4000 invested, he put a trader on to help me but the next time I looked at my balance it was minus £943. and they have not responded to my attempts to contact them since, The first time I knew about them was September 11th, they cannot be reached by me since September 28th. my account number is 1016780
I now believe I have been scammed.

John V C Fisher 10/17/2017

You are going to loose all your money! Guaranteed!!!

RTC caught us with the same trick. Advertised that we can start with $ 200 only. They asked us to install TeamViewer, looked at our account balances and convinced us to deposit S 6000 from our credit card into their accounts. When we couldn't transfer anything more (in spite of the continuous pressure), we suddenly lost everything. Definitely scammers!!! You are going to loose all your money! Guaranteed!!!

Koos Botha 10/15/2017

Thieves beware

I have just got off the phone from my "account manager" who became very desperate and aggressive because I had insufficient funds to start my account. He even told me to transfer from a credit card! He was south african. Good thing the all blacks gave them another hiding yesterday!

Nick Weight 10/09/2017

I need my money back

It's a very bad service, and no organization in 10/04 I paid 150 pound and they can give my money back.... It's fake, people don't trust in them,,,

Albertino 10/09/2017

Swindler forex trading firm with all the con man

Stay away from online trading firms. Especially RTC Finance. They are only well trained on telling tales, miracles lure you to trade with their company and earn their salaries. Through your money invested and so called bonus given to you. You can never win in your trades. If you believe that they are helping you at your difficult stage then you are falĺing to their trap. They only tell you to trade on same pairs, same amount and at the same time in-order to squeeze you dried and get them paid.

Stupid freak 09/30/2017

RTC Finance complaint

How I wish I had done some research before I got sucked into this.
they took thousands of pounds from me in a matter of minutes.
more fool me.
and within a week they lost it all for me.
I kept on telling them it was too good to be true and I god all the fantastic stories from them.
eventually I said can I have whatever is left in my account and I was told your account is in negative there is nothing to give you.
they kept on wanting me to give them more funds and by then I said no more. PLease Please watch them

amir kapadia 09/25/2017

Opinion from Experienced guys.

Can someone from the investor guide me either is this good to invest or not coz I am receiving so many calls on daily basis they are trying me to invest initial USD 200 in to trading account account and start making profit upto USD 5000.

Is this true I need advise from someone.

Forexbrokerz: Just read the reviews below.

Ateeq 09/22/2017

A big scam

I got scam in the same way like others.I have lost big amount of money in few minutes with their very good scam skill.


Mei Zhang 09/22/2017

Biggest scam

The biggests scam ever, I have a lucky escape. The thife that called was so desperate to get my account details, he asked me to deposit £200, I refused then he offer the company will give me £200 to start with let me give him my bank details so that they will deposit the money in to account from that point I knew its a scam.

Gibson Gloria 09/18/2017

It is 100% A SCAM!!!!

I have lost thousands of pounds to this company there are offering a cowboy operation. DO NOT invest a penny with them, they are very clever and manipulative and complete rogue traders!!!

Even their complaints department and support department are a scam!

I am fortunate to have received part of my money back but I am still owed 1000's.

If I can get any justice it will be to make sure that this xonpany or any rogue traders like them do not get any one else's heard earned money!!!!

If they contact you WALK AWAY!!!!!!!

Penny Newcombe 09/11/2017

RTC Finance - complaint to the IFSC (licence IFSC/60/461/TS/17

Good day,
These reviews make me sad and angry. I recognize everything, as RTC Finance did the same to me. They are indeed very good manipulators and they don’t care about the people they hurt. This must stop! I do not agree with the way RTC Finance treated me as a client, handled my account and investment, lost my money and investigated my complaint.
It cannot be that RTC Finance is untouchable, although they obviously believe they are. This company is also bound by laws and regulations.
Therefore, I’m going to submit a formal complaint with their regulator the IFSC in Belize this week. I believe RTC Finance might be in breach of some of the “Standard Conditions for Trading in Securities or Trading in Foreign Exchange Licence”. I will ask the IFSC for a full and impartial investigation. I also wonder if they are in breach of fiduciary duty.
If any of you has information I can use, please do not hesitate to contact me. Perhaps we can help each other! My e-mail address is I’m from the Netherlands.
I will not roll over and play dead!

Tina 09/11/2017

Another Frustrated Amateur Trader

I followed a link through a website for a local employment agency. I had considered following the Brit method for some time and believed that's where I was heading - an algorithm for trading for someone with minimal deposit available etc. I was called by RTC within minutes and after a lengthy chat, agreed that this was what I was looking for. Having been told I only needed to submit £160 to start, I did so, this money coming from the redundancy that I'm currently living off. Eventually my 'account manager' called and said that my deposit simply wouldn't be enough and that to make money he needed me to put more in. He almost refused to start showing me anything until I'd put more in and I don't usually give in to such pressure. This time, however, I ended up putting in another £500. He even asked me to show him my online bank account!! He quickly showed me some instant profit without explaining exactly what I was looking at - £20 in 2 minutes. Great, I thought. It was left at me needing training. During this time I received phone calls from other companies. Eventually training started - but they kept calling my mobile when I'd asked them to ring the landline and therefore not making contact. We went through some stuff, various websites to look at analysis etc., so I gave it a go, but made a request for withdrawal of £400 as I was still unsure and needed the money back. I opened a position after this based on what I'd been shown and it went horribly wrong - meaning not only could I not get the withdrawal, but I'd be left with virtually nothing, so I tried to make contact with the trainer. He said he couldn't comment on the trading and no one has been able to tell me what happened to my withdrawal request. Since then I've lost my account manager and this morning was contacted by another 'central trading' person. This person persuaded me to close the bad position and set up six new ones with the idea of waiting for a new account manager to ring the next day. He explained that I could close any of the positions if they looked good, but that it was better to leave it to the Acct Mgr. Taht said, two looked really good, so I set a 'take profit' amount on each of them. When the first one reached it's level - all 6 accounts closed and 4 of them were making a really bad loss. I still didn't understand how I'd been able to open such positions given the margins required, but RTC just said they'd enabled it. All 6 positions closed in front of my eyes. I emailed 'central trading' and 'training' (have had a response from training - they can't look at the positions, only the training), I rang and rang but no answer. I got through on live chat only to be told my account manager (whoever that may be) would ring. I've heard nothing. I've lost over £500 through no fault of my own and don't know what to do next. I'm deeply frustrated. I see missed calls on my mobile when I get a signal, but those numbers don't work when returning the call. I really can't afford to lose all of the money - but would have been happy leaving the other 4 positions (as set up by central trading) running until my new account manager contacted me. I can't do anything now, I'm angry, frustrated and upset.

LORNA BROWN 09/05/2017

Don't do it!!!

My husband who is not vey computer literate clicked a link to earn money, that was RTC finance. They convinced him to invest £200 and then because he wasn't sure what he was doing they set it up so they could help him access his money etc. Within an hour another £2500 had been taken without his consent by a bloke called Steve. He disputed it but they said it would make lots of money etc etc very convincing. After discussing it we decided it wasn't right and would pull out, they tried to convince my husband to put more money in, when he said he had lost his card they said don't worry they have the details! After telling them he wanted his money back they would not authorise it and suddenly everything crashed!!!! They say they will pass him to different members of the team but the person sounds the same each time. That money was needed for everyday living and to go towards a car, yes my husband was stupid and gullible but actually he didn't authorise them to take out the £2500 which to me is fraud. He spoke to the bank who said they could not do anything because he consented to the £200! Whatever you do DO NOT go with RTC

Becky 09/04/2017


I have been with RTC some 5 Months. In that time my account has "crashed " 4 times. i.e. it has been emptied as a result of advice re Forex investment Professional Acount Managers. Total cost to me $ 81,000 approx.I was fully aware of making money and loosing money. l have no problem with that.
I just warn people that unless you don't need the money you are using to invest with RTC DON'T DO IT.
The account managers are VERY CONVINCING,to the point of bullying, of persuading you to part with your money.
I can give names of specific " Account Managers " I had dealings with ,offline, and will be happy to do so.
Dr. Ian Fletchler-Jones. MRCN: 00607.

Dr.Ian Fletlchelr-Jones 09/03/2017

Help your self, stay away!

OMG!, how can these people still poor people's money and get away with it??? How can they even sleep at night?.
My story:
I registered for " Autopilot software, which chose RTC as my broker automatically. I made my deposit of $250 as required. 2 min latter, i received a call from my assigned account manager, who asked me how much savings I hard, more credit cards in my name, salary etc. He immediately asked me to invest more 2K, when I said no, he sounded pushy and manipulative.
10 min.latter I got another call which took up to 40 min. He discouraged me to use Autopilot, he forced me to trade with him, after pressing 2 trades, he asked for details of my credit card. In the process, he was asking me to make an attempt of investing 2K. I begged that I dint have more money, even explained that I have invested my last penny, he kept forcing so I cut off the connection!
Checking my account after 1 day, I am left in - €49.47, no body responds to my mails, sad!!!!

Brenda 08/27/2017

Rtc Finance Warning

This side is totally lie!
Let me to say my own experience guys!
I just made a registration,and in the hours came
2-3 Miss call coz I was working I coudant answwer!
Anyway next day seem .And they speaking so nice
Talking so big and sure ...!?
They took all my information(I was afraid ...but it was my last chance ,coz I left the job..)
And hopelly to get some money to till found another job
But what happend?
I used 2/3 days ,then even I can not clouse my readings
"Trade is disabled"??im losting now and losting
It's going down and down ...I can no do nothing ...
I try'd to get in tauch with them but it's not possible ..
Let remember in the first they was calling machs they can
And now when I need no one not doing nothing ??
So please guys please don't be fish like me !

Nalyan 08/23/2017

Extremely bad experience with RTC Finance

I think among all of you, I am the one who is most stupid. Like most of you, I only need to put in $250 as initial deposit. (all money i mentioned i referred to USD).

Along the way, they introduced by putting more deposit, RTC will also credit more bonus. Later and subsequently since 25Jul, guess what, I have deposited $121,000. Along the way, I told the Senior Account Manager - James Talor that I wouldn't want to keep on putting deposits because I have already started having financial problems. I even used up the money for my retirement. Worst, each time James called me, he wanted me to share screen. He appeared to force me to log into my various bank account and make deposit on the spot. On friday (18Aug), I checked that my account balance is ~$101,000.

Now, while I am typing this message, I checked that my account balance is $0. If RTC is not scam and there is a RTC Representative, I give you may account - 938945. Please reply to everyone who read this message. I have also complained to RTC Support on the service provided by S.Account Manager - James Talor. It seems that James still behave as before.

I think I must prepare that all my money, which is == SGD150k will go down to drain and unable to recover. It is a very big lesson to learn. In future, for a safer trading, I learnt that I should go to my local trading co like Singapore Exchange where I can see the account manager in person.

For the hard-earned money that everyone has been cheated here, lets work together and see how we can going about to take action.

Jeff 08/20/2017

$300 bronze account

Hi, did anyone sign up to a $300 USD bronze account after you opened a new account with RTC finance? If so pls reply. Im still sketchy about it. Plus my whole paycheck is around $400 and thats almost $300 USD. I actually thought the $200 at first would be enough as they said it would be, with no further payments along the way. How can i cancel my subscription and get a refund? Am i eligible for one since it hasn't been 7 days.

Russell 08/18/2017

RTC Finance: 24/7 chat????

I have been trying to get hold of someone on the live chat for an hour now, it keeps saying I'm either first or second in the queue, but nothing. I opened an account today, initially with a £200 deposit and before I knew it I had invested another £1000 putting me in debt on my credit card, not like me at all, but I'm on the verge of losing my job and desperate as a result which has made me somewhat vulnerable in the hands of a pushy trader. I have only made a loss of £15 luckily despite the fact the trader encouraged me to focus on the bumped up fee including their bonus. I can see how people can be lulled in to a false sense of security and feel safe to carry on, but it is your investment that will be affected, not theirs, they won't pay you a penny if you lose and that is clearly explained in the bonus policy, please read it carefully. I have had some time to take stock (excuse the pun) and reflect and I have decided that it is not for me and I want to withdraw my funds. I have requested a withdrawal, fingers crossed, I am petrified that I am not going to see a penny of the £12000 I have invested after reading the reviews on this page. I will keep you updated with my progress. I am prepared to go to trading standards if needs be.

Lucy Archer 08/14/2017

RTC Finance - $250 deposit is not enough!

Huge scam!!!

At first tey say just to deposit $250 as a starting point, hovewer then they say it's not enough for the account and for it to work they ask you to deposit $2000, unfortunately I've lost my $250, hovewer I'm lucky that I've not deposited more money. People be careful!!!!!

RTC 08/08/2017

RTC Finance: They do not reply to e-mails or phone calls

I paid the $250. Then the pressure started to pay a minimum of $2500 to open a trade in Apple and sell it in 3 months because it climbs every month. I clicked on Cancel by mistake when trying to put the payment through on my card, so I nearly fell into the hole. I have requested a return of my deposit and now they do not reply to e-mails or phone calls.

stephen alpert 07/17/2017

RTC Finance: I want to withdraw all my deposit

I lost £3500 already . I am not happy to trade with etc.They asked me to deposit more and more money. Now I sent withdrawal request so many time but they told me to trade more . Has Rtc ever return funds . Why is it so difficult .

Hnin Nanadar Aye 07/12/2017

RTC - "guaranteed securitisation"?

I have recently opened an account with RTC and was guaranteed securitisation on the positions they told me to this such a thing? Have I been to trusting?
Should i close my positions and take my money or what? I am really worried after reading the posts here.
Please help, I am new to this and don't understand exactly how it works, the guy i was assigned to insist that its all ok.

Janet Evans 07/03/2017


John James De Souza the same thing happened to me. I was filling out a request for QUANTUM CODE when I saw their video. For some reason RTC got hold of this information and told me they were a sister company. They took $200 from my account. A bloke said press this press that, then the next day my money was gone plus another minus $69 has gone too. I wanted the auto too. It all seemed a bit rushed and I feel like I've been taken for a mug.

I was given a website to look over which I could have done with before he told me to press buy and sell but it was too late. They are taking advantage of people who are not in the know and trust them because they give you aload of nonsense.

My so called broker is supposed to be ringing me back so we will see what happens then

Kirsty 07/03/2017

RTC Scam: My partner is broken now

My partner believed in your system even after my reluctance. He deposited 5,200 which was all we had as he believed he would make some money, he had no job and we have dependents. Your so called brokers called Matt and Lucas both made him believe, he is broken now as he has lost all we had by your scam. How can you sleep at night preying on innocent individuals who are down on their luck and will believe in anything to make money.

I have reported this to trading standards and cyprus securities due to the lack of response and support and basically daylight robbery. Your are getting money out of people in a way by fraud.

I hope i get my message out their before others are robbed of their hard earned savings also

Is there anyway we can get some of our money back. We feel weve been taken for mugs

Gail Carter 07/03/2017

RTC Finance: I lost $7000

I would advice everyone to stay away from them. They ask you to deposite $250 to start with. An advisor will call you and give very basic information. They mislead you to believe that u can reap alot of profits and that they will always guide you. They guarantee that the finance mentor will be always with you to choose the correct places to buy shares.
But sadly it is the opposite. The guide only keeps advising and putting pressure to put more savings and capital in.As they call and you have no access to your guide,when you call the number on website to get in contact to guide someobe in customer support will just send an email to your guide. So there is no orignal number for you to contact your guide. Everytime they call you will feel rushed and so much noise in the backround as they are in a call centre with a gig happening and live news being forcast alltogether in one place that you would not like to take their time even thou it is your money you are putting into their company. They then make you share screens and its an exe. File they transfer onto your all your computer is in there hands. They have access to the whole machine. Then the so called guide tell u exactly which currency,utility or stock to put share and how much to put. If you ask them any questions their answer is to trust them. Once you have gone through 2 successful benefit trades. Then they rush you threw the third one. Mostly they make a loss of around a $1000 , they dis not explain why that happened even thou i asked the guide that you told me to put ot their i want to keep it there till the stock come up. They say technical words as we will trade on other stocks to have better leverage. Now this time they will place your money in about 7 different places.
The next day when you open your account you are not only in lose of your own money but also in debt to them of more than a few grands.

Saimah Uddin 06/27/2017

RTC Finance “Customer” on 26/06

Who are behind the fraudsters? ForexBrokerz? What are you talking about? Your comments don’t make any sense.

ForexBrokerz, please verify the user who is sharing the email, what he is writing has no sense at all. He is a fake user who is trolling the review.

RTC Finance 06/27/2017

Dinesh Budhathoki

Please send a message with your issue, account number, and the email address associated with your account to The message will be forwarded to the customer support manager so that he can analyze what happened in a proper way.

RTC Finance 06/27/2017

Saiman Uddin

Every broker asks you to deposit money, this is not wrong. Trading CFDs is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Yet we can analyze your case and refund you in case of any mistake or misbehavior. However, in order to do so, please forward your account details to

RTC Finance 06/27/2017


It's weird that my comment has been copied and the email address has been changed to - this email is not working.. I think these are people behind the fraudsters!

Please email me at - let's work altogether to bring this company down!

I have people emailing me already so thank you!

rtcfinancefraud 06/26/2017

RTC Finance Complain

I am big problems after started trading with RTC finance. When i requested to withdraw my own money. The senior manager mike wolf said me we will proceed your withdrawal tomorrow. Then when i tried to contact him. Another account manager call me and said he left this branch. Is that possible within 24 hrs. He even blocked from emailing him? Please advise me what should I do?

Dinesh Budhathoki 06/23/2017

RTC customer who wrote on 20/06/2017

Hi RTC customer who wrote on 20/06/2017,

RTC Finance sent you one email two days ago, but you haven't replied it yet. As we told you previously, please send us the links which are supposedly announcing that we offer "no deposit" bonuses or seem misleading, so we can forward them to our Marketing Department to be analyzed (and edited, if it's the case). You can send the email directly to

RTC Finance can't force or threat any customer to deposit money (by the way, any broker has this power). It's up to the customer if he wants to deposit or not.

If a person doesn't know how to trade, it's his responsibility to learn it before trading. There are plenty of free educational guides on the Internet, including at In addition, you have the customer service, available 24/7 to help with any issues you have.

Also on the broker site, there is a risk warning which alerts that trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors, and the RTC always recommends their customers to read the bonus terms and conditions before claiming for it. If RTC made a mistake, we'll be more than happy to assist in your issue, but we need your account number and email associated in order to have access to your account and understand the issue.

If you were a real customer, you could have sent your account number to us a long ago. How a company can help a so-called customer if he doesn’t deliver his account details?

RTC Finance

RTC Finance 06/22/2017

"Jes", do you have a problem with the broker or just lost your money trading?


I’m sure no one put a gun to your head and forced you to deposit on the broker’s site. In addition, you can’t blame a company because they asked you to pay for a service you used. If you want to trade, you need to make a deposit as in every other broker.

This review website is intended to help customers to deal with forex companies, so if you are looking for help, please describe us exactly what the issue is and give us your account number so I can forward your complaint to the customer support manager.

Posting the company details, however, won’t help you to solve your issue, especially if they are incorrect. If you want to know more accurate info about the company (office, address, license), feel free to visit


RTC Finance 06/22/2017

Unwanted calls and emails

I have tried time after time to stop receiving annoying communications. Constant calls as my email account was hacked, i have bo wish or cash to partisapate pkease stop all begging calls asap

david hoins 06/21/2017

RTC customer who wrote on 20/06/2017

RTC Finance sent you one email yesterday, but you haven't replied it yet. As we told you previously, please send us the links which are supposedly announcing that we offer "no deposit" bonuses or seem misleading, so we can forward them to our Marketing Department to be analyzed (and edited, if it's the case). You can send the email directly to

RTC Finance can't force or threat any customer to deposit money (by the way, any broker has this power). It's up to the customer if he wants to deposit or not.

If a person doesn't know how to trade, it's his responsibility to learn it before trading. There are plenty of free educational guides on the Internet, including at In addition, you have the customer service, available 24/7 to help with any issues you have.

Also on the broker site, there is a risk warning which alerts that trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors, and the RTC always recommends their customers to read the bonus terms and conditions before claiming for it. If RTC made a mistake, we'll be more than happy to assist in your issue, but we need your account number and email associated in order to have access to your account and understand the issue.

If you were a real customer, you could have sent your account number to us a long ago. How a company can help a so-called customer if he doesn’t deliver his account details?

RTC Finance

RTC Finance 06/21/2017


I have the same experience with all of you being scammed by RTC Finance. Let us work altogether and let's bring them down and put them to jail. Did you know that Secured Options (and InsideOption) owner has been arrested? We can also do this with RTC if we all work together.

What goes around, comes around. Justice has been served for them, and should be for us too if we help one another.

Email me at

rtcfinancefraud 06/21/2017

bad name

bad company with bad brokers who i wouldnt trust.

inio di lamisi 06/21/2017


I have the same experience with all of you being scammed by RTC Finance. Let us work altogether and let's bring them down and put them to jail. Did you know that Secured Options (and InsideOption) owner has been arrested? We can also do this with RTC if we all work together.

What goes around, comes around. Justice has been served for them, and should be for us too if we help one another.

Email me at

rtcfinancefraud 06/20/2017

Hard sell fraudsters/ RTC Finance Scam

As many of you, I was looking for some financial freedom as well, but my concerns arose when I was asked to start depositing $1,000 on a few occasions. This prompted me to do a background check on the company, and lo and behold, they're part of Icon Markets Ltd, Hedgestone Group and Nevski PS Ltd, all with the same "IFSC License" number, based in Belize in the same offices (RTC allegedly also have an office in Cyprus), and there are numerous warnings against these companies. I've alerted UK authorities with evidence available online, as well as screenshots of my own "account". It is unlikely any of us will see our money back, but the best thing we can do is collect evidence and assist our relevant authorities to investigate and take action, then hopefully they culprits can be tracked down, arrested and charged.

Jes 06/20/2017

RTC Finance Deposits

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to express my frustration over conditions of this broker.
First, you are misleading people with no deposits to begin with and then further down the track asking for more money.
People with no trading but searching for ways for financial freedom could easily fall for this.
Please before you beg people to open an account, state that we need thousands of dollars to trade, so that we can say we don't want to carry on.
So, I deposit some money and I really need my money back please. I don't think this works for me.


Silive Muaau 06/19/2017

RTC Finance: Was this a scam?

I was sent an email encouraging me to join and I was very impressed with it. I was told I needed 200$ to get started and if I didn't make a good profit in the first month I would be given $10,000. As a retired lady with only a pension I was very tempted. In the end I paid to join and fully expected to be able to trade.
I was allocated an accounts manager and he said unless I had £1000 I was wasting my time. The bonus of $250 never materialised either.
Why did the sales guy not tell the truth. I am very naive about trading but I was keen to learn.
If this is the truth I would like my money back and the $10,000 please.

Carol Coombs 06/17/2017


I NEED ANSWERS RTC. I was willing to trade with RTC after I saw a mate reading about them. after carefully reading the reviews am really certain they are not genuine because it seems loads of people have got a bad experience with them. RTC am not impressed at all.

john 06/16/2017

No connection to my account

Connection to my account doesn't seem to open ,when i ask for Password it always gives me the same back ???

I'm on my last chance to try and make a small profit if any but I'm starting to wander if I've been Had.

Nicholas Willetts 06/14/2017

Karen McFarlane: they ask it for security reasons

Karen, all the brokers (other online companies as well) ask for personal information so they can protect their clients’ account. Since RTC is an online company, they need to be sure if they are talking to the real account owner, this is a way to protect your funds. I know it’s not nice to send personal documents by email for a lot of reasons, but unfortunately that’s how almost all online companies work nowadays. At least the RTC’s customer service is replying and trying to help you, other brokers could simply ignore.

Sarah Phillips 05/28/2017

Personal information they are asking for?? Is this a set up?

Dear Karen

We received your request and it can take up to 5 business days for it to be processed, provided that the relevant department can get hold of you over the telephone.

In order to process your request, please be advised that we are a fully licensed Financial Services Provider (International Financial Services Commission Belize, license number IFSC/60/461/TS/16). That being said, due to regulatory requirements all RTC Finance clients are asked to submit the following documents, within the next 72 hours, to fully validate their trading account.


A clear color copy of a Valid Government Issued photo ID (e.g. Passport/ National ID card/ Driver's License) - front and back.
A clear color copy of a Bank Statement or Utility Bill (e.g. Electricity/Gas/Water/Phone bill) showing: your name, current residential address, issuing date within the last 6 months, and the company name and logo. Please note, a P.O. Box is not an acceptable proof of residence.
A clear color copy of your Credit/Debit Card ending in XXXX used to fund your account (front and back). Please ensure that the following appears on the credit card: the card holder’s name, expiry date, and the last 4 digits on the front, and signature (and the last 4 digits) on the back. For your reassurance, please cover first 12 (front and back) digits and the CVV number (3 digit code) on the back of the card.

It takes approximately 2 business days to verify the documents, once your account is fully verified you will be notified via email.

Should you have any issues sending us the documents please refer to our verification guide:Click here

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us. Contact information can be found in our 'About section' on our website

Kind Regards,

Karen McFarlane 05/25/2017

RTC Finance Cancellation

I just had a manager call me i have sent my cancellation through and when i asked the manager to organise it i was hung up on? Not sure what is happening here i realised i wasnt even the right website. I need someone to call now thanks

Karen McFarlane 05/24/2017

Karen McFarlane

This is the only site of RTC Finance: Did you visit which website, can you type the URL here?

Can you please confirm if it is the full name under your RTC Account? Please send your account number + contact details to

Sarah Phillips 05/24/2017

Wrong website? Then it's another broker

Karen, are you sure you traded at RTC Finance and not at another broker's website? Because if the link wasn't, then you were cheated by another broker, not RTC.

Charles M. 05/24/2017

RTC Finance: No money in my account

I opened few trades at this site just like they said to do this and the next day when I logged back I saw all my trades off and no money on my account. I have lost over than 6000 pounds and now I don't have funds for my life. Don't trade with them.

BSR 05/23/2017

John James de Souza and Adam

Please contact RTC Finance's customer support and explain the whole situation to them. It's impossible to help without having access to your accounts and without knowing the clients' history. RTC's contact details are here

Sarah Phillips 05/23/2017

BSR, I can withdrraw my money.

“BSR”, how come there is no money on your account? Can you please explain it better? Did you try to talk to the customer service to find out why your money has disappeared? If yes, what they answered? I’m trading with them for a while and I never had any problem to withdraw my money. I know that there are some requirements for withdrawal if you claimed bonuses, but it applies to other brokers as well.

Julian T. 05/23/2017

Rtc finance - still waiting withdrawal

Still waiting for my money from rtc finance that was 11 days ago
Ago I put a request in.has anybody had a problem with these people

Adam 05/20/2017

Is this big con

How do you get your profits out?

chris 05/17/2017

RTC Finance withdrawal request

I was in the opinion that after paying US $200.00 to RTC Finance it would do the auto trading for me. If this is not the case then I want my money that I had deposited to RTC Finance to be credited back to my credit card visa account.

Please reply

John James De souza

John James De Souza 05/16/2017
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