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Binary Brokers List

Binary options can be described as the intersection point of online trading and gambling. In their essence, these options are nothing but bets on the direction of a price movement. This simple way to trade, however, is widely understood as a scheme to rob gullible investors of their money, as scam binary option brokers are all too common in the industry.
Binary option scams can come in many forms and shapes: unrealistic promises of huge profits, price manipulation, withdrawal refusals, crooked robots and other auto trading services, etc.
Most of binary option brokers are not regulated, or are registered offshore, which is almost the same actually. Others are regulated in Cyprus – the most popular jurisdiction for binaries brokers -  which provides a certain level of security.
In fact, Cyprus was one of the first countries ever to treat binary options like financial instruments and to grant binary options brokers investment firm licenses.
Lately, however, the binary options industry is being subjected to increasing pressure from various regulators and authorities across the world, Cyprus included. These regulatory moves come as a result from the numerous fraudulent activities in the industry. 
Binary options are banned altogether in some countries like Canada and Israel. The latter has even forced international call centers with operations outside Israel to shut down. In the US binary options trading is allowed only on one of two authorized exchanges - NADEX and Cantor Exchange. 
In the European Union, binary options brokers that are regulated in one country are allowed to operate in all other Member States under the license passporting regime (established under MIFID). However, some national financial regulators placed some restrictions on binary options, such as the advertising bans in France and Belgium. 
So, finding a decent binary options broker isn't an easy task. it’s a matter of doing your due diligence check before you decide to invest. First, check where are the broker’s headquarters and whether the company behind the brand is licensed. User reviews can also be helpful (that is, if they are genuine), but we would not recommend that you make a decision on the basis of statements made on the broker’s website.
Forexbrokerz offers you hundreds of binary option brokers sorted by country, regulation, payout and minimum deposit.


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Broker Country Regulation Min deposit Max payout Review
Seychelles None $2500 999.99% Review
Dominica No N/A 0% Review
Georgia National Bank of Georgia (?) $5 80% Review
Vanuatu No $300 999.99% Review
UK N/A $250 8.5% Review
UK None $250 999.99% Review
Samoa $250 0% Review
Dominica None 0% Review
Dominica No $100 0% Review
Belize No $1 0% Review
Cyprus CySec $100 80% Review
Cyprus No $200 75% Review
Cyprus N/A Not specified 0% Review
Cyprus CySec $200 80% Review
Cyprus CySec $100 85% Review
Cyprus CySec €200 100% Review
Cyprus CySec $200 85% Review
Anguilla No $200 81% Review
Cyprus CySec $250 81% Review
Cyprus No €200 85% Review
Cyprus N/A $250 83% Review
UK N/A $300 85% Review
UK N/A $250 90% Review
UK N/A $100 80% Review
Vanuatu VFSC $100 0% Review
UK N/A $250 81% Review
UK N/A $250 85% Review
N/A CySEC? $500 81% Review
Romania N/A $200 81% Review
UK None $250 999.99% Review
N/A None $250 0% Review
N/A None $250 0% Review
N/A None $250 0% Review
SVG N/A $100 0% Review
UK N/A $100 500% Review
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