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IBR Broker Review - is it scam or safe?

IBR Broker Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 9 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz IBR Broker
IBR Broker is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Micro $500 0.01 lots 1:200 From 1 pips
Standard $1000 0.01 lots 1:300 From 0.6 pips
Premium $10 000 0.01 lots 1:400 From 0.05 pips


IBR Broker is an offshore broker offering trading in forex and CFDs on metals, indices, shares and commodities. In addition to the three types of live trading accounts, there are also a free demo account with $100 000 for testing purposes and a MAM account where trading is done by money managers on behalf of the client.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Iberia Markets Ltd. Seychelles None



IBR Broker is a brand of the company Iberia Markets Ltd. It is based in the offshore zone the Seychelles, which suggests it is not subject to very tight regulation and capital requirements. Furthermore, our check revealed that the broker is not regulated by the local Financial Services Authority (FSA).


IBR Broker claims it keeps the client funds in segregated accounts and is submitting annual reports to an independent auditor. This, however, does not mean much in terms of safety. The unregulated brokers are not subject to any oversight and can do anything they please. Quite often such companies are nothing but a scam going after their clients’ money.


As a general rule we advise our readers to deal with properly regulated brokers. Of course, some regulators are better than others, for example UK’s FCA or the ASIC.


It looks like IBR Broker is targeting quite the international audience. Its site has versions in Russian, Arabic, Czech and Spanish.


Trading Platform


IBR Broker offers the extremely popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) – for computers and mobile devices. Despite the developer’s plans to eventually stop the technical support of the platform in favor of its successor MetaTrader 5 (MT5), the MT4 is still being offered by many forex brokers.


MT4 is the most used trading platform and is popular both among brokers and traders. It is stable and reliable, has many functions, offers API connectivity, supports PAMM and MAMM functionality and has a wide selection of technical analysis and charting tools. It is also user-friendly and supports Expert Advisors and automated trading.


Methods of Payment


IBR Broker offers a wide range of payment options. In addition to the standard bank transfer and debit/credit cards, it supports payments through the Qiwi Wallet, Yandex Money, Perfect Money, Cash U, Skrill and Web Money.





We could not find anything that makes IBR Broker stand out from the multitude of similar offshore forex brokers. Its trading conditions are just average. In fact, there are large and regulated brokers with better conditions and generally it is less risky dealing with them.


Besides, the minimum deposit requirements are pretty high for a small offshore unregulated broker. Major properly regulated brokers like IG, for example, have no such requirement, while XM asks for just $5.


Pros: Cons:
MT4 Offshore
  High deposit requirements




Latest news about IBR Broker
No news about IBR Broker. Check back later.
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Ibrea broker SCAM

These beria Markets LTD is a real SCAM, they are doing as a group. I was fooled by thes guys to invest on their MT4 platform and now couldn't withdraw money.
I would like to know is there any way to report these Fraudulent companies to authorities? basically these are the 3 companies involved in my case;
1. - This is the company who act as a front end to set-up the account and perform Withdraw and Deposit transactions for the personal account
2. - This is the company providing the financial consultant to manage your account and usually following up with a phone call, consultant reside in Australia.
3. Iberia Markets Limited - This is the MT4 platform they use for trading transactions. The account balance is synch to stpbroker account.

The FINOGO consultant name call George has have perform all the transaction on behalf of me for one year and every month ad a follow up call to review the progress. So I have no reason to suspect this arrangement as I was able to check all the trading transaction on MT4 platform. The plan was to pay 50% of the profit end of the May when I start to withdraw money. So I have started to place withdrawal request on portal, but non of those processes and I have sent few email to them to follow up. But no response from them and even the agent from is not responding after end of May. I also tried to call the FINOGO Australia and UK numbers, but those numbers given in their website is invalid.
I desperately need to find a way to recover my money from them and also wanted to share with the community not to get involved with these 3 SCAM companies.
Appreciate if I could get some advise on this matter.
Thank you.
Best regards,

Jayantha 07/10/2019

IBR Broker ... Scam merchants

There is no doubt now that this site was a scam site.
When I tried to give them my validation documents they declined them (not giving me a reason for their decision).
Fortunately, I did not invest more than $750 but through their monthly statements they implied that this had grown to approx $6,300.00 & yet they did not allow me to take the initial investment out but did try to get more money from me.
Ever heard of the phrase,"Too good to be true" ? Its never wise to be too greedy. They appeared to do a lot of business with old eastern block, hence for some reason I simply did not trust them.
I have now found that their web site no longer exists so I cannot see any way of getting anything back from them.
Peter Kivi was the account manager assigned to me. The claim was that he had been sacked, after which someone called John Parker, claiming to be based in Australia contacted me to try to get more money from me. After that initial point of contact nothing was heard from him again. Although I suspect that, Peter Kivi initiated an email thread to many of his previous clients explaining that he no longer worked for IBR & that he had amassed a client total of over $3 million on their behalf. He no longer had access to those funds but wanted to continue to work on behalf of the clients within the thread. Unfortunately for him the participants were more concerned that they weren't being allowed access to their account funds & progressively accused him of participating in a scam.

D Newby 05/23/2019


In the past I dealt with someone called PETER KIVI.

Now he wont answer emails or come to the phone.


I have invested money already with this broker.

I will email again if there are any developments.

brendan costello 12/31/2018

Thieves, robbers and liars

I cannot believe that this post still has anything good to say about these cheats. Nicholas O'Donnell is the chief crook with a side kick called John Parker. Mr Nice Guy who builds up your hopes and then disappears. Peter Kivi is his pawn. The whole company lives off broken promises.
May they go to the grave, cursed. $30k up in smoke!

Jeff McQueen 11/12/2018

SCAM!!! Beware

My hard earned $$$ are scammed by this IBR brokers. Peter Kiwi is the cheater called many times to invest and did regular follow up. He will not have good life by cheating the peoples money.

He will pay for these scams by anyone in any shape.

But please aware if any one called by this brokers or in the above name....

Govind 09/02/2018

Nothing else than scammers.

IBR Broker is scam. Never trust the company. They have stolen all my investment and never paid back anything.

My MAM account hold more than 12.000 US$. When I asked to get some of my money back. I never got any answer. After some days i could not log in to my account nor to IBR Brokers homepage.

Anyone who has an idea how to get some of the money back?

Hans Alfred Lyngra 08/26/2018

Heartless, scammers

My hard earned $30000 gone up in promises. Clever idea to continue to increase your deposits by showing how well the investment grows, but absolutely silent when it comes to paying the earnings, or anything. They block you from the website, make false promises and string you a line, only to see you hang.
People involved in this are Nicholas O'Connell, Peter Kivi and John Parker. None of them seem to give a toss.

Jeff McQueen 08/25/2018

IBR Broker would not allow me to withdrawal

I have not been able to collect any part of my money since I started trading with them. I have more than four thousand dollars but they would not allow me to withdrawal as small as five hindered pounds. I have been logged out of their system, hence I do not have access into my account anymore. Can any one help.

Lawrence Akinloye Akinwumi 05/11/2018

IBR Broker - W%Nkers

A scam. I invested $5000 and couldn't withdraw. Peter Kiwi is the broker - I don't think that is real name; and they want you to pay a commission through Paypal.

Babur Javid 03/19/2018

Withdral of fund

I invested $120 they said they have been trading with my money. I asked to withdraw my fund they are asking me to pay $350 to withdraw. I asked for them to take out of the fund and they refuses

goria ehzojie 02/09/2018

Big time fraud...

He is a scammer....
Promise you the following...
1. Minimum Guaranteed profit of 20% monthly...:O
2. An experienced professional trade for you. (20% of the profit goes to him / company).

3. Ask you to invest a minimum 2000-3000$...

In Reality...You invest and that money you can never withdraw...thats it..
fraud....ignore them.

Arun 01/19/2018

Ibrbroker is a confirmed scam

I opened account last year Aug 2017, as I receive the call from them , they call you with different persons, finally will have a so called manager to trade for your account , he will always let you deposit more money , I have see they are trading for you . You can see your account balance increase also , when you request to withdraw money ,they will always reject it pending , you can not get back even one dollar you deposit

Jonh 01/13/2018

IBR Broker Scam

This is a scam site thus far. They will not even refund my deposit. it's now been 6 months since I requested it. The address they give for their London office is fake. a guy called Nicholas O'Connell is the link. I traced him on to Facebook and LinkedIn - contacted him and he's scared.

Jon Kennedy 12/29/2017


Do NOT ever trust this company. I know first hand that this is a scam. I tried it out with $50 and they would not let me withdraw my money.

Lucas Nilsson 10/11/2017

Dont open a account

Dont open any account whit them they
have shown they are only scam/fruad/thifes
Phone cantact no good e-mail lucky if to get
Reply and to make whitdrawal from your account
It more a less impossibly been waiting
For my whitdrawal from 2017 05 10
To day it is 2017 10 02 still have not got
It or reply on e-mails phone numbers
=not in use or dont exist and most
Time call cant be conected try later

Patrik Nilsson 10/02/2017
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