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10Brokers Review - is it scam or safe?

10Brokers Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 19 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz 10Brokers
10Brokers is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts

Account Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Spread
Standard $50 1:400 Fixed, from 3 pips


10Brokers is actually a single forex and CFD broker. The company offers a single account type and is closely associated with another broker, you may be familiar with.

The Company. Security of Funds

Company Country Regulation
KHO TECH LTD Saint Vincent and The Grenadines N/A


The company behind 10brokers is KHO TEHCH Ltd., which is registered in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines. This company also owns MRT Markets. The only thing which comes close to financial regulation is the membership in the Financial Services Provider Commission (FSPC). As we have previously mentioned, this is not a legitimate agency, as it doesn’t have any legal power over the companies it oversees. It is a firm created, in order to give off-shore companies some credibility, but it is by no means equivalent to a top-notch regulator.

That being said Kho Tech has recently even lost is FSPC “license”. Here is a screenshot from the organization’s website:


Financial regulation is the most important thing to look for, when judging a broker’s credibility. An unregulated company can essentially do anything with your money. On the other hand, if a broker is regulated by a national watchdog, like the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), they have to obey certain rules and report a lot of their activities. ASIC in particular enforces several key rulings, one of which is the segregation of client funds – companies must keep client funds separate from their operational bank accounts. This prevents classic forms of fraud. Furthermore, in order to register a broker in Australia, one must have capital holdings of at least AUD 1 million. This is a high entry bar for most scammers.

There aren’t many opinions by third parties on 10brokers yet, but KHO TECH’s other company, MRT Markets, has a pretty negative reputation. There are multiple claims in popular online forums, about the company not allowing withdrawals.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum deposit at 10brokers is $50, according to one section of their website and $500, according to another. Obviously one of these is a typo, but we can’t say which one. A $500 level would be considered a bit high, given the current offers by other brokers, while $50 is fine. For instance FXCM also requires $50.

However, this criteria is not that important when comparing forex brokers. While a less experienced trader may want to invest a small amount, to see how trading the markets feels, a long-term strategy should be funded more adequately.
Average spreads & Commissions

Spreads at 10broekrs appear to be fixed and starting from 3 pips on EUR/USD. This is a very high level, when compared with the contemporary offers by other brokers. For instance FxPro provides an account type, with fixed spreads, where the EUR/USD one starts from 1.6 pips.

That being said variable spreads are often even lower. How much lower exactly? Feel free to check our spread comparison platform, to see the real-time offers by multiple brokers.
The maximum leverage provided by 10brokers is 1:400. This level of “gearing” is pretty substantial, but some companies offer even higher levels.

Do remember, margin trading is risky, especially if you completely utilize such leverage ratios. Please familiarize yourself with the way it works before placing your first trade..

Trading Platforms

10brokers offers the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. Its great charting potential, combined with the relatively low hardware demands, have earned it a lot of fans. Its most unique feature is definitely the MQL marketplace. MT4 offers traders with some programming experience to create new technical indicators and automated trading systems. They are later bought, sold, rented and even given for free at the marketplace.

MetaTrader also has a mobile app. It is available for both iOS and Android, and usable with any MT4 forex broker. You can even switch between different accounts, with different companies, with a few taps of the screen. This works wonders to save storage space on your mobile device, if you trade with multiple brokers.

Here is a preview of the desktop MT4 platform, as provided by 10 brokers.

Methods of Payment

Only credit cards are mentioned, as deposit options on 10brokers’ website. Needless to say, this is not ideal, as many people prefer different payment solutions, such as PayPal, nowadays.



10brokers is an off-shore, unregulated forex broker. This is a trading brand of KHO TECH LTD, the company behind MRT Markets. Their trading conditions are fairly similar and not impressive, when compared with the current offers by other brokers. Their website feels unpolished with some key pieces of information missing or even being contradicting in different sections. Here are this broker’s strengths and weaknesses:

Pros Cons
MetaTrader4 available No regulation
  Off-shore registration
  Negative comments about the company’s other brand
  High fixed spreads
  Single payment option


Latest news about 10Brokers
No news about 10Brokers. Check back later.
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10 - stay well clear

This is a criminal company that will steal your money, any money you send them will never be seen by you again. STAY WELL CLEAR this also applies to MRTMarkets.

David Hall 05/22/2019

10Brokers big scam

A big scam as nine out of ten Binary Option websites today. This 10Brokers are ruled by Ukrainian Iuliia Davydenko and Hungarian Zoltan Korczog. They as well rule other scam websites as, PrestigeFM,,,,,,,,, All verified scams.

Hauserman 04/06/2019

Stole my money

Yourcompany stole my money.A guy by the name John Bishop is the one who took all my money.He promised to trade on my behalf,all he did was to demand that i must deposit money.

Mzwamadoda Mgxumeki 03/31/2019

10brokers scam

Открывал счет в компании 10Brokers на 250$. Абещали стабильный доход. Потихоньку торговали с аналитиком и зарабатывали, когда счет увеличился до 700$ вывели мне 150$, просил дочке на именины. После вывода сказали, мол давай работать с биткоинами по крупному от 20000$. Ну я и влил денег. Обещали страховку на эти сделки, типа 2 месяца таргуем без рисков. В итоге за ноябрь-днекабрь 17года развили мне счет до 53494$. Я попросил вывод 20000$, а мне сказали, что бухгалтер не работает у них сегодня. В итоге начал ждать до завтра, а завтра ЗАШОЛ И БЫЛО УЖЕ 0 на балансе!!!! Потом и в саппорт писал им и звонил и ничего в итоге. Пробовал сделать чарджбек через банк, хотябы своих - банк сказал - отбой. ПОтом мне звонили из компании Луна, взяли 250$, сказали, что вернут - в итоге ничего не сделали. ЩИт и Меч шарага тоже брали денег с меня и ничего не сделали. Но в итоге вышел на юриста я и мне сделали возврат средств. Считаю, что этих пи****сов нужны наказывать.

Пишите кому интересно и поделюсь контактами. Моя почта ******* на всех форумах оставляю данный отзыв, хочу чстобы машенники горели в аду. Мне повезло, что я прораб. А есть же люди которые кредитов набирают

Translated by Google:

Opened an account with 10Brokers for $ 250. Abschali stable income. Slowly traded with the analyst and earned when the account increased to $ 700 brought me $ 150, asked my daughter for a name day. After the withdrawal they said, they say, let's work with Bitcoins on a major basis from $ 20,000. Well, I poured money. They promised insurance for these deals, such as 2 months targues without risks. As a result, in November-December 17, they increased my bill to $ 53,494. I asked for a withdrawal of $ 20,000, and I was told that the accountant is not working for them today. As a result, I began to wait until tomorrow, and tomorrow I WAS ALREADY 0 ON THE BALANCE !!!! Then he wrote to the support and called them and nothing in the end. Tried to make chargeback through the bank, even though their own - the bank said - hang up. Then they called me from the company of the Moon, took $ 250, said they would return - in the end did not do anything. SHIT and Sword Sharaga also took money from me and did nothing. But in the end I went to a lawyer and I made a refund. I think that these pi **** owls need to be punished.

Write to someone interested and share contacts. My mail ******* in all forums leave this review, I want chstoby mashenniki burned in hell. I'm lucky to be a foreman. And there are people who are gaining loans

Рома 01/16/2019

10 brokers - scam

I was approached by 10brokers who said they could get my money back that was scammed from Stoxmarket, over £11,000. All I needed to do was open an account with them for $120 to start the process. Stupidly I did. Then after a period of weeks, they started to call me to say they had recovered my money but they required more money from me to release it! This is the actual text of an email they sent me: Your recovery from the offshore zone can not be less than the amount of money deposited initially, and there can not be recovered any amount bigger or smaller then € 14,185.82. According to the European Union Directive of 2018.03.17, No. 345

At the moment, your balance is € 11,434.64.
The missing difference prohibits making any transfer to your current account.
According to the updated version of MiFID-MiFID II (The Markets in the Financial Instruments Directive) of January 3, 2018, it is necessary to settle this issue and supplement the missing € 2,751.18.

Needless to say I have been receiving calls on an almost daily basis and they get very aggressive when I tell them I have no money. They say it is such a small amount to get so much!

Sue Hall 09/26/2018

شركة نصابة ومحتالة = Big Scammer 10brokers = Globalfxm

هذه الشركة نصابة وهم سارقون للاموال وهي نفس الشركة قلوبل اف اكس ام
عصابة تتكون من حمد صباح
ومحمد المصري
و محمود لطفي
ومريم المغربية
وغيرهم من العرب الخونة

الحذر ثم الحذر منهم


Translated by Google:

This company is an equalizer and they are money thieves and it is the same company as FXLM
A ring consisting of Hamad Sabah
And Mohamed El Masry
And Mahmoud Lutfi
And Moroccan Mariam
And other Arab traitors

Caution then beware of them


حمزة حسن = Hamza Hassan 09/18/2018

10Brokers escroquerie

vous êtes tous des escrocs surtout toi le soi disant JEAN HIMBERT un jour j'aurai ta peau

Translated by Google:

you are all crooks especially you the so-called JEAN HIMBERT one day I will have your skin

damien rahou 08/24/2018

10Brokers escroquerie

mais que font les forces de l'ordre ? Ne peuvent ils pas suivre les transactions bancaire pour savoir à qui appartiennes les comptes que nous pauvres victimes avons approvisionnés pensant gagné quelques dollars pour survivre.A croire que c'est nous les coupables et non ces BANDITS , escrocs, manipulateurs, voleurs , de chez 10 brokers , mrtmarkets, x90 , prmfx. serait il possible de me contacter

Translated by Google:

but what are the forces of order doing? Can not they follow the banking transactions to know who belongs to the accounts that we poor victims have supplied, thinking that they have earned a few dollars to survive. To believe that we are the guilty ones and not these BANDITS, crooks, manipulators, thieves, from 10 brokers, mrtmarkets, x90, prmfx. would it be possible to contact me email:

damien rahou 08/24/2018

10 brokers (vip crypto)

Is vip crypto a scam company.I want to Withdraw my funds but now they tell me I need to pay taxes first.please advise.

Thank you

Luke Harry 08/13/2018

Scammed by 10brokers

I was phoned late last night informing me that I had lost a large amount of money through trading 5 years ago that company was illegal and they were recovering our funds with a 5% commission fee.
After extracting my visa card number from me (saying he would not take personal information) he had to go to a meeting. This gave me the chance to check my visa account and there was a large EUR amount in nz dollars withdrawn. Notified bank God I cannot afford to lose this money being a pensioner and on fixed low income. I have been sick and was not really myself. I feel panicky

Lyn campbell 08/10/2018


jean himbert ,isabelle bouquet sarah dumont, escros de 10 brokers,mrtmarkets, x90, promfx, ils sont de neue mainger str52 60311 frankfurt am main. If someone knows them send me email thank you.I would go to hell to find them

damien rahou 07/28/2018


I would like who is jean himbert to 10 brokers and mrtmarkets and x90 this man is a crook !!!!!!!!

damien rahou 07/27/2018

10Brokers - They are robbers and thieves and should go to prison and after that to hell!!!

They are robbers and thieves. I doubt that this post will give the money of anyone back, we must do something all together! They tricked me and I deposited some money. I traded on the Bitcoin and made very good profits. When I asked to withdraw some of it, i was totally blocked by them!!! At once no response, my "account manager" disappeared and my account was emptied by them. His name is Ivan Stefanov, his e-mail: Those are the phone numbers that i know, for different people: +447872248147 +447978251233, +442034116796, +447978251231.
We are living in 2018, it is just unbelievable how nothing can't be done to get those mother f...ers I would really like to meet them in person!

I hope this will prevent others to get in their trap!

MiVa 06/01/2018

May ALL scammers and conartists burn in hell

These guys broke me today!

I just clicked on a link via facebook in order to maybe learn more about Bitcoin Wealth. When I got to the part where I had to put in banking details I closed the link.

Then my phone rang and a certain Shaun (and another guy) kept me online for over an hour! Tying to convince me to put $250 in the game. The whole time I was sceptical, but at the end provided them with my details (after lots and lots of arguments and debating...telling them that that was the only money I have currently to get me to the end of the month).

I must add that the more I said I don't want to be involved anymore, the more persistent Shaun became and at one stage it even felt as if he was attacking me!

I recently started my own business and a little extra money to invest in the business would do no harm...or so I thought!

So,no I don't have money...let alone some extra to make my business better.

This breaks my heart. How on earth does these people sleep at night? Steeling from innocent people?

I want to say...may ALL scammers and conartists burn in hell.

Hesti 05/09/2018

Scam company

Use to have a fund manager claiming that he has help alot of client to achieve big money and final Alvin freedom, however when I decided to fund in the money and immediately he did not help me manage tohe fund properly and I lose 500 usd in a single day and he is disappear and his name is call John he use to call me Everyday now he suddenly disappear .. what a good Traders and pls dun cause any harm to other victims as I know you Are just a loser that proclaim your trades and your earning proof it to me

Benjamin Lim 05/04/2018

10brokers are scammers

10brokers are scammers
شركة نصابة وسارقون للاموال
عصابة تتكون من حمد (فلسطيني)
محمود لطفي (ليبيا)
ومعهم اخرون من السارقين مثل (محمد) المصري

H 03/22/2018

No withdraw option

It seems like we have the same problem with 10Brokers, i.e. non-payment of withdrawals, not responding to emails, and their contact number (+44203129488)is not working.
i invisited more than 10000 USD and now my account has 40000+ USD and not able to withdraw

khaled bedewi 02/19/2018

Non-payment by 10Brokers

It seems like we have the same problem with 10Brokers, i.e. non-payment of withdrawals, not responding to emails, and their contact number (+44203129488)is not working.

But something need to be done legally, can someone pls advice of the avenue that can assist. I currently have $10 000.00 balance with profits and they are just not paying my withdrawals.

Bongani 02/06/2018

withdrawals - why must I pay them to pay me?

It seems to me that 10 Brokers is a scam. I invested 1000 USD and apparently it grew to about 2500 USD, When I tried to make a withdrawal, I was told to first pay another 500 USD before I can withdraw. For me that doesn't sound right, why must I pay them to pay me

Martin Visser 01/25/2018

10Brokers took my USD1000

Dont put any money and dont ever use them!!!

helmi 01/03/2018

10brokers are scammers

They are smart scammers, they are nice untill you decide to withdraw your money, they will open trades without your permissions to lose your money and gain money for them.
Stay clear from 10brokers.
For more details go to

Haitham 12/18/2017

Worst Mistake Ever

I opened an account with Market Traders with $250, Ben Smith that works for Market Traders phones shortly after my deposit was made and basically insisted that i deposit another $250, what he didn't tell me was that he put the second $250 into a company called 10 Brokers.

This happened in August 2017, i't now December 2017, and i haven't been able to get my deposits back... they just don't answer e-mails, skype or anything...

I regret ever giving them a chance...

Maria Nel 12/18/2017

Just escaped out of the scam

They tried to convince me so well that I WS about to invest $750 ..but fortunately I my card was not working..soon I checked for all these reviews..thanks a lot for that.

Sumith 12/18/2017


10 brokers is scam, thiefs and whatever name you wish to give such an organisation. I 'only' lost us$1000.00 and I can be grateful not having let myself in with a larger amount which is was pressed to do.

It is my fault to be so stupid.

Rikki Schumacher 12/05/2017

Negative experience with 10Brokers

I have been trading with 10Brokers and they keep my money. I have several times asked them to stop my engagement with them and pay out my money but they do not react.
They are scam.
Their website is fake, you can't do anything in it. You can't close a deal or anything.
They don't do what you ask them to do. More or less lokk at it as the money you have invested in 10Brokers are lost....!

Torben Sørensen 10/28/2017

Withdrawal problem

This is a scam they only want you to deposit withdraw is a story they tell you no one force you to deposit you did it on ur own free will lost 10000$

Mpho 10/18/2017

10Brokers: Withdrawal is a problem

I have ask for withdrawal for the past 15 days and I haven't received any

Mpho Siligana 10/15/2017

Dopo un'esperienza positiva con altro broker, sono passato a 10brokers

Sono stati veramente bravi a convincermi a passare con loro,
dopo alcune operazioni positive, il 20 settembre ho chiesto un
prelievo, non ho ancora ricevuto niente, ho sollecitato 2 volte
la settimana scorsa.
con il telefono non riesco a contattarli, loro non si fanno vivi
da 10 giorni, riesco solo a comunicare via email ma loro rispondono
vagamente che la richiesta è in elaborazione o che sarò contattato.

Qualcuno mi dice se c'è un modo per recuperare il denaro.

Translated by Google:

They were really good at convincing me to go with them, after some positive transactions, on September 20 I asked for a withdrawal, I have not received anything yet, I solicited 2 times last week.

With the phone I can not contact them, they do not get alive. For 10 days, I can only communicate via email but they respond vaguely that the request is being processed or that I will be contacted.
Someone tells me if there is a way to recover money.

Thank you. Elio

Voltan Elio 10/08/2017


10brokers is the bigest scam!!!
Jeff Scholts an account manager lost $2250 of mine in just two trades.Stay away from him and 10brokers!!!!!!!!

Dries 09/30/2017

Scam broker and thieves

They sounded competent on the phone but were really pushy and bad mannered, tried to push me for an account, real scam, avoid them and dont trade with them if you dont want to get in trouble.

Jargos 09/12/2017

10Brokers: Stay away!

I deposited 1k with this broker, just to try them out (they seemed quite competent and helpful on the phone). But immediately after depositing, the contact ended and all withdrawal requests are now ignored completely! Does anyone else have any experience with them ?

Martin 07/25/2017
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