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MaximusFX Review – is it scam or safe?

MaximusFX review  – is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 2 / 5 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz MaximusFX
MaximusFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Mini $200 0.01 pips 1:1000 From 0.7 pips
Standard $500 0.01 pips 1:500 From 0.5 pips*
VIP $500 0.1 pips 1:100 From 0.2 pips**

* Commission: $16 for the accounts with variable spreads (from 0.4 pips).

** Commission: $8.


MaximusFX has three main types of live trading accounts. There is also a swap-free Islamic account, which has conditions similar to those of the Standard account. The broker also offers a demo account for testing purposes.


The broker's financial instruments list includes major, minor and some exotic forex pairs, gold and silver, as well as binary options.



The company. Security of funds


Company Country Regulation
Maximus Markets Limited SVG  FSA


MaximusFX is owned by a company registered in the offshore zone Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a very popular “destination” among the forex brokerages and is often a host of companies with somewhat dishonest intentions.


This is why we always recommend our readers to avoid dealing with offshore brokers and choose properly regulated ones. Even though some of the offshore brokers are also regulated by the corresponding offshore watchdogs, they by no means offer the same level of protection as the “proper” regulators like UK's FCA or the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).


Judging by the language versions of MaximusFX's site, it is mostly targeting clients speaking Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Hindi. The broker says it does not accept clients from the US, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and North Korea.


The broker says it is regulated by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines' Financial Services Authority and is compliant with MiFID and the EU passporting rules. It worth noting that they usually apply only for brokers regulated by an EU regulator.



Trading Platform


Like the majority of forex brokers, MaximusFX offers trading on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, in all its versions – desktop, mobile and browser. There is also the MaximusFX MultiTerminal, which offers the ability to manage multiple trading accounts simultaneously from one platform. Clients can open/close trades and modify any positions with only one click of a button.


MaximusFX also provides a platform for trading in binary options. It is web-based and gives access to more than 50 trading instruments.





MaximusFX has several types of promotions. One is the Trading Bonus, which can reach up to 50% of the deposit. There are also the “refer a friend” and the rebate bonus.



Payment methods


MaximusFX has a wide selection of payment methods. They include bank transfers, credit and debit cards, China Union Pay and the online payment systems WebMoney, Neteller and Skrill.





MaximusFX is one of the hundreds of offshore brokers vying for clients. Except the relatively high deposit requirements, its trading conditions are fairly attractive, especially the spreads and the high leverage. On the other hand, however, the broker is offshore, which could be very risky.


Pros Cons
Tight Spreads Offshore
MT4 High deposit



Latest news about MaximusFX
No news about MaximusFX. Check back later.
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Please stay away from MaximusFX and any name that's attached to that company

My experience with the fraudsters can best be captured in a book, which is exactly what we are doing right now. But for the sake of the gullible folks out there that are smart enough to review brokers before dealing with them that's why i'm putting this up here.

In October of 2018, i was invited to this supposedly brokers's office at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos by a friend. She told me that there's a guy whose name is withheld for now that's conducting a training on Geometry. knowing that i have been trading for about a year before then, she managed to convince me that the training was sth different from what we've come across else where. But i never knew that that training was a strategy they use in luring people to come and fund account with them, because from the onset they never told us that we'll have to fund with the company. It was later on they started coming up with the funding talks.

On the 29th of October, 2018, i, among others was coerced to funded my account with this company with 200 USD, which was a mandatory requirement for anyone undergoing the training even after you've paid the training fee.

Later on, my account officer (name withheld) managed to convince me to fund more, and you know their usual sweet talks when they want to meet target. On the 28th of November, 2018 i funded another 800 USD, and on 26th of same November 2018 i funded another 400 USD plus another 100 USD before that 800USD. Totaling about 1500+USD as at that same week.

The reason i'm stating all these with dates is because as i speak now, one Sixtus who happens to be the one running their office here in Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos is busy telling everyone that i only funded my account with 400USD thereabout and grew it to 3000+USD within that short time and only lost the money because of greed.

As i earlier stated at the beginning of the write-ups, my experience with these guys can only be captured in a book. And we are doing that as we speak, and we'll be providing you with the link on this platform and other social media platforms with screenshots of all the letters i've written to this company which i never got a reply up till this day. It was later on i realized that all the letters i was writing were truncated and i'll be showing you proof of that as well.And how they were manipulating my account on daily basis just to make sure that they wipe out my hard earned money.

But as desperate as they are, even when they couldn't succeed, they had to close out 1,899+USD from my account while my margin level was far away from where every other broker activates margin call, and still above where the Sixtus himself admitted is their own margin level thereby frustrating the account and at the end of the day i had to lose about 3000+USD. We've been on this case now since first week of january this 2019 until their bubble finally busted.

As i've promised, i'll be providing you with a link where you'll assess all the details as to what transpired. Audio tapes will also be made available if need be.

See you soon!

Joseph Christopher 02/18/2019

Please stop calling MaximusFX brokers. If you call them fraudsters you're being economical!

I've been with them just for a very short period of about 3months, and my experience with them is better explained with detailed facts, figures, and evidences. And that i will most definitely do, still compiling them in order.

You'll be inundated with screenshots that'll shock you to your marrow with names along with it. That after going through them, wherever you see any broker's name that begins with MAX you will RUN!

See you guys soon!

Joseph Christopher 02/14/2019

Maximusfx scammed me of my hard earned 1045$!

Good day All,

I'll make this detailed as much as possible with pictures and time of event to back it all up. Please check the images (strengthens the evidence).

My name is Alokan Oladipo, a Nigerian and I registered to Maximusfx with my hard-earned labored 1500$

Proof of Registration and approval ->

E-mail of sending of sending my Statement of account ->

My Balance at the beginning of funding the account è



I had made a trading plan that if I lose 250$, I will pull out my 1000$ and accept my loss. Along the line, I made a loss of 207$

Proof -> (Trading Plan)

On 20/11/2017, I noticed I was making a loss than profit and decided to close up the account. I pulled a call across to the support to process the withdrawal

Mail picture ->

After several weeks, I didn’t get a response from them, and I had to send them another mail complaints!

Mail ->

Now, the support responded (Orest Trinchuk[Head of Business developement]) that they are having internal management issues and I should go ahead and invest or leave the money so robots/AI can trade for me and make more money pending the time they resolve the issue.

Proof of the Mail ->

I said NO! I can’t go against my trading plan. I have stretched beyond my limit, and I want my money back.

From that day henceforth, they stopped responding to my emails and calls!.....

Complete WhatsApp chat ->

I got in touch with one of their support in Cyprus via WhatsApp, and he changed the whole situation to, I deposited in their wring account, and they are holding the internal people in charge to court, and I should hold on. What the heck!

I care less about your disorganized and fraudulent bureaucracy. I put a call across to their representative in Nigeria (Sixtus) with number +239074454382

After numerous call and SMS without response or hanging up on me ( ), he finally picked when a friend visited their office at Ikeja Allen, Lagos.


He had a different twist to the story this time around:

In summary, “He said the former account manager didn’t remit the money over at their HQ but falsely credit my account so that I could trade. But now he has left, I should disturb him for my cash.”

I played along and tried to apply pressure, but he was bent on contacting the previous manager of the company.

I contacted (through call) the previous manager and he said the money is still with them unless they don’t want to pay up- You can’t possibly be pushing me back and forth

My chat with the previous Manager of Maximusfx Branch, Lagos: ->

I have no business with their internal policy!. I paid to Maximusfx and accepted the policy, and they too should respect that as well and return my money!

Every month, they deduct 30$ under account balance!

Now it’s 100$+ in total!


I’m no longer trading since last year. They want to deduct all the balance of the account so that I will be left with nothing. The company is a SCAM, and I’ll make sure they pay for the stress and pain of time……stupid organization.

Don’t ever trust them!

I need my 1043$!! Thanks

dipo 05/31/2018

fraud broker

i opened my account with 969$. and it went to 997$.after this i did not pay my money if i wanted to withdraw my money.i have been waiting my money for four months. this company is fraud please do not trade in

suresh 02/28/2018

MaximusFx is a Fraud and they dont reply

i have opended an account, when i am trying to w

I have been sending many emails to finance team, for fund withdrawal request, but unfortunately there is no reply. I have also called on the phone No’s available on website, but none of the are working. I am really concern on this.

I request anyone to help me in this regards. and suggest me how to proceed on this.

Ravi Kumar


Ravi Kumar 11/06/2017

maximusfx is the worst broker.

Please refer to my detailed review of maximusfx on FPA including the proof

Maximusfx is an unprofessional, shady and cheat broker. Never invest with maximusfx. The account manager guaranteed me a monthly minimum profit of 20 %. however instead of making me profit, they made complete losses and wiped off my trading account.

umer farooq 04/11/2017
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