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GCMASia Review – is it scam or safe?

GCMASia Review - Is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 2 / 13 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz GCMASia
GCMASia is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Standard $100 0.01 1:200 2.5 pips 


GCMAsia offers one type of live trading account with relatively average conditions, plus a free demo account with free $100 000.


There is also the option to open a VIP account by depositing $100 000. It comes with benefits like professional trading courses, risk analysis and investment advice from the broker's experts.


Besides forex and CFDs, GCMAsia offers trading in gold, oil, commodities and stock indices.


The company. Security of funds



Company Country Regulation
GCMAsia Hong Kong None


GCMAsia operates as a “marketing affiliate” of Fortrade Ltd – a UK forex broker regulated by the country's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). As per Fortrade's affiliate program site, it offers CPA fees or flexible payment plans, commissions, marketing support, etc.


According to its site, the brand GCMAsia is owned and operated both by GCMAsia and Fortrade. The broker is mostly aimed at clients in the Asia Pacific region and is based in Hong Kong. Our check, however, revealed that it does not have a license with Hong Kong's Securities and Exchange Commission. This means the broker cannot offer its services in Hong Kong and it explicitly says it doesn't.


On its website GCMAsia says that as per the FCA requirements, it keeps the client funds in segregated bank accounts. Furthermore, eligible claimants claimants are entitled to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to seek compensation.


Those claims suggest that GCMAsia is a stable and relatively safe broker, despite the lack of own regulation and license, but we could not verify them.


Trading Platforms


Unlike Fortrade, which offers its proprietary trading platform Fortrader and nothing else, GCMAsia makes a safe bet and offers the eternally popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4). There is also the Sirix Webtrader



One of the main reasons for the popularity of MT4 is that it is stable and reliable, has many functions, offers API connectivity, supports PAMM and MAMM functionality and has a wide selection of technical analysis and charting tools. It is also user-friendly and supports Expert Advisors and automated trading.


On the other hand, Sirix Webtrader does not require installation and offers roughly the same funciotnalities as the MetaTraders. It also has a social trading option.


 Click image for larger view.


Methods of payment


GCMAsia accepts client deposits through credit/debit cards, bank transfer and the electronic payment systems Neteller and Skrill. The funding options of the broker are the same as that of its partner Fortrade.




GCMAsia does not have its own license and is not regulated as an entity, but claims to offer the same protection as the license of its partner, the UK broker Fortrade. This definitely does not mean that GCMAsia can offer its services in Europe under the MiFID passporting rules, but it does not seem to seek clients from Europe anyway. Judging by the language options on the site, its main targets are China, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Nevertheless, the potential clients of GCMAsia could benefit from the safety provided by the FCA license, as its requirements impose strict rules on client money segregation, membership in compensation schemes, capital requirements, etc.


GCMAsia offers relatively average trading conditions, even though the max leverage of 1:200 is relatively low.


Pros Cons
MT4 No regulation
  Low leverage



Latest news about GCMASia
No news about GCMASia. Check back later.
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GCMAsia is a Scam

I had deposited usd100 and my account still pending. No reply from GCMasia my money is gone forever

Anthony 11/14/2019

GCM Asia - STOP your SCAM, big liar scammer

GCM Asia office is in Summit USJ office. Registered under REKA Advisory Sdn Bhd. All my friends kena tipu by the sales staff, after deposit terus lenyap dan kena block whatsapps.

I do not why there are still people deposit with them. Their sales staff pandai tipu dan bagi empty promises.

Pls report this scammer company to Bank Negara & PDRM.

Shahidan 10/31/2019

GCM is a scam!

I just read all the reviews and I feel sorry for you guys.
I'm just gonna say that gcmasia really is a scam company.
I used to work there for only few weeks bbrapa tahun lalu. they really push their staffs to make sales as calling all the people from the list given and make them do the deposit. not only that, u have to lie. they told u to tell people that u are a Malaysian but working in the hongkog. basically like, telling the company is in hongkong. bila ditnya why kena ckp mcm tu, the trainer told that supya org x blh dtg bt kcau dkt ofis.

the office is in subang.
Dekat One City. I cant remember which floor but the office is there.

anonymous 09 10/10/2019

m I being scammed?

hav not been contacted since last week.en Ashraf entah kemana menghilang lepas mintu doc itu dan ini.adakah ini satu penipuan?

mohd sharbini b hj ellis 09/23/2019


broker ni penipu.profit tak bagi withdraw.remizer adzley dan efy leader dan kent wong manager..bagitahu kawan kalau ada yang join sebelum kene nasib yang sama..

Translated by Google:

The broker is a fraudulent broker and does not want to withdraw.

danial ashraf 08/15/2019

Gcm asia is bad and fake company

I deposit 100usd to the company but still nothing changes on my account. Liar!

Muhammad Hakimi 07/23/2019

Broker ni patut dapat review baik

i baru deposit 250usd bersama GCMAsia. After deposit baru i perasan review ni, so i asked them to pull back my money. they said cant sebab tengah proses. so i wait. in the evening akaun siap, i try trade with their guidance. i profit and try withdraw. it takes 2 days but still okay i think.

Fazley 07/18/2019

Cancel my review (7/5/19)

I pullback my review on the 07/05/2019.
I apologise for the review about.
Gcm asia is very GoodBroker but im so sorry
to the member of GCMASIA

Son of a bitch 07/15/2019

Cancellation my previous review (10/07/2019)

Without any prejudice I pullback/retract my review on the 10/07/2019. I apologise for the comment. TQ



I have registered myself with GCMAsia under Cik Fahdlin, and deposit my account, she promise me that my guidance Mr Azri will guide me through my trading but until today Mr Azri didn't contact me. So i have to do my trading without guidance and make me lost half of my deposit already. Can anyone from GCMAsia guide me please before i lost all my deposit.


Gcm Asia Scam

I have deposit to my acc, but the deposit is lost and the contact azri is cant to call again, He so damn and lie. The deposit transaction on the name of NAZREEN SHAH... The phone number is +60 11-2827 6239. He is a poor guy like a bitch... Damn Gcm Asia

Son of a bitch 07/05/2019

Get a call from them but the number shown from singapore!

They are so patiently to explain everything to you. From the beginning, she claim that their company from hong kong but they number they called was shown from singapore. The person in charge spoken in malaysia slang.

From the beginning, they provide information and help you how to do the trading and read the chart. they assist you on whatever information you request. They even create a group chat which involve broker to give tips.They will advise you to start with USD100 and continue with another top up. I was not aware till she shown her desperately to want me to deposit my money for them and start the investment. THen it alert me!

Luckily me saw this post! thanks god~ phew~~

Peter Pan 05/21/2019

I want my money back

Dear gcmasia, please returm my money back to me as soon as possible. I have joined/involved after receiving a call from a llady from peninsula msia about 3 years ago. Knowing that, I have not received any advantages from this gcmasia, i decided to quit and want my money that has been invested to be given back to me through my bsn account number that i have been asked to be submitted together to gcmasia...i will withdraw/quit totally from this silly investment, please settle this matter for me as soon as investion is rm1125(250usd)... .....

Ag Aziz Bin Abdul Rashid 05/19/2019

Company Name: Reka Advisory Sdn Bhd

GCM ASIA SCAM !! Nama company Reka Advisory Sdn. Bhd. Menara Summit, Level 8 ! Pls report ! Ramai dah kena tipu, jangan percaya cakap konon Account Manager. Lepas deposit 100usd (RM400) duit lesap macam tu je !!!! Bos nama Kent Wong !!!! Dan Jonathan pig ! Pakcik aku dah kena tipu dengan company cina makan babi ni &@$

Translated by Google:

GCM ASIA SCAM !! Company name Reka Advisory Sdn. Bhd. Tower Summit, Level 8! Pls report! Many have been deceived, do not believe in saying that Account Manager. Post a deposit of 100usd (RM400) it's just like the money !!!! Kent Wong's name tag !!!! And Jonathan pig! My uncle had to be deceived by the Chinese company to eat the pig & @ $

GCM 05/07/2019

my money

sesiapa ada boleh call ni no
1)dhaniyah 01128039024
2)damia 0135815518
3)dhaniyah 0164593988
4)RENU 01128346440
call this no for f*cking them for free

Love 04/30/2019

my money

How i can get my money back

James Marula 04/21/2019

Tipu je ni...

Jangan masuk Trade ni,saya dah 2 kali kena, dah masuk tak de siapa yg pantau apatah lagi kalau masuk 400.00(100Usd)Mereka tunjuk contoh org yang untung tapi entah sape2.Call orang yg sama saja suara tapi nama lain2.

Translated by Google:

Do not go to Trade, I've got 2 times, I'm not sure anyone can watch it anymore if you go to 400.00 (100Usd) They are a great example of someone who is profit but somebody sape2.Call people who sound like the other names.

Saadiah Binti Bahari 03/27/2019

susah nak ambil duit klu dah masuk

sesiapa ada boleh call ni no
1)dhaniyah 01128039024
2)damia 0135815518
3)dhaniyah 0164593988
4)RENU 01128346440
call this no for f*cking them for free

Translated by Google:

It's hard to get the money you got in
anyone can call no
1)dhaniyah 01128039024
2)damia 0135815518
3)dhaniyah 0164593988
4)RENU 01128346440

1315032 03/26/2019

susah nak berurusan

nak keluarkan duit pun susahsampai sekarang pun tak boleh keluar

Translated by Google:

hard to deal with
To make money, it's hard to get out now

james 03/25/2019

No contact

i need a favour.. i just join this app.. after make payment.. never get contact.. please help me

syikin 02/13/2019

Do not deposit money with them! Scam Broker!!

Earned profit and wanted to withdraw but rejected. Called them yet no reply!
All my hard earned money being thrown into the sea!!!!!!!

Alex Chan 11/24/2018

Another Scam??

Just received a call from gcm asia consultant, offered to open acc and free training. was told that their office located in Penang. But the caller no stated a Singapore no. Luckily found this about to open n deposit money to them. The consultant was so well & soft spoken. Asked about potential of scam, but he is smart enough to convince. Thanks guys for send the reviews.

Ruby 11/22/2018

GCMASia - Susah profit guna platform mereka

Guna broker ni mmg sangat susah nak untung berbanding dgn broker lain.
Yang saya ikut tips drpd pakar analisa mereka pun tak berapa tepat.
Call kat mereka pun layan tak layan je.
Scammer la ni!?

Translated by Google:

It's hard to profit using their platform

Use MMg's broker very hard to profit from other brokers.
The ones I follow the tips from their expert analysts are not exactly right.
Call them they can not wait.
Scammer la ni !?

B.Subramaniam 11/20/2018

Scammer please alert

Scam company. Promise everything when you haven't deposit but treat you as nothing after you depo. Company based at Malaysia saje but claimed from HK. After checked the phone IP they called, some of them from summit usj and some from empire subang. Someone from lowyat said their office name reka advisory and sqas

jeff 11/17/2018

Gcmasia big liar! Just return my money!

Once I already bank in the money thru bank wire ..that shit man known as well as the main person just missing without any feedback or follow-up and I don't know anything about my money..

Nur hasiah bt hasnan 11/13/2018

Analysis not accurate!!

Analysis given by the analysts not accurate, cannot make money based on their analysis at all!! Stay away from this scam broker.

Justin 11/13/2018

Deposit 100usd minimum, tak dapat withdraw. GCM PENIPU!

Scammer! Mereka call cakap kita ada buat pendaftaran, macam profesional tapi penipu semua nya.

Translated by Google:

Scammer! They call us say there is a registration, like professional but all the fraudsters.

Vinumathi 10/21/2018

Called from GCMAsia today - MK4 Forex

Hi, I received a called from a guy from
GCMAsia to deposit money USD250 or deposit
USD100 without bonus) via debit card CIMB.
Is this advice true? Pls clarify.

sy Nazif dr syarikat GCm Asia yg call tuan td berkenaan dgn pelaburan online yg tuan register 6018-669 0569.

Norliza Noordin 10/18/2018

Company GCM di Menara Summit level 8

Gcmasia scam! Company: Menara summit level 8, pls report!! I lost 2k usd

KentJohnathan 10/16/2018

yes it is scam !

This is a scam company . Don't let yourself down with whatever they ask . This is all trap

Once you deposit your money will gone . You will get two Manager , Account Manager is good but the Investment Consultant is shit . If you deposit for minimum they definitely not going to call you back to help yet they ask you to top up for some amount of money if you refuse then bye bye .

Jy 10/14/2018

Why I cant get my money back

Why I withdraw the money from GCM asia forex company ob monday to my credit card but till today cant get my money. Am I meet the scam forex company??

Ooi chian kiok 09/12/2018

i just deposit 100usd

how can i never know and do the research about gcmasia.
today open web and now everthing about gcmasia.
my money gone.

azman Kassim 08/30/2018

Scam Broker

Run away if you heard about this company... Once depo never come back the money

Hazwan 06/29/2018

Slow response

GCMASia should have an effective and quick-service assistant so new customers do not feel deceived

Hashimah Md Yusoff 06/28/2018

Request Withdrawal

For a long period I request for a withdraw but no reply. Even the broker which I contact also no reply. Just like every thing sink to the bottom of the sea !!!

Ko Teck Ken 06/27/2018

Dont give GCMASia the money!!

I was looking around the internet for comments and review about this company and no one mentioned these. If u want to withdraw back ur 100usd, they will ask for ur front n back of ur ID n bank card, bank account name n number, ur driving licence, transaction record of ur 100USD to them, so that they "activate" ur account to give u back the money. And they wouldn't told u that in the first place, but would only told u that u can take back ur money anytime, but without telling u the activation part on purpose, So u will be left with 2 choices that either u give them all the info to get back the 100usd or u just give up on the 100usd, tricky huh!That's how i end up here. The person who call u will cheat u step by step into their trap, just shut them off, don't listen to whatever they said even if they sound nice and polite, they are leaving out the key information purposely. Be alert and don't be greedy. REMEMBER, DON'T BE GREEDY.

Lisa 05/10/2018

Most difficult part is to withdraw the money - scam!

you loss alot also and then they won't return ,,, it's gambling .. and most difficult part is to withdraw the money ... you loss from your own money all of it and then on profit they will charge more than 35% ...
all lies

be careful all

shine 03/27/2018

Account Manager berada di Sunway

berhati- hati semua untuk yang baru belajar. duit tidak jatuh dalam market... duit jatuh ke dalam company itu sendiri...

Translated by Google:

be careful of all the new ones. money does not fall in the market ... money falls into the company itself ...

Ahmad Syakir 02/27/2018

Scam broker

Very hard to withdraw, not friendly user..not recommended for serious trader

Breal 01/10/2018
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