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70trades Review - Is it scam or safe?

70trades Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 129 REVIEWS 70trades
70trades is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading Accounts

Account type  Minimum deposit  Maximum leverage
Entry Level
$200 1:200 Fixed, from 3.0 pips
Unknown 1:200 Fixed, from 3.0 pips
Unknown 1:200 Fixed, from 3.0 pips


70trades  is a forex broker, offering three account types. While we couldn't find the qualification criteria, to get a better account type, we did a lot of research on the broker and will be presenting it in this review.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Commodius FX  Ltd. Vanuatu VFSC


70trades is owned by Commodius FX  Ltd., a Vanuatu registered broker. The local Vanuatu Financial Services Commission - VFSC regulator is better than nothing, but we would still not recommend trading with an off-shore company.


The island of Vanuatu is a bit of a hot-spot for dishonest forex brokers. This is mainly due to the fact, you only need $2,000 in order to open a new brokerage there. Of course, not all companies registered there are scammers, but this lack of strictness does attract scammers and ruins the island's reputation.


Regulation should be an important factor for you, when comparing forex brokers. A company which is registered under the Australian ASIC, for instance, has to keep clients funds in segregated accounts. This effectively means, the broker can not freely access clients' deposits and spend them in any way. Additionally, ASIC requires AUD 1 million in capital holdings from new brokerages, as a sign of good will. Compare that with the $2,000 requirement in Vanuatu and you will see our cause for concern.


Trading Conditions


Minimum Initial Deposit

The initial deposit requirement at 70trades is $200. This is a higher than what most other brokers demand. Some even go extremely low, like FXTM which only requires $5 for your first deposit. Keep in mind the minimum requirements should only be used for testing a company's service. A long-term trading system has to be backed by adequate capital.


Average spreads & Commissions

70trades offers fixed spreads, starting from 3 pips for EUR/USD. This is above than the current industry average. Other fixed spread brokers offer much better conditions, with easyMarkets going as low as 1.0 pip on EUR/USD. While fixed spreads offer some form of stability, you may also want to look into floating spreads.



The maximum leverage, offered by 70trades is 1:200. This is in line with offers by other brokers and definitely enough for a sensible trading strategy.
High leverage can be a double-edged sword, as it amplifies both your winning and loosing trades. In fact, it can be so dangerous, US regulators decided to set a cap for the levels offered to retail clients at 1:50.


Trading Platforms


70trades offers the PROfit trading platform. At first it does feel a bit weird, when compared to other platforms. The chart window is relatively small, but this can easily be adjusted. Other than our dislike for the classic layout, everything else seems to be intuitive.

That being said some forex veterans will miss their favorite custom indicators and automated systems, available for MetaTrader4.


Methods of Payment


70trades offers quite a few payment methods. They include the typical Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card and e-wallets such as Skrill, Netteller and Weboney.




70trades is a forex broker registered in Vanuatu. The company is under the oversight of the local VFSC. We generally have a bit of distrust to off-shore companies. Trading conditions at 70trades are worse than current offering by other brokers. Additionally the trading platform isn't spectacular. It certainly does the job when it comes to manual trading, but we felt we missed a lot of little details, available in other platforms. Furthermore the websiteis missing some key details, creating an overall feeling of sloppiness. Here is a list of this broker’s pros and cons:


Pros Cons
  Off-shore regulation
  High Fixed spreads
  Not a standard trading platform



Latest news about 70trades
No news about 70trades. Check back later.
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I lost $8400 in 4 hrs,

There assigned account manager is fraud, they even not guided and not giving assurance of protecting money. I lost entire amount which is saved long years of earned. For that i need to work another three years.

My entire deposit amount is looted.

Manikanth 08/10/2019

Transaction detail

I have initiated a withdrawal amount of $200 in the month of February 2019 and so far no body could track the status or could provide me any input through which I can track the transaction.

Rahul Saha 08/02/2019

Cheaters and Scam Company

I have deposited $ 95950, lost some of this amount in trading as they claim by misguiding me,and made some profits. So in my account is now $ 598343, so I closed all open positions and requested withdraw since 18 June and I haven't received anything until now. They have not yet initiated the withdrawal process and keep procrastinating and lying on me. I keep getting calls from them assuring me I will get the money however nothing until now. They say in their procedures 3-5 days only to get the withdrawal, however it is obvious that they are scam. I managed to get only $ 10000 withdrawal one time, but they made me deposit the same amount and then another $ 5000. So they may return some of your money only to attract you to deposit more to trust them. They are thieves and crooks. I encourage authorities wherever they are located to nail them down and through them in the jail and close down their website.

Ahmed Salem ALRowahi 07/31/2019

Beware 70 Trades

Dont invest 70 trades if you invest you cannot get even 1 doller .For investing
whithin seconds make an investment ,but if yoy want to withdraw you cannot never
get .If anybody know this party give me help to file case against this cheater.

Saidali Ashraf 07/25/2019

My humble request is never join. but if your wish to join never keep money in your account later for 10 days

experience describes us more than words you here from your account manager. Do not join its my simple request. and if you feel comfortable platform so you join with the initial deposit. and be aware to do not keep any amount in your account because it will be increased more according to increasing of value of dollar. so do not keep any amount after deposit money there. any way first and last I prefer to tell you do not join at all


Read this well then you determine do join or not?

This is a fraud company 100%. never invest and join their trap. they will offer you with golden opportunity and compel to you to invest initial amount $200 telling you that you will get offer if you join today. their main concern is encourage the customer with join immediately before reading the reviews of website. the main demerit is there is no any contact number for customer to contact them and they cheat us with calling from a U.K number. they are calling all this from India and fooling us. with "text-now" application anyone can make duplicate number. they haven't any professionalism in their job. telling lies, disconnecting calls, not calling even we make a call request all these tendency convince us these is a company lead by a fraud team. I just joined with $200 and made a withdrawal money request asap to know if they are proceed the withdrawal request. They are not ready to proceed that request they are telling you just make a request withdrawal of only $100. we will not get any chance to withdraw the money what they offer when joining time. anyway my humble request is not join this fraud team at all.

MUZAMMIL 07/14/2019

70trades kelaut

Jangan join lah. saya hilang 1200usd sekelip mata je. mula-mula memang profit smpai kita rasa nak tambah modal. bila kita dah tambah modal pihak mereka(manager account) buat melambung kita punya loss sampai tak boleh nak cover. profit 10-20usd jer, kita rugi beratus-ratus dollar kes dia punye rollower charge. account manager dia semua jenis main-main. masa nak buka akaun bukan main pujuk kita macam-macam. hasil nya hampehh bro. dan aku telah rugi 1200usd. dah la pihak diorang xinform suruh tutup position ke ape. last-last bila aku cek akaun, tengok2 kosong. menyesal pun xde guna. aku suruh akaun manager dia call, tapi xcall pun. senyap macam tu je. 1200usd bro. dekat 4ribu lebih duit aku melayang

Translated by Google:

70trades marine
Do not join it. I lost 1200usd overnight. First of all, it's a profit we need to increase capital. when we have added their own manager account (manager account) to make us lose, we can not cover it. profit 10-20usd jer, we are losing hundreds of dollars in case he rolle charge. Account manager he is all kind of messing around. It's time to open our non-mainstream account. his result hampehh bro. and I have lost 1200usd. It's the party in the xinform to put the position to the ape. last-last when I check the account, look blank. regret it. I told the manager account he called, but xcall. Just like that. 1200usd bro. Near 4ribu more money I floated

selly 07/11/2019

Don't believe these people

70 Traders are Cheaters, after opening new account, i have deposited 500USD, new account opener they provided there are 5 trading is loss protected, and on 6th trading my complete money is washed - out, all these happened on my 4th day of trading . my advise to all, don't believe these people.
they are organised looters, there is one called Ruby introduced as account manager... purely cheaters...

Skariah V 07/03/2019

Trade with 70 trader

Hey just bat's and traps.. This is 100/ cheater company
Please no one invest and no one trust.. I don't know how this froud goinwithout noticed

Satyendra kimar 06/22/2019


Refuse to give advice in writing. Was promised daily guidance,which is missing.


Not trustable company

I had 1 yr of experience with 70 trades. What I found that, the company is genuine with respect to withdrawals. But They don't teach any knowledge and they first shown profits to me, but in the next 1 trade all that profit+ investment gone completely. My observation is, they can't take decision when the open position(trade) is going in opposite direction, they will ask you to wait till it goes to 0 and in the last minute they will force you to deposit more money. It happened twice with me. I realized this and withdrawn whatever money left in my account. My account manger was Sharon. She troubled me at the time of withdrawal by not responding to my mails and call requests as I said, I did not want to continue. But finally I was successful to get my withdraw back after around 1 month. Then I completely quit with that company and now I got my own experience & own strategy in trading and doing successfully with new company. If you want to know further details, Please contact me

sunpavsun 05/06/2019

70trades do not easily release the money.

Aggressive trades. They give 50/99 Oct bonus and take it at the of withdrawal. Hdfc Bank not willing to add their nominated ICICI bank for transfer of money.

Capt CM Srivastava 04/30/2019

They are fraud!

Hello, 70 trades is a fraud please don't invest.
I had not received my withdrawal yet which I asked about 10 days back!
And I am sure they will not give

Faraz Malik 04/16/2019

Want to recover my 200 USD

This is a scam

Atul Tilekar 02/19/2019

Don't invest a penny with 70trades

feed back search engine...lot complaining lost money

Don't invest a penny with them, this is purely fraud and giant economical scam, they do not have any office in london, they use internet calling card and call you from local area only, they don't invest in real market also, it is their software game like a simple computer video game. They make their customers foolish with it. Legal complaints are already lodge on higher level internationally and they are about to be behind bars soon, this is fraud. Not revealing further information because of legal secret matter but 70trades, you will be history very soon as a giant economical scam. Now find a place to hide . That will not help you. For sure.

Ambadan Sayed Majeed Marackar 02/12/2019

My Experience with 70 Trades so far...

I am doing trading on this platform from 16 Jan 2019....I got one withdrawal credited in my account within two days after request of same.....My portfolio manager is calling me occasionally or when I request for the same on the chat service option of their website.But I have got only one withdrawal of 100 dollars so far....I have deposited almost 600 dollars into this account and I am having more than 1550 dollars with their bonus share also in my account as Account equity.I would like to check further withdrawal performance by them keeping in comments made by many others here....

Aijaz Dar 02/09/2019

Big Fraud Company

We can file a FIR at near by cyber cell to punish these cheaters..

tapan 02/05/2019

70trades is a fraud company or a 70 trades company is a 100% FRAUD investing company, investors will not get back even 1 dollar, please do not invest on 70 trades

pressy 01/24/2019

Fraud and scam

Don't invest a penny with them, this is purely fraud and giant economical scam, they do not have any office in london, they use internet calling card and call you from local area only, they don't invest in real market also, it is their software game like a simple computer video game. They make their customers foolish with it. Legal complaints are already lodge on higher level internationally and they are about to be behind bars soon, this is fraud. Not reveiling further information because of legal secret matter but 70trades, you will be history very soon as a giant economical scam. Now find a place to hide . That will not help you. For sure.

Dr Pavan Patel 01/24/2019

Fraud ,want my money back

on 10 jan,2019 they called me for account ,and asked me fill credit card card detial without telling me that amount 200 usd will be deducted .i was shocked to receive the message of amount dedcution.same time on 10 jan,2019 i made requeted for withdrawal.but yet not received.
I want my money back.

Bharti Taneja 01/22/2019

70 trades cheats

70 trades cheats customers, their service team is the worst, not even single time they have responded to mails in past two years.

Vakkalanka Venkata Ranganath 01/17/2019

Withdrawal - problem

problem no give you withdraw 1400 dollar even he make to problem document then no payment return all indian not receive call if u call...

Vijay Kumar Chandla 01/11/2019

please help to withdrawl

i recentely invested in 70 trade. please help me to with draw money from them

brahma 01/09/2019

Fighting against fraud 70 traders

Make a whatsapp group and will come together and find a solution meet some of the political people or personally visit their Malad office

Deepesh 01/05/2019

Blocked account

I deposit 6000$ within a month by brain washing of account manager. Suddenly my account showing zero balance and I am trying to contact them since 8 days. No reply and no response from anybody.

Raja 01/04/2019


Tbis 70 trades have cheated me a d my money just gone within one month. Please dont invest.

Hammyllien Law 01/01/2019

I lost USD 30,000 to this FRAUDS

The portfolio manager NATASHA FERNANDEZ. Other managers Rudra, Siya, Shivraj, etc.

They will convince you to make more and more deposits making false promises and benefits. I had deposited USD 32,300 but only recovered USD 3,000.

On the 3rd week of July, I requested the manager for a withdrawal and was assured that I can withdraw all my deposits and some profits all in totalling USD 40,000 on 1st of August.

However on the 29th july my manager NATASHA FERNANDEZ instructed me to open 7 large MIB position assuring that this will result in more profits. Unfortunately ALL the 7 went negative instantly. They then tried to persuade me to deposit another USD 10,000 that night and the following morning threatening that failing which I would lose all my initial deposit of USD 29,300 but I refused. My account got liquidated that day and they stole all my Deposits.

After that they kept persuading me to deposit USD 7,000 to start all over again to recover the losses. Their modus operandi is to get clients to deposit Tens of Thousands of USD and steal the money this way. Hundreds of clients have lost all their deposits this exact same way.

T Mahalingam 12/20/2018

withdraw problem

problem no give you withdraw 1500 dollar even he make to problem document then no payment return all indian not receive call if u call....

ak khan 12/06/2018

Scam Company

Dear ALL

Don't invest in Company its fully fake i Earn 665 Dollar but now they are not giving the withdrawal.

Shams 11/29/2018

fake company

Don't invest monet 70 traders fake company

Sunil Kumar giri 11/08/2018


Hi all indians

My name is sathosan nilufar I am working under aditya maheshwari director of 70trades.

Plus mank business solutions in India.what we do we call Indians underindians instructions we fool them n make them deposit money to 70 70 trades employees they are not calling from UK But when they call the number seems

Like a U.K. number y because our

Director has given voip connection to our outlet and also indian Mumbai out let.70 trades is not located in U.K. It’s located in Sri Lanka colombo and other desk located at India Mumbai.

This is Sri Lankan address if u have loss

Any money visit to our Indian office or Sri Lankan office we will return ur money .but u need to have profs that u have make payments to 70 trades.

to visit to our Indian desk u can follow below address

S/501 kemp place,

New link road.mindspace, malad west, Mumbai.maharashtra 400064

2nd address

Vantage Epicific 7th floor eureka tower, malad west, Mumbai , India

3rd address

No.324, 2/2

Serendip tower,

Galle road, colombo 03

Sri Lanka.(land mark infront of Burger King)


If anyone loss money once u visit to our office we will return it unders directors concerns. I have mentioned our director picture if u people see him u can collect ur money from him any point of time.because he all time getting rich by ur hard earned do we won ur trust showing u a reserve bank of India news link to all of clients that’s how we convincing clients.behind this proces there is a huge network getting ur debit card credit card plus your all bank not save any bank details with 70trades because the system which we have with out using OTP the transaction will go through.

If u are wiser then u will not invest in 70trades. If they are a broker they need to show either STP proces Or ECN process with out having any of these our boss asks get get deposites from indian people.all our directors are indians only but they screw Indians money getting deposits to the company.

Why i am typing a review I am enough to be work under these people n i dont want Indians to be betraid from 70trades sales calls or retention call.even if u invest money they won’t let u to earn money they reduce ur leverage n make u to loose ur entire amount.if u loose they earn as profits This is what our management does. Thanks

Sathosan 11/06/2018

Fraud Company

The support system of the company is very poor. They stop responding to u, the moment u request for the withdrawal. I am not able to withdraw my amount and am struggling to get in touch with them. Does any one has an idea, how i can get my money back

Ashish 11/04/2018

70Trades is not recommended

70 Trades is very poor in customer service. And not Transparent. I have a feeling it is a scam.Beware of investing.

Subhir Rajan Mavunkal 11/02/2018

79 trades I forex etc - 100% fraud

70 trades I forex etc are same companies operating in India without incoming phone call facility all staff are Indias fraud cheating kept by their boss to cheat one they take money they disappear another person will call you telling he is calling from uk or Cyprus these are Internetcalls yo try to call them back yo will never get them Michael Zeba Sara few like that will appear in different names they have few testimony it includes a lady from Africa and an indonesian man who are paid by these companies when their business is less with 70 trades they start with I forex both and all these companies are same more over they tell your profits will be sent to credit card liar no one can sent money to credit card big liars they give special offers to take your money they have nothing to do with online business or they don't do any business other than taking your money and abscond same as you burn off your money better give to some beggars rather than giving to these bastards

Thomas 10/31/2018

Fake company

This is not a company just a fake proces cheating money you are not doing any business and not involved in any market just taking money from people your company is run by some underworld persons so no one can do anything 100 percent fake operating in india

Thomas 10/27/2018

Fraud cheat

All of you should call them and tell bad words to the staff there and stop their advertisements in yahoo and other media.this company is in India all staff are Indians Michael Roberts,Zeba,Sara maybe all fake is not a company and they have nothing to do with trading.they just take money from people.the graphics they show are just their own creation.they have no office in mail then from different mail id they will call you from Singapore as if they have office there .all these are internet calls .they make from India.funny a company with no incoming call facility .they are nothing but cheats.only testimony from one african lady and an Indonesian man as if only two successful customers.all of you must share.they don't do any business.they tell the profit will be sent to credit card how it is possible no one can deposit money in your credit is an Indian who arranged so many people for cheating

Thomas 10/27/2018


Your company is 100 percent fake cheating people and making your livelihood better do some other business your company to be banned soon

Thomas 10/25/2018

got call many times but not clearing anything except money deposit

not to waste ur time n money

arvind 10/24/2018

no support and no call 70 ttrades

70trades 200usd deposit and no working so than froud company by 70traders
my no. 9993154603

rahul barve 10/09/2018

Complaint against 70Trades

70Trades, reportedly registered In Vanuatu, is continuously cheating and defrauding gullible but greedy investors, who realise their folly of not checking the background of 70Trades before depositing. After falling prey by losing their entire hard-earned money and not getting any help from any of the law enforcing authorities to their repeated complaints, they become wiser and look to see if there are others like them who have fallen prey to 70Trades and have lost money.
I lost my entire amount of USD900 deposited over 3 months from May 2018, starting with USD 200 and added further amounts having fallen prey to promises of 70Trades of recouping not only my lost initial deposit but ensuring that I get returns on my investments. The operators said that the market was down because of trade wars between two countries and that they are confident of making good the loss by better advise. This never happened and one day the entire money has gone. I now realise that the loss was not market driven but manipulated by 70Trades.
Upon my entire deposit being wiped out in 3 months, I wrote to UK authorities and Vanuatu regulators. No response. Now I understand [not from them, but after talking to few victims (who have given contact details)] that those authorities have got nothing to do with 70Trades as 70Trades are reportedly operating from within India but keep changing locations and operating on the sly.
Can each of the victims take further concrete steps of complaining to police authorities like crime/cyber branch of their locations and thereby ensure that 70Trades is prevented from continuing this activity. Also, it would helpful if details of such actions that are taken are given in the site.
Of course, there could be more entities like 70Trades. Only way to protect us from such entities is that each of us should commit not to entertain any calls from any online portals and telephonic callers.

RAJU 10/07/2018

After payment in 70 trades site is not working for me

I lost Dollar 624

Robin Abraham 10/01/2018


70Trades fraud 100% sure
You invest money sure loss 70Trades broker big scam in forex
He ever day call you speak open position.
Then hi no ues SL me have 1500 usd loss
F***k man rohit and Ibrahim account manager

Withdrawal times so many sepek documents give
Please no loss your money with 70Trades

Vijay kumar 09/27/2018

about balance

i have 899$ in my trading account but after how many hours when i open again my account it became ZERO BALANCe why it happen

erica 09/22/2018

Fraud is being done in the name of trade

This Company has cheated
my 200 dolleri.e.14000 in the name of trade in gold .The account manager is saying that you can recover your money if you invest 20000 more .
I want my 14000 back.Can any body help me?

Mahendra Jaiswal 09/17/2018

Never trust 70 trades A big fraudulent people's company

Hello All, please do not invest your money with 70trades as they won't return your money.. they lure you by the short term ups/ downfall of CFDs and always force you to deposit more & more funds.

These people don't have any knowledge of markets.I have lost 5000 dollars its total fraudulent people's company. I never want others to end up with such big scam, please do not invest your hard earned money with 70 trades.

Rajan D 09/08/2018

70 trades Fraud Company

BIG Fraud Company

Never deposit money to 70 trade fraud company

D Yellaji 09/08/2018

70 trades is a Fraud company

Hi ALl,

Never deposit any money to 70trades they are doing fraud they never refund your money

Harsh Makhija 09/04/2018

70 Trades - please do not invest or trade with them!!

I started trading with 70 Trades back in March 2018 after seeing an ad on MSN website. I had wanted to learn about trading which is what had attracted me to their advert. I subsequently lost all my savings with them. There staff are incompetent and only wanting you to deposit more money. Please do not trade with them - they are full of lies and there are so many bad reports about them. I do not want anyone to end up in the same situation as me.

Thank you

Sarah Varcoe 09/02/2018

Lost 20000 dollar with 70trade - cheating and fraud

I lost my 20000 Dollar with 70 trade. They Never return money if you earned. when you requst for withdrawal not allowed to make withdrawal.

They are cheating and fraud all people BEWARE 70 TRADE BEWARE 70 TRADE

Account Manager Rohan lost all their business.

Chengappa 08/19/2018

Big Fraud and Cheaters Scam

I Lose all my money As i obey everything from 70 trades , they had hired girls and boys for cheating and they have made proper plan to do so through call center. i urge and request to all governments officers please catch these bastards who are ruining hard earned money of people who are working in over seas jobs.
please please please let them put behind jail bars.

faiz ur rehman 08/18/2018

Take profit option I have selected but was changed after my keeping deal

I don't know what had happened after that but I have kept Gold deal by mentioning 50 as Take Profit column of the web form as it was given training but amount I have kept in amount column of gold buy deal Take Profit column was changed to 0 from the back end and that's why I make lose to all my Investment of 450 USD as well as bonus of 200 USD and what ever I have earned in various trades in the portal of 70 dollars.Total lose of 696 USD in my first experience of trading through 70 trades.

Bhadresh N. Bhatt 08/13/2018

Don't do it

Don't go with 70trades .You will loose your money.

Ishfaq 08/13/2018

70trades scam

Please my money retrain 70trades I need money

Ayaz raja 08/10/2018

Problem in withdrawal

I m having problem in withdrawing my 300$ the agents are saying that the withdrawal was successful but I don’t see anything being credited into my account.. they r just trying to fool me with virtual proof.. and trying to take away my hard earned money.. this is totally a scam

Tshering uden bhutia 08/08/2018


I also had the very bad situation with 70 trades, there are a lot of complaints against you, I also lost 400 or 500 dollar /abdussamed [email protected]

I also except 70 Trades is a cheater Copmpany.
I received a e-mail from 70 Trades. Then I join for Trading. I Invest 200.00 USD. Again Invest 200.00 USD & 100.00 USD. But my withdraw not Successful today. At present my Account Equity & Balance = 000.00 USD. I Requested to the company reg. my withdraw & Investment Amount but not any reply. So Kindly Request to every body no join to 70 Trades Company. I want help any one reg. complain to the 70 Trades Company.

Abdussamed Chettali 08/04/2018

I also except 70 Trades is a cheater Copmpany.

I received a e-mail from 70 Trades. Then I join for Trading. I Invest 200.00 USD. Again Invest 200.00 USD & 100.00 USD. But my withdraw not Successful today. At present my Account Equity & Balance = 000.00 USD. I Requested to the company reg. my withdraw & Investment Amount but not any reply. So Kindly Request to every body no join to 70 Trades Company. I want help any one reg. complain to the 70 Trades Company.

Anand Mishra 08/01/2018

Lost all money at 70 trades

I don’t know if they are a shady company.but I lost all my money!they said it’s bcoz of the us China trade war

Aparna 07/19/2018

Lost money

70trades is not safe. Your money lost any time. Company not reliable. I request all of you please do not use 70 trades.

Krishna Kumar Singh 07/18/2018

70trades cheats

Please to do invest in 70trades,, im the Account Manager..with 70trades.
They are not legit traders,

Jessy Thomas 07/18/2018

Account automatically blocked

One week before i was open a trading account in 70trades, i submitted my documents and the company gave me five chance to trading first four chance I was in profit but fifth chance i was in loss but that is not issue. The issue is this,my account manager is not contact me and my account is blocked. Whole day i was tryed to connect them but nothing was contact me.

Mokate Balasaheb Khandu 07/14/2018

never increase equity with 70 trades

after i increased my equity my 8 lakhs it went into loss without me getting a single withdrawal

Elvis 07/12/2018

70traders are scam

They will manually close your profits..and impossible to withdraw claiming incorrect documents eventhough you scan your original identity, bank statement,proof of resident credit card. simple excuse like your idtenty card must be in four squared.. not clear of the scanning. by then all the profits will wipe out becoz the account manager will ask to open position based on given chart eventhough it will be in the opposite directon trend

Ameen 07/11/2018

They are not refund my $57 deposit amount

They are not contact me from local number... after i asked my deposit amount $57... no body contact me till now.

I did not have the available funds to make payment of balance amount. My income has been reduced from two incomes to one. Because of this loss of income, I have fallen behind on my payments. This my situation, am very poor in finance. So please help to refund my deposit amount.

Mohanraj Subramani 07/06/2018

Earnings not as per committed

Having an trading account since last 2 months. But unfortunately my earnings are not more than 100$ till date that with inveSt mentioned of approximately 390$. Whereas while at the time of opening my account I was told that 200$ is enough to get good profit on a dailtrain basis.

Subir Kumar Mazumdar 07/06/2018


I am not happy with 70trades. I felt some fraud in their activity and their trading process in their webapplication. I lost all my deposit. My advise is not to trade with them.

D. Salil Kumar 06/28/2018

Big cheater

It's a big cheater company. Do not invest with them anymore.

george 06/27/2018

very fraud company 70 trade very lier and bundal

70 trade fraud company

Salman khan 06/26/2018

How to return Deposit 200$

Please let me know whehter I will get my dposited money 200$.
No signed documents submited to them.2 days back I joined with 70 trade.Now I regret by seeing these reviews.
Please advise to get money from them

Tony 06/26/2018

It is a Big Scam and fraud

Hi Guys....
i am a worker in UAE and they cheat me 7000$ never return a single 1$ please i am begging to you dont invest and make your self foolish Shivraj kumar is a big cheater plz Brothers dnt invest i am really sleepless from many days.its a big money for me i invest there and all they took never give me back.
at least i lost my 28000 AED in Dubai i never forgive them and i cant forget that money

Sahir ali 06/21/2018

300$ deposited no response they r not giving response

I seems to fraud they insist to deposit 300$ and now no response

Syed Rizvi 06/13/2018

official address

they are located in Mumbai malad mind space eureka tower 7th floor

ganesh 06/12/2018

Bad to invest....lose it all and return very slow

Bad bad forex account dont invest...big cheater ...sure lose then gain..i m malaysian and introduce to malaysian account adviser(70trade) name
Anitah (indian girl)so dont ever try them...

alex 06/07/2018

When I requested for withdrawal of 189.2 USD, There is no single response

When I requested for withdrawal of 189.2 USD, There is no single response since 1 &1/2 month after getting all my documents

While depositing the 200 USD They had told that If you are not satisfied with demo account the amount depossitted will be given back, but when I asked for withdrawl of 189 .2 USD,They took all the documents and there is no response since 1&1/2 month. no single mail from ZOYA AND SHIVANI WHO WERE MAILED ME MANY TIMES

subhas mantur 06/06/2018

70 Trades Drawbacks, Failures, Lapses Misleading Customers

1.Withdrawal of Amount from 70 Trades Account

Customer who holds 70 Trades Account, whenever he/she places a Withdrawal, the request is not processed immediately. However, if the Customer wants to Deposit the amount into 70 Trades trading account the amount deposited is reflected almost instantaneously.

2. But to withdraw the amount it takes 3-4 working days to process withdrawal request which is ridiculous and pathetic and after the process to get this into customer savings account it takes 2-3 days, overall the time taken is 6-7 days which is unacceptable to any customer.

3. Lacunas: What happens if the Withdraw request is not processed immediately?

Ex: Let’s assume A Customer has 50,000 USD in the 70 trades Account, Customer places a withdrawal request for 20,000 USD. Now, the withdrawal request doesn’t happen immediately like in the case of deposit it happens instantaneously. The process of withdrawal request in 70 Trades is very poor, pathetic and ridiculous which is not Customer friendly but Company friendly. This has been the biggest problem with 70 Trades.

4. The 70 Trades personnel takes at least 2 days to process the withdraw request. Since the 20,000, withdrawal request placed by customer is not deducted immediately, the customer as usual continues to do trading by opening big lots trade basis the available currency in the account.

5. The market fluctuates every second, which means the available amount in the trading account is fully exposed to the market. By the time customer placed a withdrawal request the amount was on positive side, (the market is up). Due to the current pathetic withdrawal process, since the time of my withdrawal request 70 trades personnel take 3-4 days. Until such time the market might have gone up or running into loses.

6. If the Withdraw process is immediate, Customer would have only 30,000 in his account and accordingly customer would open limited small lots. Now that the withdrawal process is not immediate customer has whole 50,000 in his account exposed to market and has every chance customer opens multiple lots and big lots.

7. In 6 months’ time I would have placed 20 withdrawal requests of which only 4 withdrawals were processed which means,withdrawal process success rate is 20%, and 80% failure. Mostly I’m denied from withdrawing because the market goes down by the time 70 trades personnel process withdrawal request. It takes minutes to crash market, while these personnel take 3-4 days to process a withdraw request. There were many such instances such as these. It is always one way – multiple deposits, I often kept depositing into 70 trades account to keep up the 2% margin. And all my money was stuck in the highly volatile market, huge amount was exposed on a daily basis in the market. I was stuck badly without rotating my money which impacted my personnel finances so much so that I have taken personnel loans and sell off many things, closed policies to maintain the 70 trades account.

8. Account Mangers do not inform if they are on leave, they always call if the account hits less than 1% margin.

9. Too many cooks spoil the broth: My account was just not only doing good, but also has very high volumes of transactions been done with lots of gain. This is where there were many Sr Mangers involved, each of them gave their suggestions to open a big lot, in the process I have opened a huge lot and only few times I succeeded in gaining and multiple times the stocks went into losses and have to short close many a times to maintain the account

10. There were huge holding charges if I hold any positions

11. All Account Mangers give “common reasoning” that they there were on sick leave due to health reasons

12. There are many drawbacks in 70 trades and it is not at all recommended to anyone.

In 6 months to date I have lost in excess of 60 Lakhs Indian Rupees because of lot of lacunas, drawbacks in current model being operated by 70 TRADES.

I have had lot of sleepless nights, I lost my happiness, I have huge loans to repay, I became bankrupt by falling prey to 70 trades.



Below are the 70 trades personnel who had interacted with me in the last 6 months

Milind [email protected]

Krupa Rane [email protected]
Sophia [email protected]
Ali [email protected]
Rudra Ps [email protected]


SBK 06/01/2018

70 trades the fraudster

Has anyone any idea how to fuck up these cheaters.
I have been cheated for $220. And ready to go all steps to bring them to ground.
They only asks for documents which is of no concern.

Manoranjan Kumar 05/17/2018

70trades - withdrawal of deposit not allowed

i have been making a withdrawal request with 70trades for more than 4 months from now they keep asking me to send document which i have already sent and now they do not respond also my account is automatically getting less without even me trading they are fraudster trying to loot my money

clyde varel 05/14/2018

Trading with 70 Trades

I traded with 70 Trades, analyst are very sweet spoken, they make you feel they are your best friends, and try to get as big account as possible.

I don't know how can they benefit by offering 100% bonus and making client loose all money including bonus amount. Ultimately they would at loosing their 100% too. How is that covered unless until the trades are done in such a way that it is routed in the system itself.

They did make sure that the I book losses & take positions where I would loose again and I could be persuaded to invest more.

Better to avoid this broker

Mahesh Kumar Menghani 05/02/2018

Huge loss suffered at 70Trades without any takeaways USD 6500

I have incurred huge loss in 70 trades by investing 6500 USD
Every trade I got trapped in loss when I wants to book profit or thinking of withdrawals.

I lost all my savings and hard earned money in this company.

Could u please help me out .

Dhanaji Tambekar

Dhanaji Tambekar 05/01/2018

70 trades one of big f*cking company

70 trades is a f*cking company. Big cheating company. They will not respond once you pay the money. it's big fraud company.

venkat 05/01/2018

It's Fraud Company

I had started it few months earlier with 200 dollars, so many calls and follow ups were done to join with me and 100 percent bonus. although, in startup they said I can withdraw the money over the given bonus but from last one month I am trying to contact them, no response yet except the automail of coming to contact me soon and my withdrawal request will be done but useless.
I already stopped spending my valuable time and money over this scam platform.
Spread this message as much as possible so that others could identify the scam scheme going on in trading servers.

Priyadarshi Naveen 04/30/2018

70 trades are fake

I try to open and account and they ask me to invest 200 USD i used my credit card to invest the money and they try to take 3 times 200 USD without my knowledge i lost 200 USD and my gods grace the other 2 time credit denied so they haven't got the money, Friends dont share ur personal details or credit card or debit card to 70 trades they are not real.

Thank you

Ashish 04/27/2018

Hoax, cheater Fraud

**BEWARE** 70trades It is maximizing the power of online theft, hoax, cheating, fraud in India. They have good learning material, instant money taking but WORST WITHDRAWAL Process. You will know the reality at the time of withdrawal.

Danny Diaz 04/27/2018

Complaint - 70 trades a cheater I lost my money

We have very bad experience with 70trade; they are a cheater and fraud organization. They play the sentiments of the people by false assurances; grab the innocent people money by giving greedy hope to earn substantial money by trading online. They trapped me and happen to be a victim, in spite of their repeated calls and follows up calls. Somehow I trusted, they are real trained cheaters and manipulators
One of their portfolio Manager Mr. Ibrahim Sheikh and Rohit Kumar Jain (make be fraud name) they have been support by Ayesh and they don’t have any expertise in future trading . They dump no knowledge on the subject. I lost my hard earn money through this so called cheaters. Please beware of this organization on trading they are real cheaters. Once you pay the amount in their account their real color come in front till that period they assure you lot of promises

SREEDHARAN 04/24/2018


70trades is 100 % fraud company, They have never returned my money back for the last 6+months. please dont trust and fall into trap.

sameera 04/24/2018

dont invest

Please dont invest this fraud forex traders.

ekanta bordoloi 04/18/2018

Beware! Its s big time hoax

BEWARE! 70 Trades is a scam and there shouldn’t be the slightest doubt in it. They have a license from Vanuatu, which is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. I’ve lost my hard earned 10,000 USD deposited through my credit card. They offered me the 99% signing bonus along with five protected trades and the advisory services through an account manager. They even have freelancer people getting referrals for them as their aide to earn commissions. I was lured into this fraud by one of a trusted friend, I didn’t even take the time to establish their authenticity due to his satisfactory assurances. He claimed to have earned 4K in a month and have been doing regular withdrawals of the profits he was making with the traders. But he miserably failed to show even one of his banking transaction after I’ve been deceived by them.

After setting up a dummy account, they put twice as much of an amount I’ve deposited and suggested me to take a wildly bad position against the market trend. They claimed to have an inside scoop on the market and satisfied me by saying that the positions I’d taken were definitely going to close in profit. Once, the position seemed to exhibit greater loss they asked me to deposit more money to retain my initial investments and stay committed to the profits. I kept on pouring money into their account on following through a snowball effect to secure my capital. According to them, I could easily get back all my investments once the position gets closed after making insane profits in a single trade. But how can such a worst exposed trade without any stop loss could earn you a money against market odds, thus I ended up liquidating all my account.

I’ve been in contact with an account manager Anitah (Malaysian), Junior analyst Zeena (Pakistani), Senior analyst Rajesh (Indian) and a girl Siya while they all were sitting in a call center and posed to have been running a Brokerage house.

Anyone who is their victim and likes to join hand for the legal remedies under cybercrime protection and filing a lawsuit can drop me an email at [email protected]
I’ve a preserved all the bank transaction, the correspondence with the scammers and complete WhatsApp conversation with their associate (my friend).

Please share your stories to unveil and expose them further.

Moeed Khan 04/13/2018

70 trades are totally to make u bluff

As above mentioned messages, they bluffed me too in 4-5 hr they are saying that ur money has been liquidated that was 311$, when they saw I am making profit without listening them, they did like this and now I am messaging them but no revert from their side.

They are having their office in Mumbai and have a london landline number like Accenture have but Accenture doen't bluff people like this.

Beware please all Indians atleast.
if any body want to listen story may call 9873314403

sweta 04/12/2018

Can not withdraw from my account

Hi Everyone,

They have a poor customer service and I requested to withdraw my account paid by credit card of US$200. I read most of the review and we all have the same issues.

I will contact our credit card to banned 70 Trades as fraudulent. The 7 pages contract on page 7 has a conflict of interest and do not agree with the contract. I want to withdraw account. But they keep on asking all the legal documents to send by email.
Do not send them any confidential documents.


Manuel Sta Romana Jr 04/09/2018

Тotally a scam

its totally a scam, no body is interested after depositing the money.

sweta 03/21/2018


I made a withdrawal but was not paid the full amount. I sent several emails to the Finance and Customer Service but did not get any response.

Poon 03/06/2018


It's a scam com . My account manager local also , it scam me and abandoned me

James Ng 03/03/2018

70 trade is cheaters gang

i want to share my experience i started trading with 70 trade and invested 1200 USD Luckily i recover my deposit my money after few months. their team is not a real traders they are doing Dabba treading fake trading please be careful, they are cheaters.

sanjeev 03/03/2018

Please do not invest with 70 trades you will never see your money again

I lost 30,000 dollars. All the so called senior account manager / senior financial advisor they dont care about your money. My account manager was sayyed adaa and she is a professional crook. My account balance had gone upto 92,000 dollars and when I ask for a withdrawal they ask for few days time and they will see that your account balance will come down and will ask you to invest further to save your money. And if you dont invest your account will be 0 and they will stop calling you.
The most important part is you cannot contact them and they will not give you their address.
It's a fraud. Please do not invest. If at all you want to please give it to charity. At least some people will bless you.
I dont know howmany peoples life they are they going to ruin.
I had checked the review only after I invested my money. My biggest blunder in life. I am in debts now need to start all over again

Rajesh Nayak 02/27/2018

70Trades are fraudulently and without reservation cheating unsuspecting individuals

I too am disgusted with the way these idiots are allowed to operate over the internet. They are fraudulently and without reservation cheating unsuspecting individuals to part with vast sums of money
I myself have (SO FAR) only lost $200 which I intend to get refunded
I paid this amount by a credit card and as long as the credit card company allows these idiots to continue to use the Mastercard or visa payment platform I feel they too are complicit in the fraud and as part of the consumer credit act they are obliged to refund the money a third party scams from its customers. As a plan we should all come together, those who paid by way of credit or debit card and en masse approach the payment providers Visa Mastercard, possibly Amex and force them to 1 refund all of us who have been scammed and then remove the merchant from 70-Trades. That would be my wish
Names mentioned in previous posts coincide with the names I have dealt with Shivraj Kumar some idiot called Sayaali P who calls herself the compliance officer! Compliance she doesnt know the meaning of the word
She is just a mindless skank who has learned to use the internet

No Im not annoyed!

Carl Joseph 02/24/2018

Scame & fraud

I am Sonu kumar from Bihar. I want to write in hindi language because this is my mother tongue. And i am writing :-
Read this carefully:

Sabse Pahle ye bussiness sabkliye nhi h . ye business unhi logo k liye h jink pass bahut sara money ho. Agar kuchh doob jaaye to koi fark na pade. Ajmane waale door rhe kyuki money doobna tay h.Jaanne ki utsukta ho to contact this number 09015524063.
Better Advice.

Sonu Poddar 02/17/2018


How Can I get my fund which I invest in 70trades can you give me idea for this.

Amit 02/16/2018

Mismanagement and making client fool

70 trades Indian employees motivate me to open an account and put 200 dollers but in demo account they have shown good responsibility but after that all the time they advise me put money I have put money. But till date I cannot take withdrawal. They make position and without stoploss they advise to client to do work. Because their motive is to do put more money. I told him I am going USA and do work from their but they have not done any help. My account has block and they never care about it. In two days they are saying technical problems. I cannot understand what type of technical problems is their.

Pushpa Rawat 01/30/2018

Withdrawal amount no response

No response no call back totally f*ck company is this company plz don't open in ACCOUNT in this company. Plz save your money this is totally f*ck. These dogs eat my money. No back my money. Pane cchood.

Amjad Saleem Khan 01/29/2018

Sign agreement to withdraw?

I deposited $200 and want to withdraw. They are asking to sign 7 page agreement, without which they will not process the withdrawal.

Is it safe to sign the agreement.

Hussaini 01/15/2018

Misstruested people

I have requested to withdraw some money since 29th December, till today 10th January, the transaction is not yet done.

Ali Amour 01/10/2018

Withdrawal of profits from 70trades

I can now understand why 70trades are considered a scam, anyway, in my opinion. I have started to invest with the required U$ 200.00. For the past month my profits has grown to an amount of U$ 850.00. Upon my withdrawal request there seems to be so many issues with paper work to advance my money. The portfolio manager continuously ignore or respond but just with another paper to be completed. What I don't understand is that they are calling me from Swansea, South Wales, England but your research indicate otherwise? Are the brokers stationed in England? I was about to follow up with the local British embassy and filed a fraud complaint but not sure if anything will suffice from the action. I will definitely approach interpol to get to the bottom of the validity of 70trades. Kindly advise on any other action to be taken if possible.

Namibia greetings
Sakkie Mouton

Sakkie Mouton 01/05/2018 is a professional scammer


Do not invest your single money to I scammed by those bastards. They are using secured socket layers and https to scam the people. I lost a big amount within 2 weeks. They nicely eated my money. My account manager was Shivraj from chennai sitting in London office(Shivraj, you bastard you nicely cheated me) his number is +44 1792 680120 and customer care stupid lady Anna Thomas + 44 800046 5424 at [email protected] I requested refund last week 27th of dec 2017, but they didnt refunded me. Today 3rd January,2018, when I opened my account it is zero. It was 26000 USD last week. They will do backend systems to squeeze your trading. I didnt do any trading. Everything was done by Shivraj my stupid account manager. I was lucky that yesterday(2nd jan, 2018) he called me again to invest 2000 USD more to escape from 0.50 margin. Oh God you saved me that 2000 usd. Otherwise, i will lost another 2000 usd also. I will expose those bastards of 70trades in everywhere in social media with voice clips, email communications and screenshots. Please guys do not waste your 1 dollar for those bastards.

Rayes 01/03/2018

Not returning money for more than a month

I am a new trader using 70 trades and the so called Account managers of 70, trades are good for nothing. They dont even reply to any of the email. I was in a situation of 6000 USD loss, i wanted to take opinion, none of them had replied.

Additionally withdrawl of money is not there in customer hands. I had a account balance of 3700 USD with all trades closed and when i made a withdrawl request, i have not received single penny even after a month of withdrawl request. i had sent multiple remainders and no one responds.

The so called fraud account manager names are
Sharon ( She claims she is from GOA (India)).a
Arjun Reddy ( This fellow claims he is from India)

Srikanth 12/29/2017

70trade is a scam

70trade is a fraud company please don't invest, I lost 200

Harikrishnan 12/25/2017

70 Trades - Frauds

I fell victim to 70Trades against their falls promises and insist for more & more deposits and never ever return the profit earned neither willing to return ed your deposits. I lost USD 25,600 in the avenge. Strongly feel they running a parallel platform whereby they swallow all your profit gained and show the positions going under loss until you reached to "zero" balance stating the market gone down and your account has been liquidated. To recover the loss you need to deposit more and this trend goes on & on & on and their cruelty never tired.

Highly recommend all should collectively raise the issue through legal entities and any community willing to raid their Bombay office for recovery of looted amount against high commission will be highly appreciated.

Please rescue other innocent falling prey to these bastards..

Khader Abdul Razack 12/24/2017

Never invest in such a filthy company u will be roobbed

My account manager is Ayusman a scumm scoundrelU bloody rogue Bastered this for u ayusman u scoundrel

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Cheng TM
Date: December 18, 2017 at 8:41:25 PM GMT+4
To: [email protected]
Subject: 70tradrs scam

Dear FGB Team,

First of all Thank you for your immediate support and card dispute.
I have updated my experience with the Merchant 70 trades employee Ayushman and ANN and Looking forward for your great help.( ATATCHED SOME EMAILS AND 15 PAGE DOCS along with dispute form FOR YOUR REFERNCE)
Please note i have not signed for Credit card declaration as i found 70 Traders are fraud SCAM company , very clear from their website Reviews,almost all experienced very bad experience and their service ends with once the deposits are done .Unfortunately i had to go through sleepless nights due to UK Number call for investments and HARASSING FOR MORE INVESTMENTS.THERE IS NO SHAME WITH THEM THEY WILL CALL 100 TIMES TO GET THE DEPOSITS AND SEND NEW TEAM MEMBER TO HANDLE THE POSITION WITH ASKING MORE DEPOSITS .

Account manager will wrong position and ask further Deposits and from back end they change the position surprise to see all this i have not signed for the 10000 dollar declaration form which they sent me for signature

i had signed for 200 and 2000 which is attached along with this letter, $10,000 dollar i have not signed as i come to to know though reviews these BEGGARS bunch of gangs with out any experience in trade calling from any part of the world using uk number +441792680120 and +442038072427

intailly to gain trust they will transfer money back to our account and will ask for more money luring u can make daily 100 dollars, we have great experience, and dont do any trade without our consent, etc.... aftr that they fix us in a dilama to invest our loaned or hard earned money

Ayusman account manager of 70trades played dirty trick lure me to invest and he will take care of everything about the trade as i dont know the tarding
he was calling from june but i never invested till august, still repetedly calling and gained trust made me to invest 2000 dollars and helped me to get back this amount as his moto to take more money from me and he achived as what he want by making me to invest 10000 from FGB card as on 04/12/2017 and sent me the declaration form to sign i dint sign as he told this money will be retuened in a week to my account.and put me in the attached excel screen shot 70trades
this Ayushman the crook scoundral played his drama with putting the investment on wrong postion and asked me on 8 th to put 6000 t save my money i swiped again becuase i was worried and dont know the platform tricks .

Now i am in great Debt for just done whatever they say in phone and signed and sent docs as adreess proof all i attatched.

please note i have not signed the declaration for 10,000 dollars which is mandatory for them as ayusman the great account manager said my money will be back to credit card account i wrote them will sign after seeing my statement.

I am sure lot of clients will be effected as they are targeting UAE expats to invest on this platform and trick them,

As per their agreement they have to take my written approval for card approvals which i have done for only $2000 AND $200 ONLY ATTACHED FOR YOUR VIEWING



-- 00971569639644

Chengappa 12/19/2017

Information regarding 70 Trades

Dear Friends,

I have invested $200 in 70 trades. could you send me details about operations of this company. my mobile number is 8171817528.

sanjay mehrotra 12/06/2017

Dont even think about Investing in it- Full Fraud.


Eventhough i do made losses in few Trading companies but started with one firm Called Bforex where i made losses and over &above once u loose the money they wont even talk to you. they are the same fraud team with New Name 70trades.

Guys dont be greedy and look for a better trading firms. I can suggest you some of them really good and if you follow the team to core u can make good money.
mesg me in personal @ [email protected]

alpha 11/29/2017

Fack company

I spent 190 dollars but when I send withdrawal request no response to me plz replay me immediately

The client AMJAD SALEEM KAHN 11/23/2017

Almost fell for this

I almost fell for the scam they called me twice today particularly emphasizing on me depositing thank God I found this reviews

Desmond 11/10/2017

Fraud company

Before depositing money from our side they will call so many times & they says they will help us for long term to earn money. After depositing they wont response properly & from our side if we put some bid the system will say sorry in sufficient balance.

Gopal Gowda 11/04/2017

Fraud company swallow all of your hard earned money.

Дear investors,

Don't Deposit money This is 100% fraud company.

Kunhunni 11/03/2017

Address of the company

They are scam.They are sitting in india malad west eureka tower 7th floor and the company name is vantage & epacific anyone who could get there and fuck them are most welcome.

shamim 10/27/2017

Address of the company

Address - india , mumbai , malad west, eureka towers , 7th floor vantage or epacific.Owners name Danial patel someone get this son of a bitch.i am an employee used to work until i know its a scam.indian clients can get there easily.

ASIF SHAIKH 10/27/2017


I've been flooded with calls by the call center guy, after one login using 70 trades



They take all your money, i lost 8000 dollar and they dont give you withdrawal they keep asking you deposit deposit...please start posting on their FB page and save other people from this fraud 70trades..

Farooque 10/23/2017


I deposited 200 dollar,they credit my account with 400 dollar.I started
trading but no guideline is account manager zoya is not available.
I have sent a number of emails but not a single mail delivered.I donot
understand what is wrong.Please give me some idea.

Thank you

pradip chhetri 10/20/2017

Dont invest money with 70 trades

Dear all

Dont trap with 70 trades, one time invest your all money they will take.
My lost 12000$

Noushad 10/17/2017

Dont Deposit

After reviewing this i also have to say Dont invest your money these people are scams because they dnt care much about you registration documents they just ask send money thats all... All good brokerege firm like etoro FXTM and XM are much better and have proper website details as well as thousands of review and proper details likewise a well established youtube channel.

70Trades has no proper websit as well as YouTube channel, see their link below you will understand what am talking about

How comes 222 people subscribe to an empy channel no videos no demostrations
Nothing at all! This is a scam 100%... AGAIN DONT INVEST YOUR MONEY YOU WILL THANK ME LATER.

Fredrick Francis 10/16/2017

Ended up to lose my money

Previously, I though this was the right place I had ever came across which would help me gain a lot of money but, I really forgot that money doesn't grow on trees. Any way I invested with $200 via my credit card. And after a few days not more than 5 days, one night I have seen a message of warning that stating I may somehow lose my money. Next morning nothing is left to my account. And yet another message saying please refund your account. So, Please be aware of it it is a fraud and a cheater company.

Abdikani 09/28/2017

70Trades is a fraud trading agency

Lost my money within 15-20 days of trading, initially showing good profit and I was thinking of good return, but I was wrong, they have cheated me. It was my fault as I have trusted such fake agency. Don't respond to Karthik, Shivangi.....70trades is a fraud trading agency.........

Ravi 09/26/2017


they stole all of our money after gaing initial trust they ask you to deposit more money do not do it they will steal your money even if it reaches 1000 us dollars i have been stung do not let this happen to you

kevinmcdonnell 09/19/2017

bogus company

my dear friends,
this is most idiot forex company , i have earned 1800 $ from 400 $ capital, when i submitted withdrawal of 700 , the bastards did not gave me any

after 10 days they were $%^&* their mother
finally i loosed my fund , but i lost only my profit but they loosed their 550 $ bonus
that is jaise ko taisa
one call girl is v $%^&*, her name is Fleura Agarwal.
so never trust on them

i have a account in Bforex , they are giving any time withdrawal ,

john decosta 09/18/2017

Insisting to start trading with investment

I have signed up a couple of forex trading but luckily I did not invest. But 70 Trades looked like a genuine one. One lady called Gayatri talked to me in my language Tamil. Despite several calls, she insists me to make deposit of 200 dolloar. But I did not reply after seeing the review of others who lost their money

Anwar Deen 08/26/2017

70 Trades are Fradulent, Fraud and Cheater

They are cheater, fraud. they are not giving back your money. at first you will make money you can see profit. it is just on screen. after that they will tell you to open position in opposite trend you will ends up in loss. and you will loose all your money. Don't listen to them Fleura Agarwal, Syalli, Ruther they are account manger and so called administration team. Be aware!!!!!THEY ARE FRAUDELENT

Zaynah Ahmad 08/07/2017

70trades Fraud company

This is a fraud company..I have put 3000 USD and wanted to withdraw my money and they are not they are incommunicado...I have lost all my money.

Please dont put money in this company...

Rajesh Shetty 08/02/2017

Cheaters: 70 trades is a fraud company

70 trades is a fraud company. They have no value. Pl do not be mesmerised by their talk.Their each version is a having a cheating intention.The moment you invest more you are all gone.
Be aware.
70trades is a big scam no one should ever join, they keep on calling me consistently named himself as Adam and ask me to join and told me after i join they will give me my account manager who help me to trade so i finally join and one lady called herself as Shivangi start calling me as my account manager she just call me for some few days and she stop calling me i finally lose all my money and i could not trade, any time i tried to trade the system was showing me error and asking me to make more deposit i tried to redraw my remaining balance but i could not then i realist it was just an empty figure making you to believed your money is there in your account and finally it turn to zero.

Sanjay Gantayet 07/22/2017

70trades is a big scam

70trades is a big scam no one should ever join, they keep on calling me consistently and ask me to join and told me after i join they will give me my account manager who help me to trade so i finally join and one fucken lady start calling me as my account manager she just call me for some few days and she stop calling me i finally lose all my money and i could not trade, any time i tried to trade the system was showing me error and asking me to make more deposit i tried to redraw my remaining balance but i could not then i realist it was just an empty figure making you to believed your money is there in your account and finally it turn to zero.

So 70trades is a big scam no one should ever join.

jospeh 06/26/2017

70trades Scam

I have opened account with them, totally scam., will call you numbers of time to insist you to deposit more ., once you request for withdrawal..they will disappear like they were never born in this world.. good way to make money by cheating people.. I am thinking to make one for me tooo.. . stay far away from them.. I have all the proofs against them... can give on request

Anees Ahmad 06/06/2017
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