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Mib700 Review – is it scam or safe?

Mib700 Review  – Is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 11 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Mib700
Mib700 is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Basic $200 0.01 lot 1:300  
Gold $999 0.01 lot 1:300  
Premium $9999 0.01 lot 1:300  

Mib700 has three types of live trading accounts, as well as money management accounts and swap-free Islamic accounts. The broker also offers a free demo account for testing purposes.


The asset portfolio of Mib700 includes 60 forex pairs and CFDs on commodities, stocks and indices.



The Company. Security of Funds

Company Country Regulation
Blue Seal Ltd. Vanuatu No

The information about the ownership of Mib700 is a bit confusing. In the fine print at the bottom of the site it says it is owned by Blonde Bear OU from Estonia. The terms and conditions section, on the other hand, states that the brand Mib700 is owned by the corporation of Blue Seal Ltd. Try as we might, we cannot imagine a blonde bear or a blue seal, but either way, the broker is not regulated and this means it should be avoided, as a general rule.


We always advise our readers to choose brokers with proper regulation and robust supervision exercise by national financial markets and service providers watchdogs like UK's FCA or the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Overall, trading with regulated brokers is less risky than with unregulated ones, as they generally stick to strict rules and requirements and offer a better level of customer protection.



Trading platform


Mib700 is one of the growing numbers of forex brokers offering trading on the platform MetaTrader 5. Despite it being still in the shadow of its predecessor MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MT5 is gaining popularity, especially after the introduction of the hedging option in the spring of 2016.


MT5 is more advanced than MT4, but has most of the well-familiar and loved features of its predecessor. Additionally, MT5 allows trading in futures, options and shares, in addition to CFDs and forex.





Mib700 offers several types of promotions for its clients. All of them are subject to additional conditions on trading volume and deposit size.



Methods of payment


Mib700 accepts payments through bank transfer and credit and debit cards, but not through online payment systems like PayPal or Skrill, for example.





Mib700 is an unregulated forex broker. It offers nothing special in terms of trading conditions, portfolio, etc. Probably the only interesting thing worth noting about it is the offering of the MT5 platform, which is still not very popular among the unregulated brokers. This however, is not a good enough reason to choose Mib700 over a regulated broker or another unregulated broker.


Pros Cons
MT5 Unregulated


Latest news about Mib700
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Customer service










Withdrawal Requests

I have been trading with this company for over a year now. I had a dedicated account manager, Simon Klein though don't know if he just made that name up.Started with 5000 Euros and with deposits and profits built it to 40,000 Euros. I have made 2 or 3 withdrawl requests over past year which were honoured so I thought all was well. However, been unable to contact account manager or company via email or skype though they do acknowledge withdrawl requests but you don't get your money back. I can still trade on their MT5 platform but just can't get hold of anyone in the company.

Dilip Patel 10/03/2018

Scammers - Mib700 will never return your deposit or proceeds

They are definitely a bunch of scammers. They process your money through a company in Latvia that is registered as money exchange so your credit providers will not be able to assist you, the company is Blond Bear OU - everything connected with this company should be a red flag. They are operating other companies as marketgbp, brokeryard and many more.
They will never post your trades on the exchanges, you are simply playing on their internal servers and in the event you lose - tough luck. If you win they will never return your deposit or proceeds. Their support department is a joke as the only thing they can tell is that the requests were forwarded and that you need to wait. (I am waiting now for 6 months and calling them on a daily basis). If anyone wants to get together all the information together we can meet up.

Alexander 05/10/2018

mib 700 truffatori

Ho versato 300€ sul conto ed ho guadagnato 50€ quindi volevo ritirare perchè insistevano sul fatto che avrei dovuto versare di più per guadagnare tanto. la cosa ha iniziato a puzzare e quindi ho deciso di ritirare i miei soldi senza nessun esito. Il fatto è che siccome ho subito un intervento di protesi d'anca non mi è stato possibile andare a fare denuncia alla guardia di Finanza. Consigio a chi lo puo fare lo faccia.

Translated by Google:

I paid € 300 on the bill and I earned € 50 so I wanted to withdraw because they insisted that I would have to pay more to earn a lot. the thing started to stink and so I decided to withdraw my money without any results. The fact is that since I underwent hip replacement surgery, it was not possible for me to go and report to the Guard of Finance. Conscio to those who can do it.

Rino 12/15/2017


i can give information where 1 of there places is based in Geneva Switzerland
Rue du,4 ON THE SECOND FLOOR 1204 Genf we can go further but please put in this add your email so i can contact you thanks

oliver 11/27/2017


does anyone want to come together i have all information who they are and where they are all based. how can we do it?

oliver 11/23/2017

informazioni mib 700

sarano anche bravi ma solo a farti depozitare ,per prelevare non ce verso dal loro sistema ,non sono seri per ninte se volete provare prima di investire piu del dovuto cercate a preleva e poi vedrete come vi aprono anche operazioni senza che tu sai ,poi dicono che la piataforma ,io a cambiato anche parola ma ninte da farre ,credo che li denuncero

Translated by Google:

they will also be good but just to get you deposited, to pick them out of their system, they are not serious if you want to try before you invest more than you need to try to pick up and then you will see how they open operations without you know, then they say that the flat shape, I also changed the word but ninth to make, I believe
who denounced them

gigi 11/22/2017

mib700 - no answer from customer care

i feel something bad is happening with mib700 .no answer from customer care i heard they are losing money did anybody else hear maybe we all can contact one another and do something

oliver 11/20/2017


Does anyone know a person by the name of Dr Tony from mib700? This guy has been calling me non-stop, and now i'm a bit scaptical about him

ady 11/16/2017




Translated by Google:

Two days asking to be contacted by a mib operator 700 but therefore no one has been made and not represented to meet into my account, my cell is 3382302768.


GENNARO 11/10/2017

Mib700 warning

Mib700 è una truffa mi hanno contattato la settimana scorsa con voce amichevole da parte di una certa sabrina promettendo alti guadagni,mi ha condotta sulla piattaforma e sempre in via amichevole voleva sapere numero e cvv della carta di credito ed io non li ho dati...ho depositato la somma di 200 euro e ad oggi non ho notizie di nessuno...ho provato a contattarli senza successo....attenzione a mib 700 sono dei veri truffatori...non date gli estremi della vostra carta specialmente il cvv sono truffatori attenzione...molto loro obiettivo e' avere i numeri di carte di credito...diffidate ragazzi questi sono realmente pericolosi fanno leva sulla buona fede della gente...............

Translated by Google:

Mib700 is a scam contacted me last week with a friendly voice from a certain sabrina promising high gains, led me to the platform and always in friendly way wanted to know credit card number and cvv and i did not give them .. . I deposited the sum of 200 euros and to date I have no news of anyone ... I tried to contact them without success .... attention to mib 700 are real swindlers ... do not give the extremes of your card especially the cvv they are devastating caution ... very dangerous ... their goal is to have credit card numbers ... distrust these guys are really dangerous they are leveraging on the good faith of the people ........... ....

Mirko 09/18/2017

Mib700: I deposited $400

In South African Rands 400$ is a lot of money. Frank Williams was phoning me everyday to deposit money into Mib700. Now that I want my money back, nobody send me an e-mail.
I'm possitive they are a scam


Anna Padrao 08/28/2017


Stay away from them. Do not give to withdraw funds

Omirbek 08/19/2017

Mib700: Stay away! Mib700 è meglio stare lontani

Ti consiglio di stare il più lontano possibile da adesso
È diventata . Net. Io ho investito un po' di miei risparmi , è vero che che dono
Raddoppiati , però non riesco a prelevare e nessuno mi risponde, sto scrivendo ogni giorno, adesso mi tocca spendere soldi per un legale , anche sperando di recuperare qualcosa , io sono in Italia la sede di mib700 si trova a Londra , potete solo immaginare .. state lontani sono truffe autorizzate !!!

Translated with Google:

I recommend you stay as far away from now
Became . Net. I've invested a bit of my savings, that's what a gift
Doubletly, but I can not pick it up and no one answers me, I'm writing every day, now I'm spending money for a lawyer, even hoping to get something back, I'm in Italy myb700 home is in London, you can only imagine .. Stay away are authorized scams !!!

Antonio Capobianco 08/01/2017

Do not trust Mib 700 / Non fidatevi di Mib 700

Ve lo dico per esperienza personale, ho depositato 200 euro sulla piattaforma di Mib 700, l'account manager è stato da subito molto chiaro dicendomi che mi avrebbe fatto vedere quanto fosse bravo a farmi guadagnare SOLO se gli avessi promesso di incrementare il capitale. Mi ha fatto guadagnare 42 euro, che non sono pochi con un capitale minimo di 200 euro, in brevissimo tempo. Quando ha capito che non avrei incrementato la somma depositata ma che avevo intenzione di far aumentare il deposito iniziale lentamente con i guadagni, si è indisposto e non mi ha fatto più guadagnare. Ho chiesto il rimborso del mio capitale e non mi è stato mai restituito. Se volete un consiglio........DIFFIDATE DI MIB700!!!!!!

Translated by Google:

I tell you about personal experience, I deposited 200 euros on the Mib 700 platform, the account manager was immediately clear telling me that he would have shown me how good I was to earn ONLY if I had promised to increase the capital. He earned me 42 euros, which are not few with a minimum capital of 200 euros, in a very short time. When he realized that I would not increase the deposited amount, but that I was going to raise the initial deposit slowly with the gains, I was bothered and did not make me any more. I asked for the repayment of my capital and I was never returned. If you want a advice ........ DIFF. MIB700 !!!!!!

Daniela 07/19/2017

Mib700 never refund my money

They took my €250 and never refund my money. They have block my phone number. Daisy green is my registry. 39-3884033592


Aighewi Excel 06/26/2017 withdrawal problem

This brokerage firm promised to reward me my money back if i submitted all the necesary documentation but at the end they never did so they tossed me and tossed me left and right telling me my documentation wasnt right that was after i sent them all my money in the beginning everything was ok but everyting started going south once i realised i was never gonna get my money back i urge everybody to steer clear from this brokerage firm cause they have nothing great to offer

MakaveliSteaz 06/05/2017
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