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4XFX Review - is it scam or safe?

4XFX  Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 41 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz 4XFX
4XFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Starter $250 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips
Silver 0.5 BTC 1:100 Fixed, unspecified
Gold 1 BTC 1:200 Fixed, unspecified
Platinum 10 BTC 1:200 Floating, unspecified

4XFX is a forex broker, which has obviously chosen a creative name. Their offer is very broad with multiple assets and platforms, but also has quite a few holes in it. Read the full review to see both the strong and weak sides of this broker and why we ultimately gave them this low score.

4XFX Advantages

Three trading platforms
4XFX allows you to access the global financial markets via MetaTradert4, another web trader, and a mobile app. This offer is so wide, it even seems excessive, as MT4 has a mobile and web version by itself. This is a proven platform, which we will always recommend to beginners and veterans alike.

That being the case, we decided to take a deeper look into the proprietary web-based platform, offered by 4XFX. First of all it is by no means an in-house solution – we have seen this layout with other brokers. Here is a preview:

The web platform at 4XFX

The most unique thing here is the fact this system is linked to an MT4 account, as the most experienced traders can see in the order box. Trading is done with the standard lot sizing (1 lot = 100,000 currency units) instead of entering the actual nominal size. While this offer may seem a bit useless, given the strengths of the default Meta Trader, some traders may enjoy it.

>>Extensive list of brokers offering MT4<<

Plethora of markets

When trading at 4XFX one can trade much more than the major forex pairs. CFDs on Indices, Commodities and even a few specific Stocks are also available. A cryptocurrency offering is also in place, but as far as we can tell it is also done via CDFs and not the actual coins.

High leverage provided
Both of the levels offered by this broker (1:100 and 1:200) are suitable for most trading styles. That being said, such ratios can also lead to relatively quick losses, so be sure to learn about the risks involved and how to manage your risk.

Many payment methods, not fully disclosed

Payments to and from 4XFX can be made by Bank Transfer, Credit Cards and “more than 20 digital methods”. The latter group isn’t specified and one must contact the customer support to get the details. Given the fact some of the account types require a Bitcoin deposit, we suspect blockchain transfers are supported.

4XFX Disadvantages

Not regulated, claiming to follow rules

4XFX is owned and operated by GRF EUROPE OÜ, a company based in Tallinn, Estonia. An operational office in Germany is also mentioned. As far as the regulatory status of the firm goes, they claim to apply “Order execution as per the MiFID 2006/73/EC Directive”. While this may sound impressive, it’s only a pledge to follow a certain ruling, with no financial regulatory agency monitoring them. We checked with the Estonian Finantsinspektsioon, and GRF EUROPE wasn’t listed as a regulated entity.

Spreads aren’t clear, high ones in the platform

Despite offering a broad range of markets, 4XFX only briefly describes them, instead of giving a detailed description. The spreads we saw, when testing the platform were wider than the current industry averages (a 3 pips fixed spread on EUR/USD).

>>Compare some of the tightest spreads here<<

High minimum deposit, BTC ones for bigger accounts
The minimum requirement at 4XFX, of $250 is higher than the levels set by other brokers. Nowadays you can start trading with a $100, $50 or even lower investment at other places. Additionally the latter account types require a Bitcoin investment, which (with the current prices is very high).

Website tends to lag
While this isn’t a big deal, we felt the need to mention it. This warning message appears approximately every other time you go to a different page:

What you will frequently see at 4XFX


4XFX is an unregulated Estonian forex and CFD broker. They provide access to a lot of markets, but the presentation of the trading conditions is basically non-existent. The fact some (but not all) account types require a Bitcoin deposit is rather unusual and leads us to believe this broker may have been “stitched-up” from several other websites.

That being said, the lack of regulation is by far the biggest problem we have with the company. Trading with such a broker always carries a high level of risk. As a comparison, we will briefly present two of the rules followed by the companies registered with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA):

>>UK FCA-regulated brokers <<

1) client accounts must be segregated from the company’s own balance. Simply put this means, the broker can’t use your funds for marketing campaigns, paying salaries or anything.

2) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects you, if your partner goes bankrupt. This is a rather complicated system, but even without knowing all the details, one will know he will eventually receive his investment back if his broker shuts down.

Here is a summary of 4XFX:

Pros Cons
Three trading platforms Not regulated, claiming to follow rules
Plethora of markets Spreads aren’t clear, high ones in the platform
High leverage provided High minimum deposit, BTC ones for bigger accounts
Many payment methods, not fully disclosed Website tends to lag


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be warned kiss your money good bye

once you invest, they will not let you withdraw,ive made many withdrawl requests, and many emails,and still trying after 8 months still trying

keith griffiths 08/07/2019

Screw 4xfx

Your best weapon is visa or MasterCard chargeback in case you used card for payments. I was scammed by them too of thousands of euros. I screwed them with visa chargeback. Your bank will support you provided you have created your case with evidence. I created a case proving that their terms and conditions are non binding are are misrepresented.

If you did not use cards, file a case on the receiving bank for having co-conspirated in promotions operations of illegal business. Do not discount that the receiving bank or financial institution benefited from these transactions.

Report to your police with explain how your consumer rights have been violated. If your country has agreement with EU, police will have to pursue the case. I filed a complaint with financial crime department of Estonia.

Brando 08/04/2019

This company is a big scam

This company is a big scam. They took all my money of thousands of dollars and did not return my original money let alone any so called trading profit.

All my efforts to get my original money back went in vain because their offices in located in Great Britain, Germany, and Estonia ,,, , all outside of my country's legal jurisdiction of Canada.

I should have done my homework before depositing my money with them . I've learned a hard lesson. This has impacted my life and the way I look at the world ...

Please be mindful of the name Encryptous Tallinn or 4xfx .

Ebrahim Bagheri 07/29/2019

scam be ware

i know where they work from and the owners. its a scam, comment me here and ill share info

I 07/23/2019

Not good

This company took my money & left me high & dry...! Not good.

Samuel Black 06/27/2019

4xfx access denied to my account?

There are a lot of people like me who were rushed into investing with 4xfx under false pretences. I heard about a trading platform that was supposedly recommended by the Dragon's Den team. But although I was reassured by a phone call that 4xfx was the correct avenue, it was not. As a result we were conned into investing a large amount, only to realise that 4xfx is not a registered or legal trading company.

My main complaint is that there are still like this one suggesting 4xfx as an option. their website does not even exist anymore and they have robbed thousands of innocent victims of their hard earned cash.

Sue Visser 06/24/2019

Be warned!

I also made a withdrawal request to close my account.
Was suppose to reflect on my bank account 5 working days later.
The request was done 23 April 2019. A week after that
I went onto my 4xfx account, and there it showed the transaction
Was cancelled by me, which was never the case.
And eversince, after numerous phone calls, emails, etc. no response
I'm handing them over to Interpole now - it's a shit load of
Money I invested.. Please be warned people!!

Shawn Myburgh 06/19/2019

rip off merchants

trying to get my money back ??? fat chance do not reply to e-mails phone calls

Ron Williams 05/30/2019

Scam by 4xfx owner

Hi everybody,

referring to my previous post some months ago.

Of course, "4xfx" is a scam and an unfortunate example of a scam broker. For complains, you have to refer to its owner Oliver Hemmer from Lichtenstein. The company along with its shell companies was registered in Estonia by CRM Advisor. What else you need to get the reality? Estonian authorities are quite tough for such scams

Kind regards


Alexei Titievskii 05/22/2019

I am buggered

I seem to have lost contact with the company.
When I attempt to send emails they won't go through.
I get a warning "bad site".
I just wish I had NOT believed all the hype.
Now I am in dire straights and can get NO word from them.
A lesson learned the HARD WAY !!!!!

Cynthia Reay 04/26/2019

Dodgy and fraudulent company and now vanished!

They made huge promises to get my initial deposit $250 US, then continually calling with changing account managers but all with the goal of getting more money out of me and becoming very rude and offensive when I said I didn't want to invest more and calling them out on their original promises. They initiated a couple of small trades and then two larger ones that were not monitored at all. I finally closed the trades myself at a loss and tried to withdraw the balance of my account to no avail. An email comes back saying that I must verify my account which I have already done or thought I had by providing ID etc. They tell me they are doing everything following the law, no idea which law, but will not reply to my emails and tell me what i do need to do to verify the account to their satisfaction and withdraw the money.. Now they seem to have vanished of the face of the earth and emails are bouncing back at me and their website is no longer there either! I truly wish I had never came across these thieves.

Randal Dell-Spector 04/21/2019

suddenly not able to get logged in, or contact by phone or email

I found out too late that their method of harassment to persuade more investment, along with promises of certain success, were just empty con tactics. The person who initiated this kind of method, was called Bryan Philips, and it worked on me, because from my initial $250, he logged up around $16,000 from my bank via credit card. It was followed up later by Noah Nixon, Adam Feldman, and others I can't remember off hand. But at this stage, I refused to part with any more funds, and from then on, no-one ever got in touch again. Some-one else named Jovanni Klein sent me an email for me to reply 'confirm', that I had been placed on an automated trading algorithm. This was during the working week ended 12th April '19. Since then, nothing, and I fear that is the last I shall see of my $16,000.

Roger Armstrong 04/21/2019

Technical issue


Please be advised, we are suffering technical issues on our website..
We are currently working on fixing all the issues and to get back online as soon as possible.
In the meantime, let us assure that all the accounts are 100% protected and no account was effected.
For any issue, please feel free to contact us at +442080893668 or at

Best regards,
4XFX Support Team

Support 4XFX 04/18/2019

4xfx have disappeared!

These guys just vanished off the face of the earth on Tuesday of this week! The website has disappeared along with my money!
Emails bounce back, website offline and no dial tone!
Has anyone else been affected?

Benjamin Craig-Cameron 04/18/2019

4XFX - terrible scam

My first contact was good, returned e-mails and phone calls etc..
the investment I made was growing. Then started to fall as I watched so i contacted them and they said I had nothing to worry about that they had a set value. I let it go a while longer and know I can not access my account and the Emails will not go through. I believe that this is a scam and that I have been taken. That is a terrible feeling. I lost everything I had.

Gord Shearer 04/16/2019

scam report

Stay away from this site they are a bunch of crooks.

Edward Smith 04/10/2019

4XFX Oplichters

1000 euro geïnvesteerd kon niet terugtrekken deze strijd duurt nu al 2
maanden. Vroege28 mrt. Om een bevestiging om mijn accound te sluiten en het geld overmaken. Had mijn accound niet geactiveerd er stond al die tijd 1000 euro. Nu hebben ze mijn bevestiging gebruikt om mijn accound te activeren inplaats van te sluiten.FRAUDEURS van de bovenste plank.
Reageren niet op bellen of schrijven.

Translated by Google:

Invested 1000 euros could not withdraw this fight is already taking 2
months. Early Mar 28 For a confirmation to close my account and transfer the money. Had my accound not been activated there was 1000 euros all the time. Now they have used my confirmation to activate my accound instead of closing. FRAUD DOORS from the top shelf.
Do not respond to calling or writing.

C. van Heukelum 04/09/2019

Clearly, this is a scam

Potsdamer Strasse 180
Berlin 10783

GRF Europe OU
Roosikrantsi Tn 2-K135
Tallinn City
Harju County 10119
I learned how to trade through Bryan Phillips of 4XFX during the period of six weeks leading up to his departure on leave. During Bryan’s absence, I continued to trade CRUDE and successfully turned approximately $40,000 into profits of more than $950,000 in six weeks ending in early March 2019. At first, I feared that 4XFX was a scam but if this is so why did you return some of my funds? Assuming 4XFX is not a scam and is really trying to build up its business, I can help. My fears were further exacerbated when I checked out 4XFX on all the scam websites. Unfortunately, there were many negative comments made by 4XFX customers, but I noticed that all of these were dealing with very small sums. I have since completed a withdrawal request for $650,000 and received the customary acknowledgement but no funds. Further follow-up also resulted in no communication and no funds. Clearly, this is a scam. If small investors lost their funds that is one thing, however, although I started with investments that totaled USD40,000 and turned this into profits of USD920,000 only to then realize that I had no hope of ever getting any of my profits sent back to me. INVESTORS BEWARE!
On numerous occasions, I was asked to deposit further funds. This was so that I could get into a new Contract opportunity in CRUDE without which I would not qualify. The advantages I was told for investing in such CRUDE Contracts was that I would receive a price of 30 cents a barrel lower than the published rate at the time. So, this would mean that I would be in profit from the outset. What they failed to disclose was that I would never see any of the profits earned being paid back into my account.
All funds were to be paid into them via credit card deposits or Skrill. I was given a script to tell to my credit card holder if the transaction was at first rejected. This happened so I followed the script and was successful. The payment processing vehicle used by them was INCRYPTOUS. I know this because each time I made a deposit I was sent confirmation emails that confirm INCRYPTOUS.  

Neil Van Luven 04/07/2019

To be avoided

4XFX accepted my money and an account was opened. They subsequently required proof of identity documentation. This should have been requested before the account was opened. I did not agree to share identity documentation over the internet having previously been a victim of identity theft. I requested a refund and account closure. Then came three months of calls from different employees, mainly traders. Nothing in writing. Most of them were rude and unhelpful, just requesting more funds and refusing to refund me, saying the funds were blocked. Three months on, April 2019, I get a call from a polite individual telling me the money had reduced to virtually nothing. I asked him to close the account. This company is unprofessional and untrustworthy. I regret not having done my due diligence before transferring money.

John Atkin 04/06/2019

Unable to contact them wish to close my account but no feedback

Very poor co to deal with get the feeling I have thrown my money away

Peter Seal 04/06/2019


MY experienced has been shared today 7th March 2019 with, as below.
I started dealing with 4XFX in Dec2018. I dealt with Bryan Phillips who impressed me with his trading knowledge and his attention in dealing with me. I initially deposited several amounts in lots of $5,000 per time to a total of approximately £30,000. I learned much about trading from Bryan but when he disappeared one Friday in December without any notice to me I traded myself following his system of trading. We were trading in CRUDE and on the first trade he generated a profit of $14,400. I followed this with a further CRUDE trade and made a profit of $30,660. When he returned he scolded me for this trade saying that I had risked much of my funds. He then took over the trading on my account and it went well but with minor profits until he left for a one-month leave of absence to deal with a family matter. Again, this was done without any communication with me so I was left in the dark. As a result, I issued written instructions to 4XFX not to trade for me and that I would be doing all of the trading in Bryan's absence. Unfortunately, this instruction was not followed and a trader by the name of Dennis entered into several currency and crypto trades on my account. I was shocked and immediately closed all of these trades suffering some losses in the process. Two trades however could not be closed because they had been set up by Dennis with a block on me doing anything with these trades. I then decided to invest all of my funds in CRUDE on a Spread Betting format taking advantage of 4XFX's high leverage. I did this for six weeks ending on 4th March 2019. During this time I generated profits of $1,030,926. At the same time the losses and enormous SWAPS taken by 4XFX from my account totalled $112,663 and margins of $38,758. I had asked my new contact at 4XFX - Ed Barnes, to fix this and remove the two bogus trades several times during the six weeks only to be told that he was working with his Directors on this and he assured me it would be taken care of. On 4th March 2019, I decided to call it a day with 4XFX and transferred $650,000 to another of the accounts I had with them that was not longer used for trading. I did this to then file a withdrawal request of $650,000. I then transferred into this account another $270,000 of my CRUDE profits to a new total of $920,000. I then tried to file a further withdrawal request but the system did not allow me to do so as there was an early withdrawal request in place. The following day 5th March 2019, I received an email from Andy Walker (without any title or department) stating that my account was being suspended with immediate effect due to potential fraudulent activity. He went on to state - The Company will be refunding my invested seed funds in 3 stages, to be completed within fourteen (14) days after the date of this notice. This notice was dated 5th March 2019. I have a deep belief that this suspension was due to my request for the profits to be paid to me. I will await to see if by 19th March my seed funds are returned. If they are not my fears will have become reality. At which stage I will take enforcement action to obtain the profits I earned. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I could be wrong however and 4XFX could be legitimate and treat me as they should. However, I remain open until further time passes. Neil G Van Luven

Neil Van Luven 03/07/2019

4XFX Restitutie

Eerst 250 euro gestort was volgens Alan niet genoeg dus nog 750 erbij. Had bedenktijd en maakte daar gebruik van. volgende dag aangegeven dat ik niet verder wilde. Gesprek werd verbroken dit gebeurde herhaaldelijk.
Ik verzocht terugbetaling en dat werd toegezegd dit dateer tussen 13 febr. tot op heden 2maart 2019.
Maar op mijn bank nog steeds niets bijgeschreven....wat is de reden dat er niet terug wordt betaald.
Regelmatig word ik gebeld door verschillende mensen van 4xfx en als ik niet inga op hun voorstellen verbreken e de verbinding.
Er zijn geen trad s geweest en nog niet nog door hen nog door mijzelf, ik heb meerdere malen e mail verzonden voor de restitutie van mijn geld. Want dat is het nog altijd mijn geld, waar ze niets over te zeggen hebben.
Als het een eerlijke broker is voldoen ze aan mijn verzoek en maken zij de 1000.00 wat voor mij een kapitaal is en waar ik mijn mediche behandelijng van moet betalen aan mij over.


Translated by Google:

First 250 euro deposited according to Alan was not enough so 750 there. Had reflection time and used it. the next day indicated that I did not want to go any further. Conversation was interrupted this happened repeatedly.
I requested a refund and that was pledged this date between Feb. 13. to date, March 2, 2019.
But still nothing on my bank .... what is the reason that is not paid back.
I am regularly called by different people of 4xfx and if I do not respond to their proposals the connection is broken.
There have been no trad s and not yet by them yet by myself, I have several times e mail sent for the refund of my money. Because that's still my money, which they have nothing to say about.
If it is an honest broker, they comply with my request and make the 1000.00 which is a capital for me and which I have to pay for my medical treatment.


c.van Heukelum 03/05/2019

Verify account with 4xfx


I made a deposit (stupid me) but I want my money back. In order to make a withdrawal, they want verification. I'm really hesitation in doing so cause they want all kinds of photos. Back and front ID card, bank card and a photo of me holding it and a utility bill. This more sounds like a scam. Do you have a tip for me in how to get my money back? Within sending them all of this sensitive information?

Marjolein van de Weerdt

Marjolein van de Weerdt 02/28/2019

I got my £250 pounds back

Hi all. I claimed a chargeback on my credit card as well as complain directly to the company.

The company uses an aggregator to process payments. They refunded me the money in full.

Note i paid by credit card though.

Albert 02/27/2019

be warned kiss your money good bye

if you open an account dont expect to see your money again ,withdrawals are not allowed

keith griffiths 02/26/2019

4XFX Oplichters

Grote onbeschofte intimiderende oplichters!!!!
Zijn poeslief totdat je niet doet wat zij willen
dan veranderen ze en krijg je iedere keer een ander aan de telefoon
aan de telefoon die uit is op je geld.
Beloven terugbetaling maar er komt niets op je bankrekening
Deze moeten van internet verwijderd worden want ze slagen erin nog meer slachtoffers te maken.
Staan we dan helemaal machteloos tegen deze bende??

Translate by Google:

Big rude intimidating scammers !!!!
His devil until you do not do what they want
then they change and you get someone else on the phone every time
on the phone that is out on your money.
Promise refund but nothing will come to your bank account
These must be removed from the internet because they manage to make even more victims.
Are we completely powerless against this gang?

Charry van Heukelum 02/25/2019

Bastard scammers

I have just been scammed out of $5940 by these so called Senior financial advisors, very charming but rootless bastards, with no conscience or remorse. Yesterday I had $5494 in my account today I have $00.43??? It looks like I too will be visiting Estonia to light a fire.

Dean Lawrence 02/22/2019

Im being harrased by 4 phone calls a day

Never signed up for 4xfx and im receiving multiple phone calls a day

Scott Gallacher 02/19/2019

4xfx cost me 20,000 AUD

Do not go anywhere near them cost me 20,000 AUD they are definitely a scam

k 02/18/2019

Real scammers

I invsted a bit and then I was reading other persons experiences in internet and decided to stop. I wanted my money back but have not got them. They started to call me terribly often f. ex. 10 times a day during weeks. They claim that it is company policy, that they cannot return money if I do not want to talk with them. I filled the form with my bank details so if they are honest they can pay my money back. I think they are real scammers!!!

Jalmari Heikkonen 02/17/2019

Scammers - Never use this company

Never use this company, they're fraudulent and will steal your money.
They will also try to steal your identity if you follow the verification process they send you. Luckily for me I only invested the bare minimum with them as I cancelled my card as soon as I realised what I had done which was about 5 minutes after the money had gone.

I am looking into their full address and once I have it I will travel to estonia and burn down their office. It actually amazes me that companies like this exist and have not been shut down so i will have to go about doing it myself!

Jonathan 02/13/2019

Scammed - I have to write my investment off

What started off positively soon became a collection of phone calls to invest more so they can recoup my losses. I have tried to close this account and take my knock without success. A lesson well learnt and it seems I have to write my investment off

Peter Seal 02/12/2019

4XFX is a big big scam

Last Oct 2018, I was enticed by their web ad to invest. I put in $500 USD and a then almost every day there after they called me to invest more and buy 1 bitcoin worth approx. 7K. They are sweet talker and very excellent scammers over the phone. They manipulate and showed my investment had gone up to 850 USD in just 1.5 months. I started to doubt and their persistence of calling and convincing me daily to invest more is annoying. The increase of my money will only occurred every time they'll talk to me then it stop after I stop answering their calls, Then in Jan 2019, I come up an idea to withdraw $800 USD to see if it works so as to develop confidence to their company. They send an email to me that my money will be deposited in 5 business days. But nothing happened, instead money $850 USD just go negative in just 3 days thereafter as they put it in open high risk trading without my knowledge. THIS IS A BIG BIG BIG SCAM..BE AWARE! THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS AND SWEET TALKER.

ROMAN B. BARUIZ 02/11/2019


I invested $1250. Before any trading could be made, I requested my money back. Now they are refusing to refund me!

Suzanne Kruger 02/11/2019

4xfx is a BIG scam

The people working is this company are sharks who eat up all your monies!! Initially in first couple of weeks , I was shown in the platform that I made money to entice you more but when time you apply to withdraw - I was not allowed to withdraw funds! They trade your monies AGAINST all your instructions. Eventually the broker traded all money in accounts in high risk sure fail deals until your account comes down to negative balance. This is how they operate, they call you sweet talking on how to recover by asking to put in more money "chasing the loses "type. Mind you you, they are very skilled telephone sellers of their product.
This should serve as lesson all to vulnerable , inexperienced people like me. NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY EVER!!

Jocelyn de Vera 01/29/2019


Folks like you all I believe its a scam and we all seem to have similar emails from 4XFX, but note from other comments I notice that Pieter Warnich has received his money back and I wonder whether he could share with the rest of us how he did it or anyone else please.

Also Pieter did you have to send the info 4X ask for especially as this is all they need to clone your ID.

colin chatwin 01/24/2019


hi, when you mention stiched up with otherseemingly right, I live in Canada, received numerous calls from suppose 4xfxAccount manager last night An Adam Mesh, they have frozen myaccount, initially bought 1 bit they cover me with 1.5 bit margin that was november 6000+ bitcoin started january to make trades in commodities....bit of forex....brought my account to around 17000; but recently used most of margin with pending crude, natural gas temporary dip, i,d say,they froze my account....right from start réalise how rude,agressive they were,of course after I committed via credit card to buy 1 bit, as a trial run....they were pushing me to buy 3.....gladly did not,all investment have risk, I,m willing to lose .....I now owe my credit card back, not rich by any mean....i,lol suck it up,i should of known better....beware......

john 01/24/2019

I think I have been hacked by 4XFX

Since this trader withdrawn $14000 out of my bank account, I have not heard a word from them. While we were talking on the phone, he said to me I must transfer my money to my credit card. The total amount was R200,000.00 RSA Rand which is about $14000. I struggled a bit to fill in all the information and he offered to do it for me. When we were finished I checked my account and there was nothing in up to today. I suppose I have been fooled out of my money by trusting a person from a registered trader like 4XFX. I am a pensioner and that money was all my savings for me and my wife. I just feel so unhappy that people can do things like that. I just want to warn other people that this is what has happened to me and it will be a struggle now to make ends meet. Thankyou

Arrie Paulsen 01/19/2019

4xfx - goodbye to $250

I totally agree with all comments below.
its a scam.
goodbye to 250 usd

L Hebden 01/17/2019

I did received my $250 back


As promised on my previous comments. I did received back my $250.

Thank you Andy for all your assistance

Pieter Warnich 01/08/2019

Fast talking operators

Recommend4d favourably by Martin Lewis bit I can’t see why. Incomprehensible foreign people manning the phones.

If I had seen any of these revie3s I would have not bothered talking to them

Nicholas Ireland 01/07/2019

4XFX - No refund on $250

I refer to my comments in October 2018. I have spoken to guy by the name of Andy and he promise me that I will receive my $250 back. It was mistake on my side and apologies to them. All the required documents were forward to them and they acknowledge.

When I receive the money I will inform the site.

Pieter Warnich 01/02/2019

Scam - they won't let you withdraw

SCAM SCAM SCAM you deposit £250 never to see it again. They won't let you withdraw it.....they come up with all the scams to clone your card and identity.BEWARE!

Mark 12/28/2018

no trading

can i get my money back from 4xFX

Frederick Paulson 12/26/2018


I have repeatedly tried to get my money back from them (£250.00) and close my account, but they continue to ignore me, is there anything I can do to get my money back.

Ronald J Day 12/18/2018

Money away

I also fell for the company, paid 500 €, Can not retrieve the money. What can you do, how and where to complain the best? Who is the contact person for such things in Germany?

Karsten Lenk 12/09/2018

Big mistake

This investment though 259 Euro $426.49 NZ has been one big mistake and I want my funds withdrawn to the account i paid into Voguepay
my trading account # 81918188, amount 250 EURO Payment method Praxis CC55, Transaction ID 3872168
I want my money back

Richard Dargaville 12/04/2018

Don't invest with 4XFX

The slick advert for investing in Swedish crypto was all the more convincing by being immersed in my Yahoo portfolio news page. I sent £500 to Kryptonex Research Group and, like the advert said would happen, someone called me even before the transaction through Visa had completed. He gave me a 'secure' code for future calls because 'there are so many criminals'. Next I received an acknowledgement from 4xfx that my account had been opened but nothing else from here on matched the advert. Too late I checked the reviews and all screamed 'scam'. I tried to withdraw my funds back to Visa but nothing happened. By email they gave me a list of requirements before they would release my money:

• Color copy of a valid Government issued photo ID (front and back)

• A copy of utility bill not more than 6 months old

• Color copy of a credit/debit card used to deposit funds on your account (front and back)

• A photo of yourself holding the front of your ID

- everything they would need to steal an identity. I intend to pass this on to Visa's fraud department.

Ronnie Hayes 11/24/2018

Getting money back

I have been trying to get a reply from them for 3 weeks. They never answer my emails or answer the phone. Don't know where to go from here

Lynda Graham 11/22/2018

A complete scam

I personally think this company is a complete scam. The phone numbers they use to contact you appear to be done through a computer as when you try to contact them using the same number you're told by the operator that the number doesn't exist. Trying to contact support presents much the same problem. They also without your permission remove money from your bank account. They claim that once they have received your application they will do various credit checks before opening your account and giving you your account and security number. This is rubbish as they gave me these details immediately when I enquired about opening a starter bitcoin account for £250. When I next checked my bank account they had immediately on payment of the £250 removed a further £1000 without my permission and the following day removed a further £300 again without my permission. In their terms and conditions, it states that all deposits must be made by the client!! When trying to contact them on the phone numbers listed the operator informs you these numbers don't exist nor are you able to contact MAX STANLEY with the details provided after he's contacted you. I also received a call from him trying to browbeat me after I had reported the company to the fraud squad at my bank. Since then they have blocked me from trying to access my account .

Peter Harrison 11/21/2018

Criminal fraud

4XFX Steven Bauman kept requesting further funds. I stopped answering his calls. Last night he put losing trades without my permission , in 1 hour he wiped my account of $54,000 USD.

John michak 11/20/2018

4xfx is a scam

4xfx is a scam. Trading platform stopped working last Fri, 16.11. and still does´t work. Broker "Bryan Phillips stopped responded to the skype calls. Unfortunately, I am going to loose probably 7.000 euros.

The company owner is Oliver Hemmer. Registered by KRM in Estonia in March 2018. Somebody like to join in returning money operation, welcome.

Alexey 11/19/2018

Scam - avoid like the plague

Awful. I authorized a deposit of £250.00. when I received my bank statement, I had been debited £362.19. I have received numerous promises that they would sort this out but I am still waiting. I have reported this to my bank as fraud.

I suspect 4XFX are a bunch of crooks, avoid like the plague.

Eric Gillett 11/19/2018

Scam - never again!

I tried this outfit only because it sounded like exactly what I needed. I know nothing about this stuff, and from what the YouTube video that I received on my phone it said I would make $5700 in 41 days. It was a turn key deal. Well I never saw any of the things they offered and I also ended up losing $250. I am on a disability pension. It is sad to see this stuff happen to people. NEVER again. Getting my money back is a farce. Those people have no conscience. Not happy.!

Craig Stewart 11/14/2018

Newest victim

Im a new victim. I saw an apparently fake news in Facebook about Singapore going to crypto. Just followed the links, and suddenly I was in 4xfx. Im a completely inexperienced with trades, and just wanted to try, but Adrian Novak convinced me by phone of buying the minimum quantity of bitcoin, which was aprox 1200 Euro. So I deposited a total of 1450 euro. Then the verification process, and there I started to doubt. The back of my card was rejected, so I sent an email, and they answered that they were trying to call me for my withdraw, BUT I HAVEN'T TRIED A WITHDRAW. So they are already giving fake answers because they are used to their scam. Don't know what to do. How can we organize together and try that police catches them?

Tino 11/10/2018

Тhey are scam, I can not withdraw my fund

I read an article about 4XFX and I wanted to give it a try, I deposited a minimum amount, I started receiving calls from gentlemen his name is Ben trying to convince me to deposit more and invest more. I rejected and wanted to take it easy to discover more about them. I gained a small amount of profit and I wanted to try and see how much they are legit, I withdraw the amount and after few days I found that Ben has canceled my withdraw, I tried again to withdraw and found that this guy has blocked me from withdrawing my fund.

Motasem Al-khalifa 11/02/2018

Plaintext passwords

After setting up my account they sent me a confirmation email wih my password in plaintext.

This is very insecure and means that they know your password.

They also keep phoning me claiming to be very secure but the person on the phone did not seem or want to understand that storing passwords in plaintext is poor practice.

Paul Hewlett 11/01/2018

Glad I read these reviews - shocked how they advertised on LinkedIN

New to all this, got suckered in by the adverts and 'set up' an account. Not deposited money as wanted to read reviews and glad i have.

What surprises me is I got this far based of LinkedIN recommendations / posts.

Chad 10/29/2018

Total scammers

TOTAL SCAMMERS! I've been trying to get my money back with no luck, they are patronising and aggressively rude I am a canadian citizen and apparently I'm not their only victim, do not trust those people. I made my research and I've found out that they are based in israel and the owners name is S. Y. F. ,I will file an official complain to the local israeli police , I will get my money back.

Thomas 10/22/2018

No refund on $250

I invest with them last week and realize that was a mistake. I requested a refund and they requested a lot of information even the back side of my card. I told them that I will not provide the information and they were rude. I will not receive my money without the information.
I believe that I also lost my money!!!


Pieter Warnich 10/19/2018

Big scammers

I should have realized that this was a big scam just be warned do not invest in 4xfx Kontofx big big big scam may the curse of africa be upon you.

CM 10/17/2018

4XFX are big-time scammers from way back

I remember Stock Market Scammers working out these Baltic States way back in the 80's and 90's, flogging worthless stock to unsuspecting Investors and then sit back and collect commissions on all the trades THEIR "Automatic Trading System" would generate until all your investment money was gone. It's amazing to think something that old is now new again, I should have realised how this stunt worked, especially when it's based in Estonia. Fools and their money are quickly and easily parted. I wish there was a way of bringing these criminals to justice because you can't stop people from doing stupid things.

John R Hodson 10/16/2018

4XFX a total scam

Do not trust 4XFX
A total scam at every level.
Thye will take your deposit to trade.
WILL NEVER return your money. Withdrawals are
never honoured and will continuosly make
excuses to avoid paying you back.After initial
Deposit They will make 1 payment back to win your
Confidence BUT this is a trick to lure you
To deposit more money.
4XFX Will change your account login password without
your knowledge.
They ask for card-bank details (front and back)
They will attempt to take money out of your
Account through. The brokers use multiple
Skype accounts, change names frequently.
In short a complete bunch of CROOKS AND CRIMINALS.


Anon 10/01/2018

4XFX Scam - be aware

I deposited $250 and then received a call from Michael novek...he said there was an offer so he will deposit $250..and I can withdraw as soon as I can and if make a loss it will be from his deposited money and mine will be safe. He also mentioned that he will start the software on my account.
After two day nothing happnened and I submit the wihtdrawl request(take 5 days to complete) then I receive a call from Carl my account manager. He said Michael has left hence no further deposit was made into my account...I made up a story and said when my friend join u guys two months back..he spoke to Michael initially and two days later he received a call that he has left...and u r telling me the same thing...Carl (European accent & not sure if it was his real name) said tbh he did left us but as we are expanding he rejoined and now he left again...what a load of rubbish..that proves a becarefull...third day now as waiting for my refund...Good luck

the one 09/26/2018

BEWARE - You invest in these follks, you will never see any of your money again

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. They took my $250.00 US, then sent an email requiring me to do the following to activate my account. If I sent them this information, they would have been in a positin to steal more from me than the $250.00 US. They will not refund my money even though the account hasn’t been activated. Total crooks, beware, it is all a con game to steal your money. Thankfully, I only lost $250.00 US

This is what they sent me.
Thank you for choosing

Your account Username & Password are listed below.

In order to activate real trading account, please complete the registration process by configuring your account and submitting the necessary legal agreements and accepting all legal disclosures.

The legals documents required are:

Proof of Identity :

Coloured copy of your passport or copies of the front and back of your Identity Card showing clearly your full name, your photo, the date of birth, the expiration date (valid), the official document number and your signature.

Proof of Address :

Clear copy of a recent utility bill (any bill that is not older than 6 months and clearly shows your name and permanent address of residence e.g. water bill, electric, gas, telephone etc…) or a bank statement showing clearly your full name, address and the issue date.

Your login details :

Login: your email address
Password: $2y$10$d1/LcI5jJmcTF6zrWUmyEO/zZSZ7QFw2j/2OTkordwpOogmMqOJJW

In case the button is not clickable copy link below and paste in browser address field Finish registration.

Wishing you an enjoyable and profitable trading experience!


DickRichards 09/26/2018

So-called investment win 4XFX

I am livid not o0nly with this so-called trading company but also with my own stupidity,oh yes I was so stupid.I invested or thought that I had invested $1000.00 [and let me tell you at 80 years old that is a lot of money]After the first week a person called Jamie phoned me to tell me that he had made me a $400 profit and was building :do I want to invest more"I said not at the present time he rang me each week askinf for more money and each week my profit went up to $2600.00 I thought ok ill take out my original investment and leave the $1600.00 profit in there two days after my application they advised me that I must send bank account details,licence with photo,electricity account etc.anyway I got them ready to send and looked at my account details and low and behold I had $102.00 in my account.I sent emails and emails asking what had happened to my $2600.00 and after two weeks am still waiting for a reply.jamie rang me today asking for more money and I told him to go to hell and back.DO NOT PUT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY INTO THESE CON-MEN YOU WILL NOT SEE IT AGAIN...

fred lindh 09/21/2018

4XFX will not allow fund withdrawal

A bunch of crooks. Manager cancelled my withdrawal request with no reason other than I assume they do not give you your money on request.
Avoid like the PLAGUE !!!

steven woodhouse 09/17/2018

4XFX - want my deposit back

My fault for going with this company i wanted to invest £250 i was foolish to believe that a company would make me money and help me learn the system,they would ring me at work everyday but would not call me in the evenings even if they made booking with me,still would not call in the evening or weekends.
kept asking me to invest more money after 2 days with them,so i declined that so guess what no more calls...
so i sent an email says wanted my deposit back, yes you can how ever please take pic of youre bank account front and back,passport details and photo, and house hold bill with street address.
surely thats not right?


andrew 09/09/2018

4XFX/Shark Tank - I got off lightly

Disgusting to say the least, if it wasn't for this forum, I would have been another victim.
I don't understand how they're able to ride on the Bit-coin name in the first place.
What was worse the link I use was associated with a TV program on channel 10 in Sydney,called Shark Tank. It showed the two brothers who apparently came up with the so called app, where you couldn't lose your money.
It was sold to the investors, it looked legit. That there is an app that generates you money, from my understanding of the program. The so could Bit-coin app wasn't the one you were purchasing for $250 and up. It takes to a these Muppet 4X4FX. The red flag for me was the bold writing in red at the top of the page, telling you it was an limited offer and it was going to close it's doors by the end of the day, due the high volume of numbers. I then automatically got a call from Holly Morgan, the account manager, she rang three times mind you. When I finally answered, her English was rubbish, trying hard to pull off the American accent,I told her where to go and hung up.
It was an Adelaide number feel free to give her a call or try and track her down first, to reclaim your money. It's an Australian number for those outside, +61871303548, its a good thing I checked, thanks once again.Joe.

Joe 09/06/2018

Trying to get my deposit returned

On further reflection I decided not continue with 4xfx.I have been trying to get my deposit returned so far without success.

E R Griffiths 09/06/2018

Beware they are a scam operation

I deposited £250 I have been trying toget my money back for weeks butthey keep telling me to verify my account but this has not been possible. These people are total scammers and shoud not be allowed to opperate.

miranda Summers 09/05/2018

4xfx Thieves

Not reliable
They sell you fake dreams, I was told that I must use their program so that it can help me generate profits daily, that I can make $80 and more daily but instead I lost all the money I deposited and they said I need to deposit again, $250 is a lot of money in South African Rands and I just lost it like that.

Cindi 08/29/2018

I Feel sorry for you Cindi. I lost R40 000.00 to these guys. Real crooks. The authorities in South Africa are aware and investigating them.

Ashley 09/03/2018

Not reliable

They sell you fake dreams, I was told that I must use their program so that it can help me generate profits daily, that I can make $80 and more daily but instead I lost all the money I deposited and they said I need to deposit again, $250 is a lot of money in South African Rands and I just lost it like that.

Cindi 08/29/2018

4XFX is a scam operation

My husband lost all our money to these crooks. BEWARE.

L.Adams 08/21/2018

4XFX con artists

People please beware of 4XFX. I lost over R40 000.00 to them. Telling you to deposit more money so they can recover your money. Bullshit!!! Adrian Novak, Thomas Milner, Jamie Gold, Alex Price are all Aliases these guys us. Something must be done about these crooks. If you invest with them, your money is gone!!!

Mr A Fortune 08/20/2018

4xfx Crooks

Can't these scammers be reported to Interpol.

A Fortune 08/20/2018


This is a total scam

John wilson 08/15/2018


Dont put money with them they are liars and scammers you will be lucky to see your money again

Brian Mattschoss 08/07/2018

4XFX Scam?

I have invested money amounting to 2950.00 USD, which automatically
just vanished. I was told to invest more for them to recover the losses.
I think they should be investigated cause something is not right. I took that money out of a bank here in SA where I received 10% PA. Now its gone.

Mr AI Fortune 08/06/2018


This company should be investigated under european law,
they took my £250.00 then asked for a further £5000.00 which I refused, I have written to them asking to cancel and waiting to hear from them, whilst writing this, their General Manager has been on the phone and has assured me that all will be well,he is going to phone back tomorrow and that I can have my money back if I don't want to proceed, watch this space !!!!!

Ronald J Day 08/06/2018

4XFX took deposit of US $250 but insisted on another US $3000 for Bitcoin investment

Terrible to deal with and I believe they are a total scam. Was assured that all I needed was US $250 to start trading, however after depositing funds I was told I need to have a US $3000 Bitcoin investment before they can trade.
I advised them that I did not want to invest more money and put in a withdrawal request for my $250. I received a confirmation that my money will be refunded within 5 working days but after 8 working days I contacted them numerous times as to the status of my refund but could not get a reply. It has to date been 12 working days since my withdrawal request confirmation from 4xfx.

Brian Capper 07/30/2018

they are scammers

in the morning i was contacted by "adrian novak" and in the evening by a "mark novak". they kicked off with my $250 and i am UNABLE to log- onto my account because THEY HAD MY "PASSWORD" CHANGED. And I am a pensioner.


security code : - tmbrtt

gamat noor salie 07/22/2018

4XFX- Don't touch them

Do not go any where near this lot as you will certainly LOSE your money.

They call on a regular basics trying to get you to invest more money and when they finally know that you won't they change your password so you can't access your own account.


Paul 07/15/2018

4XFX - Invest at your Peril

I agree with Mike 06/16/2018 - this Company 4XFX is a scam operation.
In attempting correspondence with the company I received an email
from "Mike Smith" who was listed as an Account Manager, encouraging
me to invest. He forwarded me a 'Direct Activation Link' which was
a facility to make a US$250 payment via a personal credit card.
Anyone genuinely wearing the name Mike Smith would be a born
English speaker and writer. Not so this gentleman. I believe Mike Smith
to be a Nom de Plume and I urge anyone else contemplating investing
to be warned -

John Little 06/21/2018

4xfx is a scam

4xfx is a scam they won't let you withdraw your money compete crooks don't be scammed bye them like me there grub s they take over your account they changed the password I would like to no were they are absolutely they are crooks

Mike 06/16/2018
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