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60OP Review - is it scam or safe?

60OP Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 21 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz 60OP
60OP is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Standard Unspecified Unspecified Average of 1.9 pips

60op is a forex and CFD broker, which also provides binary options. The offering is extensive as the different styles of trading may be preferred by different traders. That being said, we have a lot of issues with this company, which will be covered in the review.

60op Advantages

Great charting
The platform provided by 60op is web-based, which may be considered a negative in its own right. Still, the charting package is more than solid – TradingView allows technical traders to utilize all sorts of analytical tools and indicators. This is a software solution used by many other brokerages and crypto-exchanges. The overall layout of the platform is rather simplistic, but this isn’t a problem. Here is a preview:

60op’s trading platform (click to zoom-in)

Some of you, especially the more experienced traders, may still prefer a standalone desktop platform like MetaTrader4 (MT4). It provides similar (if not even better) charting. Moreover MT4 also supports automated trading systems or Expert Advisors. It also has mobile and web versions, on top of the desktop iteration. Don’t simply take it from us, even one of 60op’s analytical videos is done on MT4, instead of their own platform.

>> MT4 brokers<<

Popular payment methods covered
This broker accepts funding via all the popular methods – Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Skrill and Neteller. Most traders use at least one of them if not multiple.

CFDs offered
60op provides a lot of Contracts for Difference, including ones based on stock indices and commodities, futures and a few specific stocks. Cryptocurrencies are also offered, but trading with them is done via a different module, which we sadly have to include in the negatives section.

60op Disadvantages

No regulation
60op is owned and operated by two companies, one of which is based on the Marshal Islands and the other in Bulgaria. Additionally payments are processed by a UK firm. This is rather common, with the Bulgarian legal entity simply being a “marketing company”, which serves the offshore broker. None of these are affiliated with the UK’s FCA or Bulgaria’s FSC – the appropriate watchdogs for financial market intermediaries.

>>Reasons to avoid offshore brokers<<

Spreads aren’t that competitive
This broker does not provide information on the costs of trading in a visible place. After registering an account with them we saw spreads fluctuating around 1.8-2.0 pips on EUR/USD. This is on the border of decent levels – not too bad, but not impressive either.

Missing information
Other than the spreads, which are a very important factor for some traders, 60op does not disclose a lot of key specifics. They include, a minimum deposit requirement, the maximum leverage ratio and specifics on the different CFDs.

Crypto trading is done in a different way

As we mentioned above cryptocurrencies are traded via a slightly different module with this broker. It feels like a bit of a mix between spot trading and binary options – one predetermines the amount he is willing to risk and the potential profit he would like to gain. It’s similar to placing a manual trade and setting-up a stop-loss and take-profit, but still somewhat different. Here is a preview of the order box:

The way you trade crypto with 60op (click to zoom-in)

No demo accounts
We didn’t manage to test the way the aforementioned system works, as this broker does not provide paper trading. This isn’t as big of an issue as some of the previous ones, but it’s still slightly disappointing.


60op is an unregulated forex and CFD broker, which also provides binary options. Their platform is relatively decent, for a web based one, but we would still a desktop specific solution over it. The costs of trading are slightly above the current industry averages.

However, our biggest concern with them will have to be the lack of regulation. If you decide to open an account with this broker, you will only have their word to rely on, when it comes to the security of your funds. This is why most countries have dedicated agencies to monitor the financial services sector. In the United Kingdom this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which we briefly referred to in the review.

>>A list of FCA brokers<<

We would like to briefly present you with its two most well-known rules, which offers your investment protection. They are the segregation of client accounts and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The former implies, a FCA-regulated broker can’t simply take your deposit and run – the money has to be kept in a special bank account, which can’t be accessed freely. The FSCS is an insurance-like mechanism, which covers you in case your trading intermediary declares bankruptcy. In that case you will be compensated for the funds you have with them, up to £50,000.

Here is a summary of 60op:

Pros Cons
Great charting No regulation
Popular payment methods covered Spreads aren’t that competitive
CFDs offered Missing information
  Crypto trading is done in a different way
  No demo accounts


Latest news about 60OP
No news about 60OP. Check back later.
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60OP have close down my platform

Please advise as 60op is holding a balance of over 1,000 euro and now have close down my platform. what should I do?

JAMES Harold KERR 12/23/2019


You can not get into this web site any more. All the searches I’ve tried failed to open this site. THANK GOODNESS. 60op will no longer be able to scam people as they did me. Unfortunately,they have the skills to open up under another name.

Jim 11/05/2019


I have very bad experiences whith that broker they wont let you withdraw no matter what. They just keep yours money.

Ivar Walfridsson 07/30/2019

60op is a scam company

This is a thieving scam company who cleverley extract your money and then disappear with it, What's not so clever is that one of the operatives, although obviously foreign (Russian or Bulgarian and talks like the Meerkat on Comapare the Market) uses the ridiculous name of Jordan Flemming - should be Jordan Belfort!
Avoid at all costs and start a Social Media campaign to get these thieves their comeuppance.

Ian Platt 05/09/2019

I want my money back

In February this year I got a call from the guy called Larry shaw claiming that he is working for 60op , he tried to convince me that I should trade with them ,i didn't know anything about trading but I was very interested in trading and I told him that I don't trust him, he was phoning me every day, so I ended up depositing the money. ..after I deposited the money i got calls from different people few days after they told me they don't know him but they know that I deposited the money, then we can start trading. OK I was ready to do what they are telling me they promised to contact me soon but they never I am sending them emails every day but no one is contacting me. so I want my money back

Amos tom 04/16/2019


Do you know or have you heard about it?
Good for you!!

Unfortunately, I have, and the knowledge has been ‘a modern nightmare’ and a scary experience.
Great and repeated promises of huge profit, but the result was opposite. Great loss, nervous breakdown, and now they retain my balance. Pure scam company, my friends, so stay away, just stay away.
It’s not 60OP. It’s 60O-NO!
My balance is now €216.050 - and the withdraw request is now ignored for 2 weeks!

Poul Møller 03/25/2019

60op has no respect for privacy and customers' health isues

60op has no respect for privacy or customer health.
60 have caled me every week for more than a year. Every time I have asked them to stop. Just after I signed up with them I had a brain stroke. I told them that my condition required rest ut they still kept on calling. As I also have told them, I am very sensitive to sounds, but they keep on playing load annoing music in the background.
I have blocked many phone numbers but they always find a new one. Lately they have been using local Norwegian numbers.
I don't care abaut the invested money if they just stop calling me. Last time I asked how mutch I have to pay them to stop calling me. I did not get any answer. I have tried several times to get my money back but without luck.
The sales person (or account manager if he calls himself) refuse to say where he is calling from. I guess it is from Bulgaria. The background music is always high so I guess it's from a disco.

Since 60op have cased helth isue I am thinking of suing them. From now I record every phonecall.
I will be happy if someone knows where you can file a lawsuit.
As a result of the 60th approach I now get treatment by a psychologist. As I am recovering from the stroke I will soon be strong enough to give 60OP a fight. No human beeing should have so little respect for others wellbeing

O. Johnsen 03/21/2019

60 OP wont stop calling me.

Extremely rude. They have called 6 times in the past 3 weeks and I didn't give them my details. Each time I explain I dont want them to call, the response is they just want to ask me some questions. Even when I explain its none of their business they carry on as if they have the right to the answers. Rude and ignorant is my opinion.

Albert Byrne 03/06/2019

Give me back my money

You have failed to return my money despite numerous requests to do so. I have reported your company to the fraud department of my bank who are attempting to retrieve the money for me. fat chance! YOU OWE ME 483 GBP SEND IT TO ME!

Annette Jennings 03/06/2019

are they scammers

they had 7 500 off me i lost 3 oo0 now i cant get my money that i have left off them will not answer my emails nor phone calls nothing but a bunch of scammers

stephen robert jones 02/28/2019

Rip Off

Good luck trying to get your funds back from 60op!!!!!!

Gary Hancocks 02/14/2019

are they scammers

hi i have invested with 60op have had trouble trying to withdraw some of my money just want to know are they real trading comp or scammers

stephen robert jones 02/01/2019

not a penny back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please please please do not use this company!! all they want is your money
and call you regularly to invest more money " i call in verbal rape!!
even to take out a bank loan to invest with them.

i have been trying to contact them today 29/01/2019 no reply by email,the UK telephone number just rings out and i am unable to log into my account to check

any up dates,been trying to withdraw my money for 2 months but to no avail
ive lost 2000Euro

Brian Matthews 01/30/2019


Dear 60op

Your company is a scam and I dont understand why you cant do ligitimate business. You have the skills and good site and backup.

When we try to withdraw our money it does not happen. We never receive a penny. It is no wonder the UK does not want to be part of th EU when companies like yours just steel our money. This is a taste of European law which is essentially dishonest and the only view point that many English people have of the rest of Europe. Clean up your act. Give everyone their money back and try to run a legitimate company. You will make much more money!

John 01/26/2019

New company and office location

Hi All, from my information they are using the following company

Regula Ltd

Office 3 Floor 1
Vladimira Popovića 6
Belgrad 11070, Serbia

+381112441871 Vladimir - this is manager

ex employee 01/07/2019


My balans was gone over night 6/12/2018, money arrived the next day and my account was not saved.

No money behind my balans!

Gunvor Engdahl 01/06/2019

60OP - Scam alert

Stay away from 60OP, they take all your details and money without giving a professional service or any investment back! They should be prosecuted.

Sean 01/05/2019

their new company name and location

their new company name is Size Ltd. and location is Bulgaria:

38 Cherkovna Street
floor 1, office 3
1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
cherkovna str. N 38
floor 1 office 3
1505 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: 0882019996 Borislava

ex employer 12/21/2018

bad company

very very bad company .. never register with them.. they will not stop calling .. no matter you speak to them they will continue calling.. and bothering ..very bad experience..

hussein awad 12/11/2018

60OP Trouble with withdrawal futher

60OP Trouble with withdrawal requests!

Be carefull. Haveing made a credit card payment to 60OP in November 2018, two weeks ago.(Before I have read this comments). Withdrawal dont work. No reaktion from 60OP I have not received my refund from 60OP- Investors please be aware . I am waiting of a support with my withdrawal request.

I have forwarded my request to 60OP- Finance department, but nothing works.

I grow angry with the responsible persons in 60OP-business and in my opinion 60OP will be a scam.

Reinald Rueger

Reinald Rueger 11/21/2018 Fraud company

Beware. is a fraud company, for your safety, avoid having with the company to do. Avoid taking the phone if the number starts with 78 or 92
You lose all your money

Pete 11/21/2018


I lodged €250 to this trading platform in July, and I am still trying to get it back. I made no trades.
I was hassled for weeks to make trades.
I told them that I just want my money, but I am not permitted to withdraw.
It just says, withdrawal pending.
They are crooks and conmen.

Patrick Meagher 11/20/2018

60OP Refund

Having made a credit card payment to 60OP in September 2018 ,
I decided not to invest after the cooling off period to date I have not received my refund from 60OP- Investors please be aware .

Josef Connolly 11/10/2018

60OP withdrawal request

For more than 38 days I am waiting for a "real and meaningful" support with my withdrawal request.

Supposedly you have forwarded my request to your Finace department but nothing works.

I want a satisfying answer and no answer that comes from the computer and is not meaningful and should just silence the customer!

I would like to know if you finally want to pay and when this is the case.
Or is this fraud ?

If I do not get an explanatory answer by Monday, I will:
- turn on a collection agency
- Information and Financial Supervision Authority (FAC) in the United Kingdom
- Information to a German consumer center
- contact with German media (newspaper, TV consumer portals), etc.

I have recorded the extensive e-mail traffic, chats and phone calls with your company and I will pass them on.

60op only accepts my deposits, but is not interested in withdrawal requests?
On October 2, 2018, I applied for a write-off of my original balance, which was not paid until November 9, 2018. I do not have trading - thank god! It seems they only accept money and do not pay! It smells of unscrupulous handling of customer money and I warn everyone to deal with 60op.

Many greetings too:

on the Marshal Islands
To bulgaria
to UK


k. Schulz 11/10/2018

They took my money

I was naive and though I could do something for my kids and my pension so I took
4 loans of ca 40 000 Euro, I am a real stupid person. When I wanted to take a withdraw for 500 Euro to pay the interest the took all my money so I want to warn everybody for 60op. It could probably go great for some but not for me.

Now it want be no christmas presents for my children this year.

Mikael Gustafson 10/31/2018

Never going to see my money again

I deposited €500 and then decided that I didn't want to proceed. I requested a withdrawal the same day and sent them all the required paperwork. I have called and sent so many emails and all I get is the occasional one back saying that the 'Finance department needs to approve my withdrawal'. This was 5 weeks ago. They will not give me a contact in the Finance department and all I get told is to wait for an email that never comes. I think this is so wrong and would like to take this further. Anyone have any idea's how to do this! Stay away from these people and don't make the mistake that I did. An update,65 days on and still nothing. I just get told to wait for an email conformation that never comes. Can't understand how they are allowed to still be in business. They really do need investigating and prosecuted. Absolute joke of a company and waste of time. The only reason to deal with these scammers is if you want to throw some money away

James day 10/25/2018

Scam !!!

Please do not deposit money with this Company. This is a scam and they do not return any money that you invest or any that you make as a result of trading. I have reported them to the Police, Google and Facebook.

Darren Taylor 10/14/2018

scam company

By mistake i opend an account with 60op. 30 sec. afer registration i got my first call of many . theese people do not take no for an answer.
in one day i had 38 phone calls. meny from 60op, and from a lot of other different financial companies.
i tried to close my account with little success. they wanted me to send all kinds of documents if they should close my account.
of course i did not send them anything, so now i have a gohost account.
lost my 250 euro, mabye lesson learnd.

Tom Strand 10/05/2018

This is SCAM - Friendly at first then threatening for not making a deposit

Just had a terrible experience with 60op. My biggest mistake was to create an account, but luckily I did not make a deposit. I have been called/contacted several times in order to convince me to make a deposit. When I respectfully ask them to delete my account since I have decided not to trade, then they start threatening that they will continue to call until I make a deposit.

THIS IS A SCAM - Danger, stay at "safe distance", do not create an account.

jdc 10/02/2018

Do not deposit money

I opened an account a few days ago and wish I hadn’t . I have not put any money into the account . They also not licensed to trade so they can do what they like . I am still trying to get my account closed with no success . I highly recommend anyone reading this not to even entertain this company they are a scam company and very greedy

Matthew Evans 10/02/2018

60OP Withdrawing

I tried to withdraw my money several times, but it was autorejected. After being trying to withdraw my money for 6 month I had a call today where the broker was telling me to write here that it is not scam. - But it is - I can't get my money out - and the balance is 10 times lower than I deposited.

Jette Steen 09/05/2018

60OP This is a Scam. Do not part with your money.

I have had a terrible experience with 60OP. They have no intention of paying you the money from your account and resort to rude insults when their poor customer service is challenged. This is a Scam.

Darren Taylor 08/15/2018

Instructions to withdraw

you have sent me an email with instructions to withdraw but as im following the instructions im not able to log in as there is no option to do so im not able to deposit any more money so wish to close my account and withdraw my funds please send me the link so that it will be easier for me to carry out this action thank you and look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
mr zulfiqar ahmed

zulfiqar amed 08/13/2018

60OP - withdrawal application refused or ignored

I opened an account with US$250 but subsequently decided not to commence trading due to a change in circumstances. My request for withdrawal is not actioned after nearly 2 months.
If they can't be trusted to refund even $250, who would want to trust them with trading and deals in the thousands ??!!

Simply put : don't go near them !

Stanley Mills 08/02/2018


Scam company avoid at all costs. Their only will is to take all your money

Kurt Eklund 08/01/2018

60OP - Brak zwrotu wplaconego depozytu

Od kwietnia 2019 staram sie aby firma przela mi wplacona kaucje 500 €.Zlozylem wszelkie wymagane dokumenty ,ponaglenia mailowe, bez rezultatu. Nie chca wyplacac raz zagarnietych pieniedzy.
Wygada to na jeden wielki przekret. Chce zawiadomic prokurature oraz wladze finansowe. Nie wiem czy cos to da.
Prosze ludzi ktorym sie to zdarzyło o kontakt mailowaby zlozyc skarge grupowo . Dziekuje

Translated by Google:

From april 2019, I again, through the company will get included capacity 500 €. I have filed all the required documents, e-mail reminders, without a result. They do not want to withdraw money once.
This is what one big sneak is about. I want to notify the prosecutor's office and financial authorities. I do not know if it will give you something.
I am asking people who happened to contact me to file a complaint in groups. Thank you

Jan Bozeniec-Jelowicki 07/27/2018

60-OP avoid this company

Everything is fine while they want your money. High pressure sales tactics to get you to invest, some deals to show you profit and you can even withdraw small sums so they can show you money can move into and out of your account freely. But if you make a profit, and try to withdraw ..... forget it, they will block you from removing your money and prevent you from closing your account. Their helplines and customer service numbers are ineffective (if they even answer at all) and what you get is the same message ‘your request has been referred to your broker’. I would not advise anyone to deal with 60OP. There are better companies out there. I’ve lost money here even though I am in significant profit!!

Paul Jeffrey 07/19/2018

60OP Harassment phone calls

Appalling - avoid like the plague. Thought I'd buy some kryptonex and was directed to website to fund the purchase. Their site didn't like my Mastercard, so the transaction didn't work. Ever since I have received up to 10 phone calls per day from people who, if I answer at all, do not remove me from their database as requested. The phone calls have been going on for a week now. My latest tactic (their numbers are fairly recognisable (07520 UK mobile codes here in the UK)is to answer, say nothing at all, listen (which confirms it is them as they always say the same thing at the start of each call) and wait for them to get bored and hang up. Not friendly, but perhaps the penny will drop now they're paying to hassle me. If they want more business and a better rep in future then this is precisely how to ensure they don't get it! So they're idiots as well as all the other comments below...

John Reddie 05/29/2018

trying to get my money back

its not a good company as im trying to get my money back and id asked for it over a week ago they didn't give me chance to give them my details befor suspending my account id advise anyone not to use them as think there a bit dodgy in more ways than one

gareth hughes 05/15/2018

60op phone number is invalid

I too was trading with 60op my deal went bad after my broker took control and insisted we went large on bitcoin movement the wrong way i might add so the trade went wrong and now after numerous emails no response so i decided to ring them and the phone number is invalid
There is a little money left in my trading account that i cant withdraw so please learn from my experience and dont use this trading platform in my opinion 60op is nothing but a scam

Steve Rhodes 05/08/2018

60OP withdrawing

Hi Jette (and others). A family member of mine has the same experience. Would you be able to give me a call on Tlf. +45 2380 5076 or email me on Perhaps, we can help eachother!
Kind regards. Peter Arnoldi

Peter Arnoldi 04/18/2018

60OP withdrawing

I don't know if this is the right place to say this, but:
I have made a deposit of 2300 Euros since a broker called me and took over my mouse.
I complained and have been making a withdraw request since I feel very insecure, but for a week nothing has happened and nobody replies.

Jette Rasmussen 04/09/2018
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