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FMfx Review – is it scam or safe?

FMfx Review  – Is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 2 / 34 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz FMfx
FMfx is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Silver $/€250 0.01 lot 1:200 3 pips, floating
Gold $/€250 0.01 lot 1:400 2.5 pips, floating
Platinum $/€250 0.1 lot 1:500 2 pips, floating


FMfx offers three types of live trading accounts, as well as a swap-free Islamic option for each type of account. There is also a free 14-day demo account for testing purposes.


The broker's asset portfolio includes forex pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, stocks and gold. 



The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
FM Marketing Ltd. Belize license revoked


FMfx is a brand of FM Marketing Ltd., a company that was licensed offshore, in Belize. It seems to be based in Cyprus, as clearing and billing services are carried out by Terapad Services Limited, a Cypriot company, which, however, is not regulated by CySEC.


Belize, on the other hand, is a popular destination for forex brokers and the regulation there is slightly better than in the rest of offshore zones, as the local International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) applies certain rules to brokers and even withdraws their licences, when necessary. That was the case with FMfx. Shortly after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has included FMfx on its warning list and noted it may be a scam, the IFSC revoked the license of FM Marketing Ltd.


Considering the above said, you'd better stay away from FMfx and choose a decent forex broker instead. We recommend that traders choose a broker regulated by CySEC or ASIC, for example.



Trading platforms


Like most forex brokers, FMfx offers the most popular trading platform – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). The broker provides all available versions of the platform – for desktop, web and mobile devices.


MT4 is liked by brokers and traders alike. It is stable and reliable, has many functions, offers API connectivity, supports PAMM and MAMM functionality and has a wide selection of technical analysis and charting tools. It is also user-friendly and supports Expert Advisors and automated trading. The platform has been on the market for over 10 years and only recently started some of its popularity to its successor MetaTrader 5.





FMfx offers a number of promotions including welcome bonuses, contests and award to new and current customers alike. Bonuses and onetime trading credits are limited time offers and the terms and conditions associated with any bonus rewards are subject to change.



Methods of payment


FMfx accepts payments through credit and debit cards and the online payment systems Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney and YandexMoney.





FMfx is an unregulated offshore broker and this is a serious enough warning to proceed with caution when dealing with it. Besides, its initial deposit requirement is fairly high and the wider than the average floating spreads may turn out to be not very favorable for the client. On the other hand, the offered leverage is not so bad.


Pros Cons
High leverage Unregulated, ASIC warning against it
MT4 Wide floating spreads



Latest news about FMfx
No news about FMfx. Check back later.
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Cant refund

Since from 2016 can’t refund and can’t drawal my money deposited money

Liza Andriani 11/15/2019

Latest scam

I was contacted by this fake company stating that a court had demanded they repay their clients their money following one of their partners being convicted of fraud. They were now providing a service to reimburse their creditors. This involved asking for bank details household bill, driving licence details or similar. Tbey also stated that to recover bitcoins they helped set up a coin wallet and using any desk on your phone and computor. You then have to buy a bitcoin in order to recover your bitcoin from them. Yeah really ! If you dont do this they say your coins are lost forever and a report is given to the court stating you dont want your money back ! Watch out for this latest twist to the con.

linsey st solve 09/01/2019

FMFx scammers

In my opinion FMFx traders are scammers and need to be put in jail. When I filled out all the forms to get my money back they refused and only offered $10.000 instead of the $50.000. I guess I should be grateful I got $10.000. Shawn Wells got angry when I asked for my money back. I hope they get caught an are thrown in jail.

Robyn Clark 02/23/2019


Low life scamming grubs, We're coming for you.scammed me US$29,OOO.00

david byers 08/15/2018

Want my money back

I did a withdrawal but did not receive my money back

Natasha Mohammed 05/15/2018

Failure to return funds deposited with FMFX

I have been requesting to withdraw my funds since October 2017 and it is now April 2018, I have requested a phone call from the customer service team but no calls and no response by email to my numerous requests. Initially when I requested to withdraw my money I was advised unless i provided more than 100 points of ID then they would not be able to refund me back my money, although in order to take my money they did not require any identification at all, which is quite disturbing, When I finally replied and provided identification, I was then advised that the amount I was requesting was no longer correct and that my enquiry had been closed. I have been waiting on a phone call since and no one has contacted me. This site is a scam and legal action will be taken against FMFX.

Melissa H 04/09/2018

FMFX steeled my money

Today one of the UMI Investment broker call me and asked to open the team viewer to show the refund system and talking rudely name is SHAWN WELL he is a same lier and another frauder.

To refund the money he want to login to my account when he is connecting with team viewer. that means he can see my all the details.
BE CAREFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roshan 03/07/2018

FM-fx has terminated its operation and will no longer provide trading services

Wow, all the stories below - I am going to add my story - they are definitely SCAMMERS - funnily, I tried to have a look at our old account and it is now saying "FM-fx has terminated its operation and will no longer provide trading services" - is this because they have scammed so much money off people, they don't need to do it anymore????? Looks as though my husband and I have lost a lot more money than the ones showing below? $50,000 New Zealand Dollars - at the moment we are working with someone who might be able to get our money back - but who knows. Personally, we think these Scammers should be caught and have to do Jail time - both my husband and I are in our 70's so they thought at our age we were a 'good touch'. Believe it or not, I am going to have to go out and get a small job - and at my age??? We will never trust anyone, ever again.

Caryl Miller 02/20/2018

Big Scam

FMfx is a big scam, My account just disappeared, keeps saying Invalid account, tried to get a hold of my broker, something disappeared. I send many emails to their service assistance, again nothing. Don’t know what to do to get my money back.

France Chabot 02/16/2018

I'm confused with fm-fx

last time I'm open trader with fmfx but until now I can't check my balance a profit I get from there when I email don't get any feedback from this company I also send massage to my account manager but he also not apply my massage until I get one email from fmfx they said they company will sell to another company and transfer all my account in the new company and they said I can use the same account and a new password when I try all they said actually after I'm download a new mt4 I try to put my account login number and the password but until today I can't open my account .that why I just want to know what happen to my account and my money in there yes maybe for you $250 its not big but if to me $250 its a big amount to me and now I want only feedback from my account please anyone from fmfx satle my problem .

Rizuan Bin Rasip 01/22/2018

Fuc*en fraud

It is a scam company, the brokers are absolute bastards. Never ever trust this company, due to this company I have lost $30, 000 within 3 months. BIGGEST FRAUD. They ruined my family live, also now I’m under a huge debt. Don’t trust this company.

BHENCHOD 01/10/2018

Big Scam run a way from these guys

Don’t put your money with these guys. Big Scam. I have asked for withdraw my money as a emergency . I lost my job and I needed to pay my kid kinder garden bill and Inrequesteded many times , after one month they called me saying they will help me with a trade where I will double my money in 2 days and if I loos , they will give me a bonuse where I can recover my money back. A guy called Paul Thompson promised me and asked me to trus him and he understand my situation. I lost my money and no calles or emails from them .

I realy wish them the worse and I believe in Karma . They make money from inocente poor people like us but I am sure they will have bad diseases and mental health , depresión and they will cry and hear noises of devols and bad spirits in their home with their family and I pray every day for it . I am sure this will happen soon.

Jose 12/18/2017

Stay Away, total scam

Fmfx is totally fraud. They will force you to deposit all your savings. They will ask to see your personal bank details and tell to us we making financial plan to you.

Bhavani 11/14/2017


Don't open any account with Fm-fx. they are bloody bastard. I deposited worth 750$ believing my broker. that asshole never called me back. his name is Zach ow. And i request all of you who are cheated my this company lets take legal action.

+61451457168 is my no. Call me And Please dont let them do it with other people.

its the time we have to take legal action.

Afia Tahsin 11/13/2017

Refund paid by FM FX-surprising

I still think this is a big scam.

But I got a refund for the initial money I put in. I said to them I would go to the press - if they didn't refund me within a week. They did.

richard brough 11/10/2017

FM-FX Review: Warning! Be aware Stay away!

When I saw the internet and when I just opened, the broker called me right away and keep on asking for the more deposit.
I deposited but, anyway I lost. So, I asked my all money back since
this year Feb, 2017.
they're keep on asking document so, I sent all document.
And I got email that all qualified. But, the broker needs to call to me for the refund. The broker does not call. And today, I was freak that their website shows that 'We are sorry,
but we do not provide our services to your country..
And I got email that 'Please make a withdrawal request for the amount you wish to withdraw.' even though I requested refund all the times.
Now 9 months passed. I'll keep on asking my refund.
Be aware and step away from FM-FX.

Joo Sohn 11/10/2017

FMfX-Total Scam!!!

Deposited $250. But then called by an agenct, claerly based in the Philippines who said they were in London with fake western names. Asked to access my computer via TeamViewer so tehy counld see my credit card and tey to get a bigger deposit- didn't do it. Total scam-don't touch them. Go to a regulated provider in your country. You also wont get any of your money back from FMFX- even if you make a profit on their fake webtrader sight.

richard brough 11/05/2017

fxfx another big SCAM

I deposited 250AUD equivalent to USD330 on 18th Oct and Elmer was my broker and my mistake now is showing my bank details etc and he only worked with me on one day which was 19th Oct and never contacted me again, and he also said to me whatever I do don't trade by myself, they are such sweet talkers and yes they are Fillipinos. Every night I log in my account and 265.95 was there from the one night we traded and tonight 26th Oct I logged back in and have noticed only 6.95 tehre and not $265.95.
I emailed them and will wait. Looks like another loss, but I was asked to send id's but luckly I kept holding it when I saw the information needed. Twice i gave them accounts that are low in credit or have no money in it. Luckily my bank stopped/blocked one transaction but they still insist on it. Please do not believe them at all. Another big SCAM and my loss too.

Woulf 10/25/2017

fmfx are theives

After responding to an email about trading software called Quantum code I was called by fmfx/ They opened an account with $250 for me. My account manager PUSHED me to put $5000 into the account from my mastercard, he even got into my computer through teamviewer and was pushing me hard to make the transfer saying I can put the money back later. Well to cut a long story short I quickly lost all of the money. There was no Quantum code software to do the trades for me and my account manager said trade anything, you can't loose! The company is a fraud and ASIC has put warnings out about them. The trading platform is fake too.
I now have to pay over $5000 back to my credit card, the bank will not help me as the money went to a so called trade company, even though they are fake. Stay well away from them.

Angela Snowden 10/23/2017

FMfx: Can't not withdraw money

I have so many calls and and asked me to join , after I have deposited money $250 , someone rang me and guided me to deposited extra $4000 , but then I found this is not suitable for me and I requested to withdraw , but it never happen , I called then someone pick ip the call then say they will call me back but never call me back

Jacqueline dao 10/14/2017

Fmfx frauds

Hi I was getting 100 calls a day to make deposit name Patricia Scottt account manager
When I made deposit of 250 aud , at that time they never ask for any documents
And say broker will call u,, they called me but unable to pick bcz I was at job
But another call from same company ,, name was Kelly asking me to submit ur documents, I'd proof residency proof and. Card pic , when I refused to submit
They keep calling me , at last I said when u took money u never ask for identity , am I real person or fake
But now after stealing my money u asking account card pic ,, bulshit
I said refund my money then they said ,, without fox we cannot
Then I said keep with u and put into ur ass
Don't ever call me

ap 10/11/2017


Hey i verified my acc and i need a broker now to show me the ropes can i get a broker assigned to me please thanks

Mike Pari

Forexbrokerz Team: Did you read the reviews below?

Mike Pari 10/02/2017

FM-FX: Criminals

The description below by RobertLLasky was almost exactly my experience with FM-FX, but I deposited $20,000 USD with them, not $2,000 USD.
After losing the first $5,000 USD, I tried to close my account (which still had $15,000 USD of my money). Completing forms and sending emails that were not responded to, making phone calls that were not picked up made me excessively nervous. Finally my broker 'Josh' with the strong Phillippino accent, rang me and said that we would trade to get my money back!!!!I That was Monday 25 September. By Friday 29 September I had lost a further $10,000USD. This is how that happened:
Advice I received from 'Josh', the FM-FX broker, on Monday was to invest in ('buy') EURUSD for long term returns. This was the day AFTER the German election when the future of the Merkel government was in the balance and market reactions had led to a fall in the EURO. My instinct was to go with the majority and 'sell' but the broker insisted that by the next day the currency would bounce back. Over the next 3 days I was charged 18% in 'swap' fees on this trade and lost over $6,000 USD on the transaction. He had given the same advice on the NZDUSD pair and I lost over $2000 with a further loss in Swap fees.
So, I have just lost $15,000 USD with FM-FX and possibly $20,000 USD if my balance of $5,000 USD is not returned and my account closed as I instructed on 29 September 2017.

Margaret 10/01/2017

FMfx is a SCAM

FMFX is a sophisticated scam. The scammers have set up an online Forex broking company and website that looks and feels authentic, but don’t let it fool you, it’s a SCAM. Apparently they have opened up the broking firm in Belize, but the people you will speak to are all Filipinos. The phone numbers they ring from are clearly VOIP-generated. The scam is as follows:
Once you register with FMFX, you will get a phone call within one minute of registering (never heard such a quick response – ALARM BELLS!). The phone number that rings you will have a +44 code implying that it is from the UK. With this first phone call, the FMFX operator will ask you to deposit $250 into the account, which is the minimum deposit in order to initiate the account. This is not unusual as most Forex broking companies require a minimum deposit ranging from $1 to $500. I made the initial deposit of $250 on 14 August 2017.
The second phone call from an FMFX operator is a few hours to a day after the $250 deposit is made. The call was from a person that called himself a “broker”. The person that rang me said he was “Elmer Bryant” (Anglo-Saxon name but the individual had a Filipino accent – ALARM BELLS!). He will ask you to install the MT4 trader and Team Viewer software on your computer so he can guide you through trades. He will then proceed to make a very quick trade. The trade will be open for a couple of minutes and will probably be a winner albeit only a few dollars. The broker will then insist that you deposit $10,000 into your FMFX account. Another give-away sign that it’s a scam is that the “broker” wanted to see my bank account details through Team Viewer. I never showed my online bank account, but was stupid enough to deposit $2,000 using my credit card. I probably would have traded some more with “Elmer” the “broker” if he hadn’t tried desperately to get $10,000 out of me. When I refused to do so, he got his “Supervisor” to talk to me and when I refused him, he got a supposed expert from New York to try and get me to deposit $10,000. All of these individuals were clearly using false Western names, but had Filipino accents and were clearly not the Western individuals they were pretending to be. I’ve carried out Forex trading with other brokers in the past and at this stage I became extremely suspicious about their intentions because they were desperate in trying to get more money than needed to trade, they clearly are not traders and know very little about forex trading strategies, risk management, leverages and fundamentals versus technical analysis.
At this stage, I became extremely alarmed that I made a very bad mistake with this Forex broker and immediately initiated a withdrawal of my $2,250 from the FMFX forex account. In order to do this I submitted person details (scanned copy of driver’s licence, passport, utility bill and credit card – all standard requests) through the FMFX document submission page on their website. I initiated withdrawal proceedings on 15 August 2017 and have been given a string of excuses for not giving me my funds. Among them I was told that they only allow $100 withdrawal at a time and that the broker needs to initiate the transfer. I managed to talk to the broker on several occasions and he claimed that would initiate the transfer but never did. I’m writing this note on 20 September 2017, more than a month after initiating my withdrawal and I still haven’t received my funds.
Through all this period the broker has continued to contact me, trying to get me to trade the funds in my account. This is curious because I’ve made it perfectly clear that I will not trade until I see my funds transferred into my bank account. On one occasion I severely abused “Elmer” over the phone for being a scam artist and a thief. I suspect that the Filipino call-centre receives their commission only through trading the funds in people accounts and they may even be under some pressure to do so. There are probably higher level scammers (Europeans, Russians or Middle Easterners) that have set up the Forex broking website and company. In the subsequent reviews I read on FMFX, everyone that trades with them through their so-called “brokers” has only ever lost all the funds through trading and no one has ever been able to withdraw any money from them. One individual was foolish enough to show the broker his online bank account and eventually lost all his money through the trading.
These people are NOT traders. FMFX is a scam!

Robert Iasky 09/20/2017

FMfx Liers

They are liers. 1K daily profit gmail sent to me by lying it was automatic trade and i can trade first with them. So i was trused deposit 250$ to them. After i deposited at 1K daily profit. After deposit this was reached to fmfx trading. Actually it is not automatic and trade by myself. My senior broker contacted to me and he said their support is to become professional trader. First he ask how many do i want profit and said to deposit next $750 to trade well. After my deposit was 750$ he said to download viwer application to laptop and android. After that i knew this application was see all my document on both laptop and android. He opened application on my laptop from his side and asked me
sell or buy. He don't explain anything just one close click. After i
choice it he said he will come to me later two hour and leave me at there without say any using way. While i see it was started to change profit to lost i started not only try to close trade but also contact him at the same time. He didn't came in time. Unfortunately i couldn't
searched this hidden close click. When i searched hidden close click my order was lost and he came to me at lost time. And he leave me again by said to contact when i need to ask him and now don't close order and wait to profit. After that my order was lost after lost all deposit to lowest margin at 1st day. He blame me it is my deposit is low not his false. The reason of my lost is his irresponsibly. So i contacted their support team. They also deny it isn't their false and just said sympathy me. They said it isn't responsible to them. So for what they said they support to new client become to proffesional. They even havn't support anything for just one click. It means their support is just ask Sell or Buy. And now he said desposit next. If i don't deposit next..withdraw it. I have never seen this Liar trading company that didn't take responsible of their broker and blamed me next for my aggree first. Very very dispointed. They said i will have to show passport, bank card photo and more. I prays their trading company wouldn't be failed and lost. I can say only they are Biggest Liar, Biggest Steal...fmfx Bullshift.

Hnin Pwint Aung 09/20/2017

FMfx: No refund back

Keep trying to get my desposit back and they keep giving me the run around done all verified paper work still running me around even asked for more coin. Dont give them anything they will rip you off honestly hope karma hits them all.

Lisa 09/15/2017

Most Likely a Scam!

I have paid the opening account of US$250 and when I decided not to go I request for withdrawal. After filling the request and sent, they replied and have asked more sensitive documents such as passport, ID's and many more. When you open and deposit they don't have any requirements. Definitely a scam. Really don't No Go!

Neil Darren 08/30/2017

FMfx: They kept trying to debit my card but not successful

I think I will cancel my intention to join this FM-FX Forex Trading, fortunately I have never deposit the first margin they asked for which is only $AUS 250 or equal to at least RM850 (eight hundreds fifty Ringgit Malaysia). One of the Account Manager has been resigned from this FM-FX. My debit card only for in country transaction instead of international transaction. However they kept trying to debit my card but not successful due to insufficient funds! I will never save my account anymore to my current bank account. The same as binary trading company with the name Stack Options, it is really SCAM. I am a victim of $US100. At the first time they are very kind and keep contacting us. Once we deposit, they asking for more funds to be deposit. When we try to withdraw, it keep silent! Even though it is just $US100(one hundreds US Dollar) I have to say goodbye to my cash which I collected from the hardwork as a dressmaker. I learnt regarding forex and a bit of stocks long time ago. So beware for these scam company. It's better if you go down town and looking for the stock exchange approved by your government for each countries. These two institution seems very easy to steal other people's cash. I never get my cash back through the withdraw request. They never ask me my bank account to credit my real cash, not the money that appear in the screen. The debit card account is not the same as our bank account when someone will transfer us the cash.

S A Hamid 08/19/2017

Scam or not

Very dubious co to deal with.Continually want you to put in more money,and show suspect trading.No contact No,and almost impossible to withdraw funds.

Be warned !!

Jeff Fishe 08/17/2017

Oh how easy to decieve

very dicey, thank you for imformation .its dissapointing to realize that it is so easy to be scamed, Ive recieved emails from James grey, connie smith, chloe hudson. annemarie, again they have taken all and credit my savings, I keep submitting withdrawal requests with not any results

jillian nelson 07/31/2017

FM-fx is TOTALLY SCAM. They will steal your money. They are really bullshiting you.

Hi ALL, I absolutely agree with this comment: {They take your money pretty quick but then don't let you withdraw it. I also get the email just like another review I read, from a "James grey" who I doubt even exists, and who will write back and say "someone have tried to reach me without any success in order to vocal confirm about the withdrawal". This is total bullcrap. They have a page on Facebook so I urge people to post comments on their page saying that you are not getting your money back. The public need to now about them. THIS COMPANY IS CRIMINAL AND JUST STEALS PEOPLES MONEY! DON'T GIVE THEM A SINGLE CENT!}
I have invested USD 250 on 6-Jul-2017 and requested "WITHDRAWAL" ON 11-jUL-2017. Then, they replied to my email requesting: ID Card, Credit Card & Utilities Bill scan copies on 12-Jul-2017. Then I sent these 3 items on 13-Jul-2017. Then then they replied my application is successful. But till date I still did not receive my investment and check their website. No difference at all. >>>What d F sucker

John 07/23/2017

FMfx: Scam criminals who steal your money!

They take your money pretty quick but then don't let you withdraw it. I also get the email just like another review I read, from a "James grey" who I doubt even exists, and who will write back and say "someone have tried to reach me without any success in order to vocal confirm about the withdrawal". This is total bullcrap. They have a page on Facebook so I urge people to post comments on their page saying that you are not getting your money back. The public need to now about them. THIS COMPANY IS CRIMINAL AND JUST STEALS PEOPLES MONEY! DON'T GIVE THEM A SINGLE CENT!

Ren 07/14/2017

FMfx cashout like 2 months

i doing a cashout request it takes like 2 months until now also didn't give a shit

wong weijian 07/13/2017

Fair Enough

Hello, I am an avid user of different brokerage in fact in just three years I have tried and tested. One of these is this one, I can say that there are pros and cons with this broker. Let me start with this pros, the process of documents when you deposit is very fast, however, the cons with this is that when you tried to withdraw your money it will always depend on who is the customer service were you able to talk to. I have this experience wherein, I have been withdrawing my money from one cservice and it took 5 weeks for me to withdraw it however when I talked to another, he was able to process my withdrawals in a week

Nadine Blau 07/11/2017


I made a deposit of US$250 ~ AU380 to their account. It is almost about 3 weeks that filled up the application from their site to take my money back t. Unfortunately it seems that logging to your account and asking them to return the money to the credit card they debited is not secure enough for them. They need swift code, licence, passport utility bill under account holder s name which should match your address when you register ,etc.
After 3 weeks and sending everything's, now they want all those from my partner as the credit card was in her name.
It seems I have to say goodbye to my money.
Just another scammer company. :(

Ali Nejad 07/10/2017

FMfx: They are a scam

I made the error of believing and looks like i have lost my $250 deposit. On that i did a deposit of 250 AUD and $258.40 WAS taken. All i want now is the account closed and my money back. Oh by the way i fell into there trap when i was on indeed (jobsearch site) and applied for what i thought was typing for businesses at home. I hope that Karma gets them big time.

Simone 07/02/2017

Fmfx is a scam

Same problem as every other person still waiting on my refund they keep on asking to invest more but nothing happens

Jan 06/26/2017

FMfx: Has anybody received funds after withdrawal request?

I been trading with fm-fx for almost 4weeks now. I deposited pretty much all the saving i had and have since made a decent profit. Im now trying to with draw my balance and it seems im having the same run around from their accounts department. Ive given all the documents they have asked for but still i am waiting.

My question is has anybody actually received the funds they have requested from fm-fx or have i lost my entiring saving to a scam??

Any information would be much appreciated.

Matt 06/20/2017


I have deposited $250 to FMFX.sometimes in march 2017.
And still till now I have been trying to get my money back.
The "broker" have send me emails, requesting Id ect to verify the account and in order to "withdrawal "the money back. I have been sending id, utility bill ect for over 3 months now and everytime " James grey" will write back and say" someone have tried to reach me without any success in order to vocal confirm about the withdrawal "
Let's be straight honest a minute! Don't you think with all documents I've sent and been verified wouldn't just be enough????
Obviously, they are playing games. To begin with that $250 to open the account trading initially once you've deposit it in, it's gone!!!!!!! The money you see in your "account" its just the way this company have been tampering to make it looks real..... still no money return, just emails from James grey saying someone have tried to contact me!

Mia Westbrook 06/12/2017

FMfx withdrawal

fm fx is so bad requested my withdraw over 2 moths but still cant get it.

tom vo 06/11/2017

FMfx: Warning Scam

They will teach you how to trade and put trades on for you. They put trades in the opposite direction to yours and take your money. When you put a stop to it they will get angry and try and convince you to deposit more money, I refused to do this and they stopped replying to emails and i ccannot withdraw what's left of my money.

I only lost $3000 but I see that many older people are losing there life savings. Such a disappointment.

William 06/11/2017

FMfx scam: You will not get your money back

After registering and making $250, the broker asks to you to add more so they could help. He will want to see your bank account too. A scam. You will not get your money back even though he you can.

Qingli 06/05/2017

FMfx: Fraud broker..bad wont get your money back

I have been requesting for withdrawal of my deposit for nearly month.didnt make any money out of it. Moreover im not getting my deposit back.customer care is so only get answer "we dont know".please dont go for this company

Shany Puliyirikkummukalel Joseph 05/30/2017

FM-FX: Don't try the bad broker, withdrawal problem

Don't try. FM-FX very bad broker, holding my fund, request withdrawal over than 3 weeks, yet get back the money!! Don’t try this broker

awyaik 05/15/2017
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