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Capital City Markets Review – is it scam or safe?

Capital City Markets Review  – is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 2 / 12 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Capital City Markets
Capital City Markets is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Micro $100 0.01 lot 1:1000 From 1.8 pips, variable
Standard $2000 0.1 lot 1:500 From 0 pips, variable*

*Commission: $ 3 per side, per lot


Capital City Markets has two main types of live trading accounts: Micro and Standard (ECN), plus a managed and a wallet account. There is also a free demo account.


The broker offers free VPS for traders who trade at least 5 lots per month. Hedging and scalping is allowed.


The tradable portfolio of more than 90 instruments, including forex and CFDs.



The company. Security of funds


Company Country Regulation
Capital City Markets Vanuatu VFSC


Capital City Markets is one of the hundreds of forex brokers registered and regulated in the offshore zone Vanuatu. Like most such places, the Pacific island offers no corporate tax and extremely simple registration process, with no questions asked. This makes it an attractive location for companies who are seeking to cut a few corners, save a few bucks or to lure unsuspecting clients to give them their money and then disappear. Those considerations must be kept when choosing a forex broker and we advise our readers to avoid offshore brokers.


There are many properly regulated brokers with good reputation that offer favorable trading conditions and dealing with them is generally less risky. Of course, not all regulators offer the same level of client protection and strict oversight, but UK's FCA and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) are among the most respected.



Trading platform


Capital City Markets offers the most popular trading platform – MetaTrader (MT4). There is only the desktop and mobile version of the software. Unfortunately, the broker does not offer the web version, which can be used for trading without downloading and installing any software.


MT4 has been around for over 10 years and it seems its popularity is not waning, at least for the time being. It is user friendly, has many options, charting and analysis tools and allows hedging and automated trading. Perhaps eventually its successor MetaTrader 5 will replace it, as the developer MetaQuotes Software said it is stopping support for MT4 in order to focus its resources on MT5.



Payment methods


Capital City Markets offers several payment methods. They include bank transfer, credit and debit cards, as well as the online payment systems Skrill, Neteller and Trustly.





Capital City Markets is an offshore broker that does not offer anything spectacular – neither as trading conditions, nor in terms of any additional extras. We could not find specific information for any bonuses or promotions either, so there really is no reason to choose this broker over another, especially considering that it is an offshore company. It is true that the high leverage offered by the broker could be rather attractive, but there is also the risk of losing a lot in just one trade.


Pros Cons
MT4 Offshore



Latest news about Capital City Markets
No news about Capital City Markets. Check back later.
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Ive been scammed by Capital City Markets

I invested a huge pocket of canadian cash in their trading bot on the advisement of kuvera -a us based stock,forex and cypto trading company- since they claim an investigation has shut down/frozen all funds within the company. I need help with where to go for help with this matter- there are thousands of us with money stolen

R Haz 12/07/2019

Coordinate Activities

Has any one started any process legal or otherwise to recover their money and have any of them had any success? I'm based in Canada and would like to see if anyone would be interested in pursuing some action against CCM or at least getting some additional closure by finding out what really happened. Similar to everyone else, I have been getting the same canned messages, though sometimes its server issues, sometimes its the Polish authorities, sometimes its a client that claimed fraud, etc. With no actual updates or transparency I feel we have merely been strung along.

If anyone is interested in doing anything about this its be great to get some people together and see what our options are.

Vince 12/04/2019

Anyone want to start a class lawsuit ?

ok so we are got scammed. Anyone up for a joint effort to bring these guys to justice ?

Alan 11/07/2019

Got taken by this bunch

Ok, I was with Tallinex. Then suddenly at the end of 2018 they handed my account over to Capital City Markets. Then around the first of january 2019 I could not connect to the CCM server. I thought at first it was a technical issue and I gave it a couple days. Still nothing. I have e-mailed them several times and get the same old canned responses. Technical issues, their funds are frozen, they are trying to rebuild client info. BS!!! they are a scam. I only lost a few hundred dollars but others lost much more. I am now with an American company, much safer.

Jack 08/04/2019

Kuerva and City Markets

They kept thousands of thousands of dollars of mine. I have been trying to get my money over a year. I purcased a product through Kuvera the former wealth generator offer an automatic FX product
called Ryze working with Capital city market. I was told by representative of Kuerva that many members have money tied up in City Markets and who have not received any money as of today. No assistance from Kuerva and funds have not been released by City Markets (no response but system error from City Markets).

Twarnisha 07/01/2019

Capital City Markets has no integrity

Have nothing to do with this Co.
They have been giving me excuses for the past 6 months in answer to each of several emails I wrote, I got fed up last week and sent a really challenging request for some honest answers, but this time i was totally ignored.
I have lost considerable money in this transaction.
They have no integrity, you cannot trust a thing they say!

Ron 06/24/2019

capital city market and Kuvera or wealth generator

Kuvera the former wealth generator offer an automatic FX product
called Ryze working only with Capital city market.
When I tried to withdraw my money I could not.

I believe this broker is a scam and WG or Kuvera too

I have the proofs

Carlos 05/20/2019

Same Canned Response

Does anyone have the last bank account they were using (I. E. Posted on their site for deposits)? We should probably contact that bank about the situation. I asked CCM to provide me their account of how much money I have with them and theor account info. I received nothing but the canned response.

Vincenzo 03/24/2019

Capital city markets are trying to scam their clients

I an seeking to take my money out. These people are trying to scam their clients. We have to report them because they are just buying time to run away with the funds and never be found again.please keep posting updates and informing everyone because more people is better in this situation. These are a bunch of thugs and thieves and what they reap they shall sew.

Derrick dike 03/17/2019

No answer by email

I sent another email yesterday haven't heard anything yet. Anybody got an email from them recently?

ananora 03/04/2019

Any updates?

Does anyone have an update on this situation?

Christopher 03/02/2019

No access to client site

It’s been one excuse after another for why there’s no access to the client site or not being able to transfer funds. The interesting part is they still respond to emails, mostly with the same canned excuses, and they still advertise on the internet. I tried contacting the Vanuatu Licensing commissioner to see if CCM was still or even registered yet no reply from them either. Next stop is the Vanuatu minister of Justice. Unless the whole island is in on the scam. Then perhaps a small tacticle nuke to tidy things up.

Rob 02/23/2019

Maintenance of site

I have not been able to get into my account for over a month. I received one email giving me an update. I have a substantial amount of money and need my money. Would you please give me my funds.

Brenda Berry

Brenda G Berry 02/01/2019

No access... Scam?

It has been a month since I have been able to access my account online at Capital City Markets Client Area. I, too, have only received the canned response about trouble with their servers. Is there any recourse one has for help in getting funds back?

Dixie Wadstrom 01/31/2019

Scam - I can't access my account

Like everyone else, I can't access my account. Been down for two weeks. I have to troll through sites like this to get any information. They do not communicate with their customers. The shady practices have been going on for a tlong time from what see in the comments. Last year they tried to scam me by telling me to redeposit several of my earlier deposits because there was fraud in their intermediary bank. Yes -- they were going to shut down my account if I didn't make duplicate deposits! This is called extortion. My bank, USAA, intervened for me.

Weston Eden 01/21/2019

Yes a SCAM

19 Jan 2019.
I have been trying to access my account for the last five days only to have a link saying that "ROUTINE MAINTENANCE" was being carried out.
Obviously there is more going on than they are telling us.
Looks like they have shut up shop and run off with all our funds
This is the one of the replies I received back a couple of days ago
On the 27th of September we found ourselves unable to access internet banking which, according to the bank, was due to a suspected security breach. After a ridiculous delay of 3 weeks (and multiple promises from the bank that access to our accounts would be restored), we were informed that our accounts had actually been frozen by Polish authorities and will not be released until February 1st at the earliest. This appears to simply be a case of too much money being transacted through an account - resulting in our bank flagging our legitimate activities as "suspect" under EU AML legislation. Unfortunately, these situations are approached with a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality. We have provided various items of documentation, but since the Polish prosecutors have not yet bothered to explain their actions to us, we are still quite in the dark.

We have meanwhile arranged new banking facilities and are working to rebuild a cash buffer, so the plan is to resume processing withdrawals as quickly as possible via our new bank, but the last weeks have compounded the backlog of withdrawals we were already trying to reduce and it is taking a little time for funds to start flowing properly again.
We appreciate that you are anxious to receive your funds, but our hands are quite firmly tied at present and contacting anyone (regulatory or otherwise) is not going to help the situation one iota ...especially since "regulatory authorities" are the very reason why your withdrawal cannot be processed yet!
Kind regards

Client Support
Capital City Markets Limited
Vantu House, 133 Santina Parade
Elluk, Port Vila, Efate

Trevor Andrews 01/18/2019

No Access

Have no access to back office and NO server connection for 2 weeks.

lt 01/15/2019

No server connections

My demo account was working last week and this week, no connection to demo OR to the live server. Good thing I only had $27 there. They took over my account from FinFX.

Ric 01/07/2019

I can’t get my money

I can’t get my money too they are saying the prosecutors office have frozen the accounts and don’t know when they will give the money. Crooks

Natasha 10/26/2018

Are they out?

I can't place trades as of this morning. Platform states "off quote". No answering the phone and email response.
Anybody else in the same situation?

Ananora 10/15/2018

Crooks and Scammers

I can't trade either. I can connect to my account via MT4 but there's no market activity like it's still the weekend. No responses to email and no one answers the phone. Looks like they took all of the money and ran off. Of course there is no way to try to get the money back. I'm sure they are long gone.

BillyM 10/15/2018

Total scam

They took all of my money and refuse to return it. My bank called their bank and they refuse to return to them as well. DO NOT USE THESE SCAM ARTITS

gm 08/27/2018


SCAM! I and many others in our investment group have been waiting over a month for our withdrawals to be sent. They keep blaming things on their bank. They are crooks.

mf 07/19/2018

Absolute Scammers

They told me I need to reverify my bank info and when I went to log back in, they dwindled my account to ZERO! Very pissed off and no way to contact them. Sticking with US brokers from here on out.

George 05/23/2018

Can't get my Money 2

I also requested available funds be wired and two weeks have passed. I wander if they are out of money and going bankrupt? Based off recommendations from other traders I was told to try different brokers. This is my first couple of transaction with them. Does not bode well and am looking at other companies.

Jay Anderton 04/12/2018

Can't get my Money

I requested my account available funds be wired to me over 2 weeks ago and can't get my money or a response from Capital City Markets.

John Cannon 02/07/2018

Payment provider fraud

I submitted payment to CCM traded and over 3 months later they say their payment providers did not send them the funds. However CCM wants to keep my account in read only status unless i resubmit my initial deposit so they can recoup a loss that's not my fault.
Until this nonsense occured 10/2017 they were ok and customer service was ok. Join at your own risk.

ANONO MOUS 11/01/2017
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