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HQBroker Review - is it scam or safe?

HQBroker Review - is hqbroker.com scam or good forex broker?

HQBroker is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Regular $250 0.01 lots 1:400 1.2 pips
Silver $5000 0.01 lots 1:400 1 pip
Gold $20 000 0.01 lots 1:1000 0.8, fixed
Platinum $100 000 0.01 lots 1:1000  


HQBroker offers four types of live trading accounts, but there is no clearly displayed specific information about the spreads or the leverage offered by the broker. The spreads, in particular, are a very important element of the trading and can be a deal-breaker. Normally, the brokers are trying to attract clients indeed by offering more favorable spreads than their competition, at least at first sight. Instead, HQBroker has chosen to “hide” the info in another section of the site. And it is still not complete – there is no information about the Platinum account spreads.


It is true that the leverage can also be attractive, but the more experienced traders know very well that the leverage can be a double-edged knife and the higher the leverage, the bigger the risk, especially when the minimum required deposit is higher.


HQBroker offers trading in forex pairs (a fairly limited selection of majors), CFDs on commodities, equity shares, metals and stocks.


In addition to the live trading accounts, HQBroker also offers a demo account for testing purposes.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation

Hokkaido Investments Sp. z o.o.

Marshall Islands None


HQBroker brand is operated by Hokkaido Investments Sp. z o.o. - a company registered and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland (and not licensed there). However, according to the information in the HQBroker's terms and conditions, another company acts as a principal broker for the Hokkaido Investments Sp. z o.o. - Capzone Invest Ltd., incorporated on the Marshall Islands.  


>> Trade safely with a UK regulated forex broker <<


The thing about offshore companies with flimsy regulation, if they have any at all, are extremely risky to deal with, no matter what they tell you. The Marshall Islands, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the Seychelles or other sunny places with nice beaches, low taxes and lax business requirements, more often than not attract fraudulent companies looking to make a quick buck and make off with their clients’ money.


Trading platform


Like the vast majority of forex brokers, HQBroker offers the popular MetaTrader 4 as a trading platform. There is also the option to use the mobile applications of MT4 or the web-based version.


In over a decade MT4 has managed to become the favorite of brokers and traders alike. It is still the preferred platform, despite the efforts of the developer MetaQuotes Software to push forward the successor MetaTrader 5. MT4 is a stable and reliable multiasset platform that offers numerous features and options, charting and analysis tools and supports expert advisors.


>> Top MetaTrader 4 forex brokers <<


Methods of payment


HQBroker provides a neat selection of payment options that, in addition to the more or less standard bank transfers and credit/debit cards, includes online payment platforms and prepaid cards like CashU, Paysafe Card, Web Money, Yandex Money, Skrill, Moneta.ru, China Union Pay and AliPay. All options, except the bank transfer, are executed instantly.




We strongly advise against trading with unregulated forex brokers like HQBrokers.


There are plenty of properly regulated brokers who offer similar or better trading conditions and are supervised by serious regulators like UK’s FCA or the ASIC. Besides, the instrument portfolios of most of them are much bigger and some of them even offer leveraged trading on the increasingly popular cryptocurrencies (usually CFDs).



Pros Cons
MT4 Offshore
Multiple payment options Unregulated
  Small instrument portfolio



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Customer service










Traders` reviews for HQBroker

Harassing Calls

I felt this was a scam as well, They have been harassing me as well for no reason.
While I was talking to him I googled there business and got this web page, glad I did.

I think I would have talked to a friend before investing anything though.

Be safe out there ;)

Peter 04/16/2018

Withdraws - It is like trying to draw blood from a stone

Initially I thought HQ-Broker was a good broker, but now sadly disappointed.

I have tried to withdraw $3,000 for a month and it is like trying to draw blood from a stone. I have sent about 10 emails to HQ-Broker concerning their slow response.

This firm seems to use delaying tactics so that I loose money resulting from the USD vs GBP exchange rates.

Is there anyone who could help me?

Mr. J Gillard 04/16/2018

Harrasing Call

For past 3 weeks, I have been receiving call from them mentioned I registered online for their trading course which obviously I did not. They won't stop call me everyday at different time. At least I will be receiving 3 to 4 calls a day! I keep on ignore call from them. It is super annoying!

Celine 04/11/2018

Scammers and keep harassing in calls

These guys are harassing me for weeks now keep calling my number. When I said I had not contacted them and they are saying "why would they be contacting me if I had not registered?!" Then I asked how did I register and which website or ads, then they will just hang up! The call centre agents were really rude!
They will still call you even if you ask them to take my number off their call list.

Sharon 04/06/2018


Have been calling me for months, about once or twice a week. Threatened to sue me when I said the deal smelled fishy and that it looked like a scam. :-)

Stian van der Krug 03/27/2018


They kept calling me and offered me 10% profit a week. Well, if you can make 10% a week why are you working there and keep calling people and bothering them? just go home and be a millionaire!

After calling me 4 times and trying to register me with them, as soon as I told them that they are not regulated, they got mad and claimed that they are regulated! I asked what body are you regulated with? and they said you can go to the website and everything is on there. I said I am on the website and I can see that you are not regulated. Then they started saying nonsenses that if they are not regulated how can they have offices in 14 countries and stuff. but they could not answer my simple question! if you're regulated, what body are you regulated with!? then they said we don't force people to work with us and you don't have to register.

well, folks, run away with your money. There are tons of reputable brokers in every country, you don't need to risk your money.

Somebody 03/26/2018

Going to report them

I advised the woman that she called me, had me on hold before she responded when I answered, that I knew she was calling from a call centre (I could hear many voices in the background). I told her my number is on the DO NOT CALL LIST, that she had violated that legislation, and I was going to report her. She asked me what that meant so I repeated it to her. She didn't want to quit talking. I demanded that she not call my number again and she still tried to deliver her scam message. I told her one last time to not call my number, said goodbye, and then hung up my phone. I also checked the number to see who it was registered to and the reverse number search said the number was not a legitimate number. The call came from 1-647-020-9189.

Deb 03/21/2018

100% scam

I am cheated 40000 USD

Jay 03/20/2018

HQ Broker People ringing me

I am in agreement with all you guys who get phone calls from these people. I believe that these people are also scammers themselves. I actually checked the website itself hqbroker.com and the website seems to be legitimate. I won't in any way though sign up for any online trading groups ever again. I am still in the process of getting money back from my online trading group that was called cssmarkets.com or called Chase Saunders, a financial investment trading group such as this one here. I am warning any of you not to sign up for any online trading group PLEASE! I have been there and done that. I found out last year in November that Chase Saunders (Trading Group) is now "In Administration". I will follow up with them soon as to what is the next step in retrieving my money that was traded in my online account. I believe there are better ways to make money online in a more safer way than to do trading online. THERE ARE TOO MANY FINANCIAL TRADING SCAMS ONLINE. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY OF THEM INCLUDING BITCOIN!.

What someone should do anywhere around the world is get someone who is familiar with online trading or financial investments and get somebody to organise a meeting for anyone who is wanting to invest their money in a bank or do a free online trading course to see if anyone would be keen to do trading online but with lots of other people in a group setting if this makes sense. I think that would be the very best option to do online trading or have financial investments in a group setting so that anyone who comes to that type of meeting will be familiar with online investments, etc.

We are coming to an age where say in the next 10-20 years from now most jobs will be taken over by advanced technology, AI or Robots so it is coming to a point where we need to think of ways to look for alternative work. Obviously online will be a huge market of things to look for work but in saying this, trading online is not a safe way to invest your money with no return for your moneys due. When the time does arrive and vehicles, etc do get automated, governments will have to change the way the social welfare worldwide does things in the way of getting incomes for families. Social Welfare or if there will such be a thing as social welfare 10 years from now, will have to think of getting a universal basic income to all families with support to help out with paying the house, mortgage food, etc.

Sorry for the long paragraphs. I just wanted to add on about online trading group scams as well as what work will be like in the near future.


Matthew 03/20/2018

Aggressive calling

This company has been calling me constantly for several months. They claim I provided my phone number to a website saying I am interested in investing. I never did. Despite repeatedly telling them I am not interested they wont stop calling me. The last call I told them I wanted to be removed from their calling list and they said that it may not be possible!!!! Any legitimate company would take 'not interested' as being exactly that and remove them from their calling list. The caller told me it was my fault for giving out my details on the internet and I should be more careful in future i.e. doesn't care at all.
This company is a total disgrace, should never be trusted for anything other than a scam out to steal every cent you own.

Vaughan 03/02/2018

Keep receiving calls

Is this a scam as I keep receiving calls asking me to invest in these guys. If anyone knows if I should invest please let me know.

Taljeet Mudhar 02/26/2018

how do i delete my information?

how do i delete my personal information? i don't comfortable with them having that. i tired to look everywhere around the website but to no avail

dana 02/14/2018

HQ Brokers SCAM phone call

Such scammers had an unsolicited phone call from HQ Brokers trying to scam me with and extra revenue stream. They advised they got my details from a third party who had collected my information from "a friend" on social media. They would not disclose where my details came from other then that - telling me it would break privacy laws LOL!. Their number is supposedly 852 5808 4980 and they called via VoIp to my local country.

he was very persistent but I kept asking to talk to a supervisor but they would not pass me on. Ended up hanging up on me .. guess they are going to just SPAM call me now what a scammy company.

Jamie 02/13/2018

Cai em um papo que iriam me alavancar

Investi 1.700,00 dolares e perdi tudo sem saber o porque como se meu corretor tivesse pego tudo estamos a procura de um fonte para enviar a policia alguem pode ajudar ?

Translated by Google:

I invested $ 1,700.00 and lost everything without knowing why as if my broker had taken everything we are looking for a source to send the police can anyone help?

AN 02/11/2018

They ask for teamviewer information

HQBroker is fraud and false, very negative experience, scam! Also I advise to immediatly delete their version of teamviewer. They ask for teamviewer information which they should not have. Please delete immediatly. Would not do this again or suggest. I asked for support via chat three times, the chat tells me "WE can forward your request". Okay, i ask them please do so. I waited three times 24 hours and never got a call. They dont make clear who is who on their end of the line. They switch the person to talk to three times in one call to make their calls look professional. They keep calling for nothing. They open trades which turn out to be wrong and never close the trades, they dont care how much the customer loose. I will also have to change my credit card because they can not be trusted. Worst broker i have ever experienced. 1 Star for many symbols to catch people and downgrade to zero stars for criminal practices. Then they dont answer the chat at all. And last but not least i suddenly see: "this page is not available from your country" which only disappeared after i emptied the browser hystorie. Not one phone number is available, the support numbers are all scam.

Elias Orego 02/10/2018

They keep calling me everyday..

OMG,i don't know but i got so annoyed with them
I told them i don't want to trade with them
but they keep calling me 5 times a day at least !!!!

Milena MIranda 02/09/2018

HQ Broker is a scam!

So my GF got a cold call and even after them realising I wasn’t her they still wanted to trade. I called them out and they basically threatened me saying they have all my info and if I didn’t trade they would use it for something.(Dunno what) I asked how they got my gf number and they said they got it through FB then when I said i dont go on FB he honestly said he got the number through porn....schoolgirl porn to be more specific.... WTF?!!! Then his manager came in the phone named ‘Theodor’ started saying an idiot I was because I didn’t understand what they were selling .Threatening, rude and all round idiots.

Bob 02/08/2018

HQBroker is a Scam

This company is a scam for sure. they sales rep send me spam and insulting words after I didn't want to trade with them. Beware people of HQ Broker.

Anderson 02/06/2018

They are scamers

These people keep calling me everyday and night convincing to trade with them. They are forceful. Its like you owe them.and they call in more than 10 different numbers.u can't even call back.so if you have a problem there's no where u can contact or find them. Stay away from HQ broker!

Miranda 01/31/2018

They Just Called Today

I was duped into giving my Debit card details and post code. I have not put in funds yet. They sent me an e-mail right now saying that once they get my money they will activate my account with them. They are persistently telling me they are legit. They are asking me to e-mail proof of billing address.

Eugene 01/26/2018

Stay far away

This is a big scam, they will take your money and lose it or steal it and what ever money you have left in your account they will never return it. They said "If I send a proof of ID and proof of address they will be able to return my money". Desperate to get my money back I sent all the ID's they required and never heard back from them now I'm in fear of Identity fraud. If I get my hands on these C**ts!!

Dee Cols 12/29/2017


Calls all the time and said they would give me a free Samsung smartwatch if deposited now.

Kevin 12/22/2017

Stay away

Rude and unprofessional, unsolicited calls. Stay away from these people.

A. 12/15/2017

Dont deal with HQBroker

Worse brokers in the market, they managed to lose ALL my invested money in 2 days of trade, dont know if they stole the money or were just dumb and incompentent enough to not know when to stop when losing in a trade, anyways, NEVER deal with those scumbags

iago lisboa 12/13/2017
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