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Business in Full Blossom: Reports April 2013 Operational Metrics

May 17 2013 09:46:36 in Brokers

Late last night GAIN Capital released data about its operations in April 2013. After announcing excellent metrics for the first quarter of the year, the broker keeps thriving. Read more

Feds Go After the Biggest Bitcoin Exchange, Mt.Gox's Dwolla Account Frozen

May 16 2013 16:46:21 in Market

It seems that Mt. Gox, the biggest bitcoin exchange, can't catch a break these days. About a couple of weeks ago, it found itself a party in a $75 million lawsuit (the exchange's former partner CoinLab pressed charges against Mt. Gox for not keeping its part of their business agreement). Read more

The Forex Customer Support Challenge: IBFX

May 16 2013 09:35:57 in Brokers

Having talked to a few brokers for the Forex Customer Support Challenge, we already have a basis for comparison and let me tell you – things are even more amusing that way.    Today we talk to the Australian branch of IBFX. Read more

The Forex Customer Support Challenge: GFT

May 15 2013 10:57:52 in Brokers

I will be honest with you: when I picked GFT as the next contestant in the Forex Customer Service Challenge, I expected them to be real bad. Read more

Alpari Teaches Mac Users How to Trade Forex on MT4

May 15 2013 08:21:26 in Brokers

According to recent data, approximately 7% of the world's computer users rely on OS X for their needs (that is, they're Mac and not PC users). Read more

Fish & Pips: A Small Comparison of Poker Versus Trading

May 14 2013 15:00:21 in Market

A while ago we talked to Sebastian Kuhnert, CEO of the Tradimo forex community, and while discussing the general state of the forex industry and many other things, we scraped the topic of poker, and the similarities between poker and trading in particular. Read more

The Forex Customer Support Challenge: Alpari UK

May 14 2013 08:35:11 in Brokers

Yesterday we started the Forex Customer Support Challenge on a quest to find the broker with the best customer support. We have picked 15 brokers at random, and the winner will be the most knowledgeable, the most patient, and the funniest. Read more

FXTM Gives Its Clients Free Access to Trading Central

May 14 2013 07:20:18 in Brokers

When it comes to technical analysis, there's a few software applications that have been on the market long enough to get established and preferred by the majority of traders. Read more

Liquid Markets: We Are Setting Up Our Social Trading Network and Looking to Expand in South America

May 13 2013 14:26:49 in Brokers

A couple of days ago Nick Bang, the CEO of the global forex and CFD broker Liquid Markets, gave an interview for World Finance. Read more

The Forex Customer Support Challenge:

May 13 2013 12:07:41 in Brokers

A company's customer support team can tell you a lot about the company's culture and attitude towards its customers. Read more

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