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10-Capital Review - is it scam of safe?

10-Capital Review - is scam or good crypto CFD broker?

RATING: 1 / 7 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz 10-Capital
10-Capital is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit  Max. leverage Spread
Basic  $500 1:5 $28 on BTC/USDT
Silver  $10 000 1:5 N/A
Gold  $100 000  1:5 N/A
Platinum  $250 000 1:5 N/A
Diamond  $500 000 1:5 N/A
Millionaire Club  $1 000 000 1:5 N/A


10-Capital is cryptocurrency CFD broker that offers its clients 6 account types. Unfortunately, a number of things are not right with this provider, hence the low rating we gave it. Nonetheless, we will start off with a few potential benefits of using 10-Capital, as we strive to be objective.



10-Capital Advantages


Some leverage provided, spreads not bad

Although 10-Capital has not specified this on its website, we found out that the broker actually offers leverage of 1:5, and competitive spreads. The spread on BTC/USDT is floating around $28, which is in line with the average in the sector.


Solid choice of financial instruments, many coins

Another possible benefit of using 10-Capital is the broker’s rich product portfolio. It offers trading in indices, commodities and stocks and many cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs and all kinds of pairings between those are possible. In case you are wandering what are CFDs and are they any different to trading coins on an exchange, you can find more information by clicking the link below.



>> Bitcoin Brokers compared to Bitcoin Exchanges <<



10-Capital Disadvantages


No financial regulation

This broker is allegedly operated by Czech company VIVZ Odštěpný Závod. As a CFD provider, 10-Capital should be regulated by the Czech National Bank (CNB), or another EU financial regulator, but they are not. As we keep reiterating in our reviews, trading with an unregulated broker is very risky, so you’d better stay away from 10-Capital.


Website doesn’t disclose trading details, no demo accounts

On top of the lack of financial regulation, the website of 10-Capital contains no information about the trading conditions of this broker, which is yet another red flag. Besides, there are no free demo accounts, so one has to sign up for a live account to be able to see the spreads, the leverage, and so on. Such lack of clarity and transparency additionally lowers the credibility level of 10-Capital.


MT4 not supported

10-Capital offers its services via a web-based solution which we dubbed “Scamex”. This trading interface seems to be quite popular lately among shady brokers, placing a focus on cryptocurrencies. Its charting is poor and it lacks many of the advanced features other platforms, such as the MetaTrader4, offer.



10-Capital’s web-based platform. Click to zoom.


For example, it cannot be compared to the renown MetaTrader 4 with its great charting, support of automated strategies (Expert Advisors), reliability and easy customization


>> Choose a MT4 broker instead <<



Withdrawal issues & additional fees

We also found out some pretty disturbing clause in the broker’s Terms & Conditions. For example, withdrawals by cards might take up to 90 (ninety) calendar days from the last deposit. Besides, it seems that withdrawals are subjected to some trading volume conditions (click on the image to view full size).



On top of that, some of 10-Capital’s fees seem quite salty: transfer fee of 25 EUR for bank transfers, and 50 EUR inactivity fee for dormant accounts.


High initial deposit, limited offering on Basic accounts

This might seem like a minor disadvantage when compared to the others, but 10-Capital requires $500 from traders just to open a Basic account with it. This is twice the industry average, and besides, Basic account holders are not offered some basic features, such as advanced charts and WhatsApp chat.


No forex trading

While 10-Capital offers trading in huge selection of cryptocurrencies in various pairings, as well as other CFDs, clients of this broker cannot trade in “traditional” currencies such as USD, EUR or GBP.





10-Capital is a cryptocurrency CFD broker, whose website lacks information on the most important aspects of a broker’s offer: financial regulation and trading conditions. Besides, going through the brokerage’s website we kept coming across red flags, such as some withdrawal issues, extra fees, and more.


While the cryptocurrency market remains largely unregulated, CFD providers in most countries have to be authorized by the respective financial authority. With no regulatory oversight we can’t be certain about the company behind the operation and whether it will fulfill its obligation towards clients.


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To sum up the above:




Some leverage provided, spreads not bad

No financial regulation

Solid choice of financial instruments, many coins

Website doesn’t disclose trading details, no demo accounts


MT4 not supported


High initial deposit, limited offering on Basic accounts


Withdrawal issues and additional fees


No forex trading


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Anyone got a refund from their Bank?

I have just lost over £10,000 with 10-Capitalz and I wondered if anyone had managed to get their transactions reversed via their bank or credit card company under either the Chargeback Scheme or Section 75? Anything else I can do to try and get my money back?

Andy K 09/09/2019

Scammmmmmmmmmm DO NOT Touch these

I wanted to trial an investment so I put £500 into this. I was contacted by James Miller (a very senior trader) supposedly with the company.
My platform opened and my money was showing. One days trading made $30 which I was happy with.
Then the phone calls started 5-6 per day (James Miller) wanting more and more money invested, if I invested £5000 then the company would match that amount(yeah right).
I refused all the ID checks etc(card details etc).
I decided to close my account contacting the company on numerous occasions, a great number of calls with James Miller(who seems like the website to have disappeared)??? In April I was contacted and he was pretty nice saying he would close down the account and transfer my initial investment back to me ( I am still waiting) at that time my account was showing over $757 or whatever currency it is. But still nothing.
I tried to contact James Miller through WhatsApp to find that the number he had been using was someone else’s phone and the profile photograph was not him.
I have had various communications with these scammers one telling me my account was overdrawn and I needed to pay a further £500 into it to get my initial £500 investment back ????????
I have reported this to the various fraud agencies and I continue to update my report as and when these people contact me. Which seems to be every two days or so.
If anyone gets any information with regards to getting their money back(which I doubt will ever happen) then please let everyone who has been conned by these scum bags know via this platform.

Michael Bullock 06/12/2019


Das anyone knows this scame company address
Please. If you know the the address Please
Email me the address. I'm going to fight for
Me and for you too.

yahya 06/06/2019 Scam

FOllowi g up from a previous review. This company have changed their web site address from to

My account was worth€5500 and after I asked to withdraw the whole amount someone has gone into my;account twice and made investments that have now lost all the money.

Do not go anywhere near them

James Ross
Jo Freedom
Carter Williams
James Collins
And I was called by John Clarke who wNted all my credit card details which I refused

Deb 06/06/2019


Well what do you know yes everybody. Who used 10 - capital. We have been scammed today I want to meet Michelle Moratti. On second thoughts I better not im too angry and might regret my actions

ian cheetham 05/30/2019


DONT EVEN TRY. this so called account managers named john hopkins and michelle moretti are scammers. its been so long and they are yet to even return me my intial capital.

meera vidyut 05/20/2019

I have lost my money with 10 capital

Good they. I was approached by 10 capital an they told me they are regulated. I was asked to deposit £250 at first then I was asked for another £1000 an now the website is blocked. They not responding to my emails and my calls . I would like to get my money back

Nombuso Matsape 05/20/2019

Dont go near 10 capital

scam scam scam do not go near these dirty scumbags who take good peoples earned money then disappear.

sam 05/17/2019

10 capital scam

I initially invested £220 in February this year with James Ross. I thought the company were genuine, they seemed on the ball with ensuring I had provided identification and validated my account. My investment started to make money but I found James very pushy. I was then provided with another account manager Jo Freedom, again, he was very pushy but definitely ‘talked a good talk’ - I agreed to invest another £960 to see how well the account could perform.
Two weeks ago Jo again wanted more money but I refused. I have emailed him and the support email daily since then with no response. I tried to make a withdrawal and was told I couldn’t do that because I had an open trade on my account. Again I tried to contact Jo to no avail. I was then contacted last week by John Clarke from their accounts department who wanted to validate my account by confirming my credit card details - after several telephone calls from him, I still continued to refuse to provide my details and had no response from Jo Freedom or the support email address.
I went online yesterday to check my account and the website has vanished - completely disappeared.....????
I believe I have been scammed and will report this company. I am unsure if I can get my money back but intend to ring my credit card company today

Deb wilson 05/17/2019

They are fake dodge trade rubber site

I opened an account with them in March and put €250 in every single day they called me 2 or 3 times and asked me to invest £5000 which is I get doubt about them my money they said and showed me on their site was $597 I I told them , I need to withdrawal to trust you first to invest more money , and they keep refusing to give me‏ any money from my account, then on their dodge page start to show you are loosing your money day by day money get small and smaller.
I wonder when the big trade companies are who involved in this business why they don't shut this rubbers and don't bring people 's trust back to the trade centre. I wish they close it down tonight.

Ali LIMOOCHI 05/09/2019


Do not touch these people with a penny of your money! I dealt with a person who called himself JAMES ROSS, quite clearly a conman. I lost £200 with these people. I didn't send them more as I was suspicious. They have no intention to ever returning your money. One they have it, that's it, gone for ever. I am contacting VISA fraud to have my money retuned by VISA and get 10-Capital shut down.

Hugh Hastings 05/07/2019

10-capital, lost my investment

Definitely scammed by Leo Goldman. Lost over £1200. Been to the police, reported what happened and no more word from them. Maybe they are too busy trying to resolve my issue. Any how, the facts remain. I was scammed, but it could of been worse. Good old Leo tried to convince me to invest a further £2000. I rejected his suggestion thank god.

Shane Daley 05/03/2019

10-Capital is UNRELIABLE. They only want your money. You get no good service and they make their own rules.

I wanted to trade and I gave them the minimum of 250 euros. I was stupid for not first googling them to see if they are reliable. I immediately regretted it and asked my money back. But my request was denied and an advisor called me several times. Basically he was checking how much money I was able to spend. They needed a lot of information from me. At first I thought: I give it a try. I didn't have a working printer, so I couldn't sign a form they wanted me to sign. I couldn't trade because they didn't activate my account. Then I asked my money back again. The website told me it costed me 250 euros to do that. So basically I would lose all the money I originally wanted to trade with. I withdrew my withdrawal request and sent them a mail about it. They totally ignored me. I sent them another mail in which I said I was going to talk to my lawyer. They still ignored me. That night I couldn't log in with them anymore. I told them I couldn't log in anymore. But still no answer. Total silence and I have lost the money. Don't let them fool you. 10-Capital is a louche unreliable company!

Margreet Wallast 04/11/2019

Who can I complain to

Can this website be closed down. Who can I complain to get my money back. Even if I don't get my money back, there needs to be some way of making them liable. Cant I go to the newspapers to report so that others don't loose their money. Lets see hoe they like it.

Celia Paul 04/10/2019

Scam Artists and Very Rude

I joined this company hoping to make a little extra cash. On first trying to sign up they were calling my phone all day long.
I finally joined and someone called Joe Freedom was the person supposed to be helping me. Initially, I invested £450 of my money as they said this was all I needed to start generating money. After a while I realized this was not going to happen, and Joe asked me to invest more money. I explained that I am a single mother and this was not viable for me.
Then he went cold on me. I had already tried to withdrawer some money and found this was refused with no explanation. When I tried to call the phone would cut off and at no point could I get anyone on the phone. To make matters worse their dedicated chat system repeats the same thing, "just put in your details and a representative will call you back ASAP". Well this only worked when they thought I would invest more money, now that I am asking to close the account and refund my money, SUPRISE, no one calls back. I have tried for days to call and email to no avail.
Joe Freedom, my supposed representative/consultant felt that I was ruse to ask for my money and said that he deals with millions of pounds so does not need my piddly £450.
He then said he was sick and would contact me when he gets back to the office. Well I have heard nothing from him since and it seems that I have lost all my cash.
I feel very stupid, hurt, disappointed, used, lied to, and more.
So unless you have loads of cash, like millions don't waste your pittance on them. They are rubbish

Celia Veronica Paul 04/10/2019

Dont pay back money

Its a scam. Don't put your money in their company. They don't pay back.

Shailesh 03/25/2019


I put 250Euro in they said you have 553.00 dollars in after 1 day about 5 minutes trading! When I applied to withdrawal some of it , they won't give you and bring some excuse! This site should be shut down... they keep asking and put pressure on you to put more money in and they keep talking about trust . Not good at all ... I wished I invested somewhere else.

Ali LIMOOCHI 03/21/2019


I deposited usd 500 with them and they forced me to add another usd 5,000. however I didn't want to add more cash plus I wanted a withdrawal of my initial deposit of usd500 but once they know I wanted to withdraw my initial deposit they stop all contacts with me. the guy name john Hopkins that was the so called senior manager there was the one who was suppose to assist me throughout but once he knew I wanted to withdraw my initial deposit he was extremely rude to me and stop all contact with me through WhatsApp. I emailed their support email multiple times no answer. PLEASE GUYS SWEAR THEY ARE JUST SCAMMERS , please don't invest with any offshore brokers. this is the worst broker ever.

meera 03/13/2019

Don't bother with 10-Capital they are crooks !

Depositeed money, Got nowhere trying to setup a bitcoin trading account. Got repeated calls from "account Managers" asking me for more money to ensure greater profits. Chos withdrawal and now have to wait up to 90 days for refund. Have reported to VISA fraud to ensure I am protected.

Not possible to give 0 stars but that is my choice. Just Crooks ! AVOID AVOID AVOID

Andew Hadley 03/09/2019
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