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DaxMarkets Review - is it scam or safe?

DaxMarkets Review - is daxmarkets.com scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 51 REVIEWS DaxMarkets
DaxMarkets is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.

Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Trail €500   1:1 Regular
Basic €5000   1:1.5 Lower
Trader €10 000   1:2 Lower
Pro Plus €50 000   Pre trade Lower
Vip €100 000   Per portfolio variance Lower
Millionaire club €500 000   1:1.5 Lower
VIP Ultra €1.5 million     Lower


DaxMarkets offers numerous types of live trading accounts with lots of bells and whistles, but does not give some crucial information about the trading conditions like the spreads and the minimum trade size. The vast majority of brokers are trying to attract customers by competing with each other by offering more favorable trading conditions and display them clearly on their websites. Things like “regular” and “lower” do not mean anything to a person who has some knowledge about trading. There is no demo account for testing purposes.


On the other hand, the minimum deposits are rather high. There are reliable brokers with proper regulation like IG, who have no minimum deposit requirement or others, like XM and FXTM who require just $5, or FBS with $1. Of course, in order to make meaningful trades one needs to deposit a larger sum, but by lowering the threshold for initial deposits, brokers are trying to be more attractive.


We do not even want to discuss the leverage, which is exceptionally low by all industry standards.


Trading conditions aside, DaxMarkets claims to offer an instrument portfolio including forex, CFDs, commodities, indices and stocks and binary options. There are also options for algo and social trading and trading signals.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Oasis Capital Ltd Germany None


DaxMarkets says it is owned by Oasis Capital Ltd. with an address in a building in a posh financial area in downtown Munich. In addition to the German number, there are numbers in Singapore and Norway, even though in reality they can all be in some call center in Bulgaria or India.


Our google search found several companies called Oasis Capital – one is registered in UK and one in the US, both of them being venture capital companies. We did not find a company of the name in Germany. Worse still, we did not find in the financial services provider registry of the German financial services providers and markets regulator BaFin. And by German law, the company must be licensed by the regulator in order to operate a forex broker in Germany. Apparently, however, neither Oasis Capital, nor DaxMarkets are. Otherwise they would’ve been on the list and would’ve made the information clear on the site.


We strongly suspect DaxMarkets may actually be a scam. It surely is more sophisticated than the average fraudulent broker registered in an offshore zone with some flimsy regulation – claiming an address in Germany and all, but the reality is that the company is not licensed to provide the services it says it provides. Besides, like we already said, the deposits are suspiciously high.


Of course, we grant the benefit of doubt and have to note that the licensing process with BaFin is long and arduous. There are strict capital requirements for companies trading in financial instruments for their own account, the minimum amount required is €730,000 and for those who do not trade on their own account the requirement is at least €125,000. So maybe DaxMarkets is going through the licensing process right now. But we doubt it.


Trading platform


It does not become instantly clear what trading platform DaxMarkets offers, but judging by the training videos, it is the most logical choice: MetaTrader 4.


In over a decade MT4 has managed to become the eternal favorite of brokers and traders alike and is still quite popular, despite the efforts of the developer MetaQuotes Software to push forward the successor MetaTrader 5. MT4 is a stable and reliable multiasset platform that offers numerous features and options, charting and analysis tools and supports expert advisors.


DaxMarkets also offers some sort of web trading platform.


Methods of payment


Unlike other important information, which is lacking, DaxMarkets provides clear and concise information about the deposit methods. It accepts payments through bank transfers, credit and debit cards and the online payment systems Neteller, WebMoney and UnionPay.




As we already said, we strongly suspect DaxMarkets is a scam. First off, it is not licensed by the German regulator BaFin, despite the legal requirements.


The unusually high deposit requirements also suggest the broker is solely after your money. Other factors suggesting this are the trading conditions – they are vague and unclear, but on the other hand the broker offers a ton of “ornaments” with each account. It does look impressive, but with some crucial information lacking, it would hardly attract experienced investors. It looks more like DaxMarkets is after naive absolute beginners who have no clear idea what they need.


There is no specific information about client protection either – just some general mambo-jambo about security of transactions and advice how to set up a secure password. The broker did not even bother to tell its clients whether it keeps their funds in segregated accounts, which is a standard requirement.


There are way too many fishy things about DaxMarkets so we honestly cannot recommend it. There are a number of large, stable and reliable forex brokers in Germany. They have proper regulation and reputation and much better trading conditions. Some, like IG, FxPro, CMC Markets and Trading212 have a license from UK’s FCA, while others are purely local and are regulated by BaFin.


Pros Cons
  High deposit
  Unclear trading conditions
  No demo account
  Low leverage




Latest news about DaxMarkets
No news about DaxMarkets. Check back later.
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Cyprus CySec $200 89% Review
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I think Ihave lost my money

I have been with Daxmarkets over a year now. and I was doing alright up until until 2018. My broker was max baker. and he was helping me to trade. He made me quite a few Dollars. I have not heard from him since. we even phone me now and then. now I do not even from him.
the company says leave a message. But not once have they got back to me.
also I cannot log into my account. The support team do not help ether.
I have sent so many message to max and the support team. not one reply

These people are crooks checked.
I do not understand why this company should rip Clients off.
Robert UK

ps/these people should be stopped and prosecuted, Yet they are able to get away with it . >???and other unrelated company's

robert mcdermott 09/25/2018


Dax Markets is a SCAM!!!
Please avoid their sales team and especially Jeff Sims!!
If you even mention a withdrawal, they close you down and block you from communicating with any of them!!
This a company where I asked them if they were aware of their reputation and they told me that they were doing everything they could to change this image..yes I know...I should never have invested..lesson learnt!!
Avoid the following employees in paerticular at DAX SCAM:

Wentworth 09/10/2018

Account managers are trained to get as much money out of you as possible

Advised bad trades and than asked to pump more money in to protect the trades. Do not invest with this company at all. You will get different managers calling you after bad trades to help you recover with big events happening this week or tomorrow. Steer well clear.

N P Jack 09/04/2018

Withdrawal help

I was also scammed by daxmarkets I was doing business with Alice and a lot others, I deposited 250 us dollars I told my balance is not enough the was a loan they talked about a loan and there was trade volumes. There was more than 50 000 in my trading account after paying all they said I owe them and they proof from my bank I paid what they said I owe them. Now they can't reply my emails. Please can you help me to get someone who can intervene in this matter.

daniel monamodi 09/03/2018

Scam using a Loan proposal

I got Scammed by Them, after a proposal to get a 10 000$K loan.

Jean-Marc Carbonero 08/08/2018

Scammed by Daxmarkets

As with others I was also doing business with Alice and Jake. After the 250 dollars it was the marginal loan and then the trade volume.Although there was more than 46 000 dollars they disappeared after I paid everything.They just do not answer any emails anymore.Real and big time scammers.

C S Van Eeden 08/07/2018

DaxMarkets - Scammers

Hi like all the others i to seem to also have fallen into the web of DaxMarkets. I have traded with Max Baker, Jake Lombardi and with Alice Stern. The main concern that they seem to have is to get you to accept a marginal loan. I never requested or gave permission for a marginal loan but Alice just added marginal loans and ended up with one of $15 780.00. I was tolled that I have $53 547.10 available and $21 120.52 was cash ready for with drawl. Then they came back with a monthly payback. DO NOT BE DECEIVED AS I WAS AND SO MANY OTHERS. DaxMarkets is big scammers!!!!!!!!

I M Bester 07/16/2018


I opened an account with Daxmarkets with $250. They show that it made over $800 in profits. I was told to borrow $3974 to invest and I would make a very good profit based on what I saw on daxmarkets site it showed that it made a very good profit. I was told that I could get some money from the investment if I paid back the loan from daxmarkets
I was also told that if I paid the loan and not take any money for two days they would invest again and I would get even more on the money so I did. It look very good after the two days. I then requested some money from daxmarkets and was told that they invested more than they were to invest and went over by $1400 and if I paid the $1400 I could get the money I requested plus the $1400 back so I send the money. Now I'm in a bind and cant get any money. What am I supposed to do? I need the money. I need to pay back the loan I borrowed I'm on vacation in Jamaica and have no money because I send the money I had for my vacation and I told the man that when he called.
Now no one call me anymore and there's no more trading on the account

Conroy 07/13/2018

daxmarkets.com - big scammer

They are big scammer with soft voices im also a victim

How can we recover our money

Pls advise

Siphiwe 07/12/2018

DaxMarkets withdrawal - big issue

How are you ? yes, I have very big issue with DaxMarkets.
I want withdraw USD 70,000 (in the Platform USD140,960), but agent said must cover the Trade Volume USD 189,791 , She said must deposit more USD 189,791.
She asked me deposit many time , now my credit card over the limited.
My deposit Almost USD 29,000.
Can you advice to me how can I take back my deposit ?

Thank you,

Eung Sub Lee 06/26/2018

Don't touch it with a barge pole!

I invested £250 then £2000 and seemed to be going along nicely. The fund reached over £8000 and I was told by the original broker I could withdraw funds. He left and the new broker said there had to be at least 75 trades but he would do his best!! Told him I wasn't putting any more money in and he said no problem. In the last month fund value is now down to £23.90.I think he's realised I'm not the type of investor he wants and has just "Blown it".Or is he just useless!!

This is definitely a con, don't touch it with a barge pole.......

Ray Baxter 06/21/2018

I never received my money

I think Dax markets scam me because they kept on asking more money claiming to trade for me with lots of money and promise that I will get my money immediately and the last conversations I had with them it was when I gave them authorisation to trade for me at Bitcoin and they disappeared. No one ever phoned or returned my email or even gave me clarity because my account was at zero balance at that stage till today.

Nancy 06/18/2018

Daxmarkets scam

They are a major scam!!! cant get my money from them!

clive 06/14/2018

DaxMarkets - Don’t expect withdrawal

Does anybody receive money from daxmarket ever?

This feedback is just to warn new people interested in trading
1-they will ask you basic amount which is 250$
2-they will give you credit of 250$
3-they will show some profit and then they will ask you for money
4-multiple times they will call you if still you are hesitant they will change your account manager.
Either Shaun or jake
5- he will also show some profit and your account will look very good looking at profit
6-one day they will give call you saying they have very good offer and provide you the margin loan
7-they will show more profit e.g. 5000 to 20000$
8-they will not inform you about term and conditions until you asked.
9-now you are completely in a trap, they will ask you to give marigin loan back so you can get your take your whole amount .
10-by looking your profit ,you might feel by paying maritime loan you will get your amount back..
11-this is the moment they will try to pamper you(by the way I am in this step now)

Here I can see lot of comments ,even after paying margin loan they will not give your money back

So I am not going to pay until they release some amount...

Shailendra 06/13/2018

They debit peoples account without their permission

Dax market have the most fuck stupid agents ever debit peoples account without their permission.In South Africa we call that fraud

Brendon Baatjies 05/30/2018

Another victim of DaxMarkets

Thankfully I've only lost about $1000. What a game they are playing! I have a similar story. I started with $250, then increased it, then was bullied into a margin loan. All the while Jake traded it up to convince me to stay with it and I had $13000 sitting... then they pestered me for weeks to pay the margin loan back which I refused. I challenged them, having countless bad reiviews by this time. They sent me links to review sites which showed one or two suspicious looking good reviews but they obviously hadn't looked at the links properly themselves (too busy on the phone scamming people) as some of them were the same sites I had already viewed. Bad reviews outnumbering good by about 30-1. Now they have devised another form for me to print and sign agreeing that by trading a volume of $126,000 I can wipe out the margin loan. I started aggressively trading my account a couple of days ago and made $1000, trading about $4000 in volume and GUESS WHAT...my trades suddenly "did not executed" - appalling translation all over their documentation and even on the platform. The platform is the same as two other brokers I know about - GCG24 and BFPX - who were all introduced to me by Toolstrades. I doubt I'll see any money ever. I'm looking for a way to get my money back if anyone has any ideas. It is still on my credit card

Kath C 05/18/2018

Daxmarket marginal loan

Hi like all the others i to seem to have fallen into the web of Daxmarkets. I have traded with both Jake Lombardie and with Alice Stern. The main concern that they seem to have is to get you to accept a marginal loan. I requested a marginal loan from Alice of $1000.00 and ended up with one of $10 000.00. I was tolled that as a trade had been made on the 10 000 i could not revert to a $1000.00 marginal loan. DO NOT BE DECEIVED AS I WAS AND SO MANY OTHERS.

Victor Bennett 05/09/2018

daxmarkets withdraw

I deposited €4450 and traded during a couple of months on Daxmarkets Platform with very positive results. But now I asked to withdraw, they do not react.

klaas Heerema 05/07/2018

Various filmsy excuses for declining my withdrawal

I deposited the 3950$ as repayment for the Margin Loan a few weeks ago-had to make a loan to get that funds. Prior to that I requested a written and signed confirmation from my accounts manager and DaxMarkets Finance manager which I received on their letterhead, stating that after the deposit is received I will be able to withdraw minimum 6000$.
After the deposit, my accounts manager went silent , not responding to courtesy e-mails from me. When I submitted the withdrawal together wit compliance documents, he called me to ask to wait for 3 days as they wanted to make a rather big trade which would mean more profit for me.Afterwards he went completely quiet and few days ago I saw on their platform that my withdrawal was declined. I submitted another withdrawal submission. Immediately I received a call from a female Alice Stern, the Accounts Dept saying that my accounts manager was suspended because he increased the profit margin too much and the system will not allow her to effect the withdrawal. I now had to pay in 5,950$ in order to 'liquidise' the account. I said but why am I being penalised for something that the accounts manager did but she played the 'broken record' tune..the system will not allow etc until I made this deposit and she would release whatever withdrawal on the same day! When I did a Google search I went cold when I recognised the same strategy applied to other investors (mostly from South Africa) who did not see a cent of their investment and accounts managers disappearing, not answering calls or e,mails. getting locked out of their accounts..!

It appears that this is a very sophisticated scam by a syndicate operating possibly from Bulgaria or somewhere other that Germany.

Felicity Hartze 04/21/2018

Scam Scam Scam

SCAM!!! I opened an account. paid the money all. now millions of stories why i cant get my money out. its been months now. plenty emails and calls. stay away! Jake, Peter, Alice, Max, MAt do not trust anyone of them!!!

clive 04/13/2018

daxmarkets blocked me from the platform

To keep it short,i have been scammed by daxmarkets. After i have paid of my margin loan they just stopped answer my mails and even blocked me from the platform, so please someone we will pay u "after we got our money back" a percentage and believe me we are allot of people.Post your details here if u can help and we will contact u.

Frikkie 04/12/2018

Dax Markets are a SCAM

Dax markets with traders Jake Lombardi and Peter Larson are the most evil and cunning scam merchants on the internet.

They harass you about profits and trades and scam you into their elaborate web, after you deposit they go missing and will not answer your phone , cut off your login , and keep your deposit.

Quite simply the trading platform and these individuals are parasites.

tom morrissey 04/05/2018

Big Scam

Daxmarkets is a big scam. Alex n shon big scammers. They will take your money under a good pretence but knowingly that they scam u big time. I'm a victim of this scam. But we must unite until this scammers are arrested.

Paul 04/02/2018

no communication still waiting on my deposit

I deposited money into this account and seldomly heard from them, I then requested my deposit back as I di not do any trades from them and they quarentee you that you deposit is safe and refundable do you wish not to trade from them they will return it, however I have been emailing them for weeks with no respond. I am still waiting on my deposit to payed back into my account!!!!!

Ellouise 03/19/2018


Jangan masuk dan terjebak oleh daxmarkets.
Kami menjadi korban jebakan alice perempuan jalang dan menjadi team perampok,20000USD uang kami hilang,dan menjebak juga dengan pinjaman palsu

Translated by Google:

Do not go in and get stuck by daxmarkets.
We became victims of the trap of bitches alice and became a team of robbers, 20000USD our money lost, and also trap with fake loans

SRI HARYANTI 03/13/2018

Paying a $5000 marginal loan

I am also dealing with Jake Lombardi and am very reluctant on paying a $5000 marginal loan which they offered me. Jake often calls me to remind me that I still need to pay off the load before I can make any withdrawals from my account.

Asi 03/13/2018

such a scam

do not trade with this agents they are so fake. they take all the money you have and live you dry

neo 03/05/2018

Such a scam its shocking

I suffered the same scam where can we report them in a group so we get what is due to us. There is nothing that is tru about them and their ways of doing business. Can anyone give us a light.

Neo Modise 03/05/2018

Professional scam

I initially invested USD500 but was practically to invest further by one Jake Lombardi saying that the market was good. In total I invested USD11,562.00 as requested by Jake. My current account stands at USD30,588.25 and Jake assured I would get USD190,00.00 with the balance left in my account to trade further. Once I complied with his request, he was no longer in the scene. Then comes one Peter Larson. He says he is my new account manager and I requested for his help. He insisted that I fill up a form which I reluctantly did and after signing and scanning the form back , I could not log in to my account. Peter claims only the financial dept can view. No further response from Peter, Jake or Daxmarkets and no money was sent to me. This is a malicious SCAM. Anyone can tell me how I can back my money, at least my investments. Can I use legal means?

Malcolm Goonting 02/26/2018

Defiantly a scam

Yes they are a scam do not give them any money as you won't get anything back out my account was ever $2000 but when I tried to get a small withdrawal I found that I couldn't get back into my account or get any anyone to talk to me on chat phone andemails so I have most everythingso DO NOT give this company any money

heather gracie 02/22/2018

DaxMarkets seems to be a scam

DaxMarkets took $250 from me and added a bonus of $250 with which they traded on my behalf. According to them there was a steady growth. All of a sudden they offered me a margin loan for a very good growth which I turned down. They sent me a form to complete in order to grand the loan which I did not complete and send back. The next day I was told I had so much money on my account but had to pay back the margin loan which was granted without my permission, before I could withdraw. They said the margin loan could not be deducted from the account although there was ample funds after the good trade. They gave me time to pay the loan which I am not going to do as this seems to be a scam. I understand that they threaten people with court cases but I am willing to take the chance

Catharina van Eeden 02/17/2018

No communication from dax side

They only means I have to communicate with them is e-mail.
Dax do not answer any of my e-mails.
I have an idea that they scammed me out of the last of my pension savings

DeVilliers Horak 02/12/2018

Professional scammers

DaxMarkets is a professional scam established forex company
I started with 250euros while i was making profit until i get to invest 1250euro and my so called account manager Jake got margin loan of 4324euros on my platform all in name of making more profit which I maked up to 82,0000euro. Time for me to withdraw I was told after the trading volume my money is 32,000euro which i can only withdraw available fund of 12,100euro. I tried to withdraw 12,000euros and another story came up that i need to pay the margin loan before i can withdraw and which i did pay the money, all money invest now was 5,575euros, yet i couldn't withdraw and another story came up again saying i needed to trade for more two times in order to get my money. I did all what i was told to do,.THEN I WAS TRANSFER TO ANOTHER ACCOUNT MANAGER Alex Mattson. Where is Jake i was told check has been transferred to another department so i decided going along with Alex
, shockingly for me while Alex handle the account i found out the second day that my money had gone to -1,225euros. Alex told me i have to close the account and open another one so i can now withdraw and also I signed a form requested them to pay my funds. I rang the them on monday 5/02/2018 and 06/02/2018 noboday picked my called anymore and i found out the flagged my mobile number under harassment. My sign in details are now blocked and nobody response to my emails. The account manager is Alex Mattson. The worst service I ever got from any company.

William 02/09/2018

The worst service I ever got

I have over $7.000 on a trading account and requested them to close my account and transfer the funds to my credit card. I signed a form requested them to pay my funds over more than three weeks ago. My sign in details are now blocked and nobody response to my emails. The account manager is Alex Mattson. The worst service I ever got from any company.
If somebody wants to phone me, my cell number in South Africa is (+27)0834628344

Frans Destroo 02/07/2018


Guys - i am experiencing the same issue here, i have corperated and invested alot of money into the company but they are playing it very clever, signing documents stating you are not owed anything on the company.

promises were made by the man who is said to be the head of finance Shon Christopher or Alice Stern who i have sent 100s of emails to with no response. However, i have recorded their conversations with me that prove what they said to me and not acted.

How can i pursue with this and get all my money back?

Mark 02/02/2018


Dax Markets is a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, They use your money to trade with earning high commissions, and then still you ask you to transfer more money to "PUT YOU ON A HIGHER PLATFORM", when i requested a withdrawal, they blocked my account, and within 2 minutes tried to draw money out my account, THIS IS FRAUD, eveybody should know about them, never deal with them, they are scamers, who will leave you with nothing, but disgust , contempt, and broke.

Legal action needs to be taken against this company.

sharron de villiers 02/01/2018

DAX Markets Scam

I experienced exact same scam as Paul. We need to get the law involved and get these people caught ALL of them. It's not right what they are doing to innocent people out there.Its pathetic actually.

Nawahl 01/30/2018


I deposited $250 on my account plus $186 profit but they never helped me as a beginner then I canceled their trade with them and since twee weeks has passed and they still have not received my money back so as you say they are a big scam

Henry Jordaan 01/30/2018

Dax Markets is a farce

A farce. Will not pay out your "investment" . A huge scam. Stay away.

Riaan 01/23/2018

Margin Loan Scam

once you start trading with them they give you $4000 margin loan without your concern. You will be put in a corner to pay the loan then promised. Once you are not able to pay that loan you will never rest. Even though you ask them to ask them to withdraw it they dont. You request them to close the account and return what you have deposited they refuse.

No hope its a scam

Queen Matenche 01/22/2018

its a scam

Yemetu 12/06/2017, i did to know if you were able to get your money back and how we need help i was scammed of 10000 dollars

neo 01/22/2018

daxmarkets.com is a big scam

i think daxmarkets.com is a big scam, i open an account with 250 pounds, they made some trades and make around £1000 after that if i invest £5000 i will get more money, than i did invest £5000 they win some trade and make aeound £22000, after that i try to withdraw some money the dont let me withdraw, they said i need to put £3700 to get all the all the money i invested,they are scam

mohammed rahman 01/17/2018

Scam - my experience

joined DAXMarkets a month ago with $250, which they doubled, - all looked good. For a week the trades were small but positive, then they asked for $6200 to take the next step & cash in on the market volatility, this seems like a good idea as the Bicoin was running wild.
When I wanted to withdraw my initial investment, I was advised against it.
While on holiday I was given an advance of $7200, so they could triple their bids. I now had to pay this back, so now my "investment" was $13650 as the total in my account was well above this, I decided to withdraw and the system stated the maximum I could withdraw was $25907, so I started the process to withdraw $25k on the 29/12/17.
On the 2/1/18 they placed 3 large bids to take my account over the 90k but they state my trading ratio is to low and need to pay in $9700 after which they will release my request of $25k.
I searched the internet and see no reference to Trading Volume in the Forex field - Stocks & Shares yes.
I emailed and stated their webpage statement on withdrawals and the fact that I was requesting my own money plus the fact I requested this BEFORE the last 3 bids. They will not release my request until I pay in the $9k. THIS SMELLS LIKE A SCAM TO ME.
Just a note the money was to go to Hong Kong - a company by the name of Big Rock International Ltd. there is also reference to Gunpowder Capital Corp.
Is there anyway to salvage this situation?

Paul 01/04/2018

hold up withdrawal

I have been told to deposit the margin amount of 7.1k $ at the earliest and can take the whole 51k $ profit which is reflecting in my account.I have already deposited 6.7k as margin amount initially .the withdrawl is heldup .can any one help me in taking back my initial deposit of 6.7k from daxmarkets.

Forexbrokerz Team: If you've used credit card to fund your account, you can contact your bank and request a chargeback.

Rajan 01/03/2018

Daxer shonetoo

How can they be shutdown I have been scammed the full deposit how are they allowed to operate a website I want my 500 euro back won't answer emails

Dave 12/30/2017

Scammed of $250

I was promised a refund within one week if they failed to perform which they did and lost my $250 . When I asked for them to refund the loss as they undertook to do I heard no more from and they dont respond to Emails either.I dealt with a Roy Gallaway and am pursuing fraud charges but cannot get a physical address. These are scammers and very clever in hiding.

Dan Robert Morton 12/20/2017

Need your opinion

Hi there yes as any person would like to make a view bucks it seems to me i walked into this scam with Dax Markets, I just hope that the law can tract these guys down.

maybe if there is a suggestion what i can do in this regards i will appreciate if someone can help regarding this matter. you can sent me an email to [email protected]


kobus Swanepoel 12/15/2017

Daxmarkets withdraw

They wont release my funds

Casper 12/14/2017

DAXMARKETS - Scammed of $750

Scammed of $750
When they could not get me to cough out the marginal loan of about $3,770 they started threatening me with all sorts of pressurised conversation and discussion to remit that funds by all means.
They went to the extent of saying I should do it within a specific period and when I decided enough is enough I want to close my account that is where the whole problem started by one James and Jake that I cannot close my account unless I remit $3,770 when I am no longer interested.
Later the blocked my email and refused to refund me my money however I am going to get my money back under customers service act for non-provision of service definitely. Stay away from them – DAXMARKT and OASIS CAPITAL LTD they don’t exist but exist as ghost companies

Yemetu 12/06/2017

Scammed of $250

I responded to an Email I received from a Mr Roy Gallaway of Daxmarkets in which he quaranteed the money for 7 days. He undertook to refund the money within 7 days whether he was successful or not. He lost my $250 and when I asked him to honour his undertaking of NO RISK investment I have been unable to get a response to my Emails. Beware this is a scam

Dan Robert Morton 11/11/2017

DaxMarkets / OASIS CAPITAL LTD. is using a virtual office

Our comment on your review we would like to submit:

DaxMarkets Review - is it scam or safe?

It seems that DaxMarkets / OASIS CAPITAL LTD. is using a virtual office provided by Regus München Virtual Office, Maximilianstrasse 35a.

As it is a fact that a Limited can't be registered in Germany it's supposed to be registered in the UK. That's common if you want to open a company in Germany with a low capital to register it in a company in the European Union with low financial requirements.

A full registration of a company would need a capital of EUR25,000 while the registration of a Limited in the UK is made with usually GBP1. Means if the companies is going bankrupt there is only a capital of GBP1 to be shared to the creditors.

So we finally believe (but of course don't know at all) that it is the OASIS CAPITAL LIMITED Company number 07124827 registered in the UK.

It is the same you said - all is smelling not only a bit fishy.

This brokerage company can't be recommended due to it's lack of regulation and transparency.

seafarer 10/23/2017
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