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CREX24 Review - is it scam or safe?

CREX24 Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?



Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Leverage Fees
Standard 1:1



*See below.


CREX24 is yet another cryptocurrency exchange targeting Russian-speaking clients. It was set up in 2017 and offers trading in cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrencies. The available tokens are the following: BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, ETH, ZEC, XMR, XEM, GAME, BCN, DGB, BCH, ETC, BTS, XGOX, Monero and BTG. They can be traded for each other. Additionally, Bitcoin can be traded for USD, EUR, JPY, CNY and RUB, Digibyte can be traded for euros and XGOX – for USD. And vice versa. But, trading in cryptocurrencies vs. fiat currencies is not available for clients in the EU and the USA. They can only trade in cryptocurrencies.


According to CREX24’s post in Bitcointalk, it is planning to add Ripple to the list within 2 months.


CREX24 Advantages


- Tiered Fees. CREX24 has a tiered fee structure, depending on the client’s trading volume in the last 30 days:



- Good Platform. CREX24’s trading platform looks quite nice and offers what the more advanced traders would need. The platform includes charts, indicators and other analysis tools by TradingView, an order book, trading history and markets list. This is in stark contrast with some exchanges who only have a buy and sell options and no other features.



- Multiple Payment options. CREX24 offers several very handy payment options for fiat currencies: Bank cards, e-wallets (Skrill, WebMoney, Qiwi, etc.) and electronic payment platforms (Neteller, Payeer, etc.).

The exchange has set token limits for minimum fiat deposits and withdrawals: USD1.5 and USD3, respectively.


>> See crypto exchanges accepting credit cards <<


- Coin listing. CREX24 accepts other coins. For the purpose, they have to be listed at coinmarket.cap, and to provide a liquidity, until traders start providing it themselves. The cost for adding the coin to the site is 0.03 BTC (or the equivalent of 0.03 BTC).


- Lots of Coins. CREX24 has a pretty good selection of altcoins on offer and includes some really obscure ones. But, considering that it accepts listing applications of altcoins and the requirements are not very strict, it seems that anyone can have their coin listed.


- Security. CREX24 offers the standard two-factor authentication and encrypted connection.


- Anonymity. There is an option for client verification, but it seems it is optional. Sadly, we could not find more information about the conditions and requirements.



CREX24 Disadvantages


- Location limits. It is highly likely that CREX24 is based in Russia and obviously accepts clients from across the world, except the USA and EU (for trading in cryptocurrency vs. fiat). On one hand, the world is wide, but on the other – those two regions are home to more affluent people who have disposable income and are more likely to engage in trading in financial instruments.


- No Leverage. CREX24, like the vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges, does not offer leveraged trading. There is a handful of major platforms who have this option, but, generally, it is easier for clients to sign up for an account with a regulated forex broker who offers CFDs on cryptocurrencies for trading on margin. There are quite a few of those and trading with a forex broker has its benefits, such as more advanced trading platforms and good regulation.


 >> See our list of regulated bitcoin forex brokers <<



- Insufficient Information. The information on CREX24’s site is quite sketchy. We got most of the information provided in this review from the forum Bitcointalk, where potential clients are asking the exchange owners and developers various questions and their answers.




CREX24 is a relatively new and still small cryptocurrency exchange that caters mostly to Russian-speaking clients. It does not stand out with a lot among its peers, but has some advantages that we quite like. For example, the numerous fiat payment options and the possibility to pay with card. The fees are also quite favorable. The trading platform is pretty good as well and has additional features, charting and analysis tools and indicators. The number of tokens on the exchange is quite impressive, but this is mostly thanks to the option to have your coin listed.


What we don’t like is the fact that trading of cryptocurrencies for fiat is not available for US and EU clients. We also disliked the fact that the information on CREX24’s site is quite insufficient and we had to look elsewhere for some crucial details for our review. Others we could not find at all, like the deposit and withdrawal fees.


Overall, CREX24 is a nice little exchange with some nice advantages and some not so significant disadvantages.




Latest news about CREX24
No news about CREX24. Check back later.
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Lost phone with 2fa they made me wait 30 days to reset my 2fa, they have not and instead are stealing money. NO SUPPORT

Roy 09/11/2019

Phone calls

I have been cold called over 50 times from this company called Alter Capital they use 02037451512....02037456880....02037451514....02037451513
Always a foreign woman or man with English names I have never signed up or enrolled with them, I have a new phone number and SIM, they try and tell me there crypto currencies are the best to buy(not interested) and push me towards CREX 24, they are registered at companies house with a connection in Gibraltar and a director called Kaisa OLIVERO who is on Facebook , only circumstantial I know, I have reported this company to Action fraud and the FCA and will continue, beware most probable a scam company

Bertiesmyth 08/05/2019


As promised I was cold called by Scott Snow (foreign accent English name) because yesterday I said no thank you to his bad sales pitch as I was not interested anyway in his scam company Alter capital selling me crypto currencies this one needs to be reported to the FCA also Action fraud..( put on 180 info site), called more than 40 times and directed to CREX24

Bertie Smyth 07/16/2019

Cold calling

I was cold called by Ben Grey who is from a another country with a foreign accent and says this is his real name!! He says he does tell lies when I asked him..good way to do buisness!!,30 seconds into the conversation I said no thank you 1 and a half hours later he is still trying to convince me,the company is alter capital and he knows nothing about me apart from my name, I have a new number and SIM card and have not signed into any crypto site, any way while he is talking to me he is not scamming any one else, beware scammers are out there and his web site is, I have Ben cold called by this company more than 30 times and they do not take no for an answer and are unprofesional

Bert Smyth 06/25/2019


Couldn't login into website. support doesn't help, only email with "be patience". They are russians, it means they are thieves and scammers!

Roberto 05/29/2019


These faces are past, sell the theta currency after march 12 (not anything erc20)

Many people harmful
They are safared!

Walterson 03/28/2019

money back

I am finding it difficult to withdraw money back from this company. Your help in this matter would be much appreciated

Richard Carr 02/02/2019

my money stolen

crex24 steals my money why why ?? i do not understand them ,, its gets less and less every time i look at my account ,,

raymond totten 01/16/2019

Website doesn't open

I am trying to open this site last
7 week but till not open.

Mukes 12/05/2018

CREX24 - Possibly the next Cryptopia?

Nice open easy to navigate frontend, seems to remind me a bit of the earlier days with Cryptopia. Obviously I am not the only one who sees value here as, unlike some of the new crappy little exchanges popping up everywhere these guys are under ddos attack daily!
New coin listing fees are affordable, I don't see the high level of greed at CREX24 that I am seeing elsewhere!
If they are able to overcome the attacks, I see a bright future for them.

I appreciate this web, but with due respect, I believe the article above is a bit outdated, the fees/terms and other info is now easily referenced on the exchange pages. Good luck to the CREX24 Team!..From Mr.x/Luckybit community.

BTW I see traders from all over the globe (includes...USA)at this exchange!

Mr.x 09/08/2018

Poor Customer service

Crex24 is offering to its customers a coin called ARTAX (ARTX) an interesting POS coin. Recently, ARTAX did a swap turning from ARTX to XAX. So ARTX is not valid anymore.

CREX24 is still selling ARTX despite they cannot be used any longer. In my opinion, CREX24 should stop the selling/buying of this coin and give a solution to those customer that they have already bought the old ARTX.

As per today, the only reply from CREX24 wasthat they do not have XAX and they cannot help their customers :-(

Oscar Fernandez 04/24/2018
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