Tradency forex brokers


Tradency is the software provider of Mirror Trader – a sophisticated, yet user-friendly forex platform for trading live signals. 


Mirror Trader is preferred by many traders for a couple of reasons: it offers everything a trader needs for their success, and it's intuitive and easy to use. Add to this the fixed-fee scheme, on which Tradency operates, and you can see the appeal of the platform. 


Traders who sign-up for using Mirror Trader can choose between three trading modes: manual, automatic and semi-automatic. With automatic mirroring users select their preferred signal provider(s), adds them to his/her portfolio, and all the trades of the signal provider(s) are automatically copied into the user's account. 


Semi-automatic mirroring operates based on a similar principle, only with it traders see the selected signals in real time and decide which ones to copy. 


Recently, Tradency upgraded Mirror Trader to include CFDs, and released mobile trading apps of the platform. 


If you feel that Mirror Trader is not your cup of tea, then you may check out ZuluTrade brokers instead.


Tradency forex brokers

Broker Regulated Min.deposit Leverage Spread Promotion Review
$50 1:400 0.2 Review Website
$1 1:1000 1.0 25% Bonus Review
$1 1:500 2 $100 Review
$250 1:50 2 8% Bonus Review
$250 1:500 1 Review
$100 1:400 1 Review
$200 1:500 1.6 Review
$300 1:50 2 up to $300 bonus Review
$100 1:200 2 Welcome Review
$250 1:400 2 Review
  $100 1:200 2 Review
$500 AUD 1:400 2 up to $5000 Review