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AAAfx Review: Zulutrade's forex broker review and rating
3.5 5 RATING
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AAAfx execution and slippage

0.73 pips



Slippage is the difference between the price at which the order has been placed and the price at which it has been executed by the broker. The less slippage you get, the better your trading results will be. 

Our slippage data about AAAfxis sampled by 10 of the most popular forex trading strategies in


0.00 pips

AAAfx slippage with Kama-spot trading strategy

Kama-spot is a forex trading strategy, based on technical analysis. It trades mainly EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF

Average profit:                14.0 pips
Average trade lifespan:  19 hours
Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF


0.00 pips

AAAfx slippage with Saved FX trading strategy

Average profit:                  16.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:    1 day

Most traded pairs:                 EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF
0.31 pips

AAAfx slippage with Qurenix trading strategy

Average profit:                  9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:  5 hours

Most traded pairs:             EUR/USD
0.05 pips

AAAfx slippage with Forex Cruise Control trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           5.0

Average trade lifespan:   18 hours

Most traded pairs:              GBP/USD
0.03 pips

AAAfx slippage with For333 trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           12.0

Average trade lifespan:   15 hours

Most traded pairs:              GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD
0.20 pips

AAAfx slippage with Azar Consulting trading strategy

Average profit:                   28.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   3 days

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
0.00 pips

AAAfx slippage with The Best Player trading strategy

Average profit:                  22.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   13 hours

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
0.00 pips

AAAfx slippage with Xiaolidao trading strategy

Average pips/trade:           9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   1 day

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD
1.42 pips

AAAfx slippage with Youron trading strategy

Average profit:                  9.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:   11 hours

Most traded pairs:               EUR/USD, GBP/USD
5.32 pips

AAAfx slippage with Duanxian(GBP\USD) trading strategy

Average profit:                      10.0 pips

Average trade lifespan:      1 days
Most traded pairs:                   EUR/USD, NZD/USD, GBP/USD

14 Akti Kondyli Str, Piraeus, 18545

Country: Greece 
Regulated as an FCM in Europe


AAAfx Trading conditions::

minimum deposit: $300

minimum trade size: 1k (micro lot)

maximum leverage: 1:200



STP on Metatrader 4



Variable, from 1.5 pips



Bank Wire, Credit card, Skrill (Moneybooker), GiroPay, ESP, Sofort, TeleIngreso, iDeal, przelewy24



Metatrader 4


Extra Services:

Directly integrated with Zulutrade, commission free signal following

What we think about AAAfx

If you are copy-trader using ZuluTrade, then AAAFx is an excellent choice for you as AAAFx is, in fact, ZuluTrade's own brokerage, operating out of Athens, Greece. 

For the broker's customers this means three things: one, AAAFx accounts are automatically linked to ZuluTrade; two, no commission is charged for trading signals; and three, being a Greek broker, it falls under European Union regulations so investors are better protected. 
Of course, the fact that there is no commission fee for using ZuluTrade doesn't automatically make AAAFx the very best choice (although it is one of the best), as the broker's spreads are a tad high – the typical spread on EURUSD for example is 2.2 pips. Other brokers offer spreads so low that even with the commission, you still end up paying less, so this is something AAAFx can definitely work on. On the plus side, the slippage observed at this broker is super low. 
Platform-wise, there are no surprises here: you can trade with Metatrader 4 (MT4) and take advantage of all its goodness, such as for example Expert Advisors (EAs). The platform is available as desktop and mobile versions for Android and iPhone, which is a bummer for Mac and Linux users with Windows Mobile phones as they won't be able to trade with AAAFx.
Whether you are a manual trader or choose to trade signals, you would be happy to know that with this broker you can use pretty much any trading strategy, including scalping and hedging. 
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Traders` reviews for AAAfx Add review

AAAFX and Zulutrade SCAM Binary Options

AAAFX scam broker claim that its both aaafx and zulutrade binary platforms have same prices running on when actually aaafx everytime and time creates a gap to the worse on aaafx live accounts platform, to give its binary clients worse entry price while the expiry price ends the same as of zulu platform.

After contacting aaafx about their SCAM, they reply by giving a screenshot from both platforms showing that prices are the same, aaafx are one of the most cruel brokers out there, aaafx play it as idiots, trying to decrease people awareness or mind cleverness by aaafx stupid ignorant replies.

It is just as if telling them that the snow color is white and they reply sone dust is on it making it black, briefly aaafx play it stupid in any complaint case raised by its clients!!!
Not to forget how aaafx and zulu create frozen priceson its platforms as shown in screenshots, clearly showing too fake charts of nonexistence curves but straight lines!!!

Bear in mind with aaafx and zulu traders and investors hard earned money will evaporate due to technical errors created by aaafx and zulu that they both refuse to take responsibility of by refunding clients accounts, instead zulu and aaafx(both same company) give scam excuses to run away with clients money.

I have many screenshots as PROOFS of AAAFX SCAM, unfortunately no option to upload files here.

Stay Away from the SCAM AAAFX and ZULUTRADE

ED_Forex 04/01/2015

Excellent Services

I am using this broker for the services to use zulutrade! both services are excellent in terms of execution and slippage which is very minimal compared to other brokers, there is no commission and support is always there fro me. Spread are also regular for the retail forex sector. I totally recommend them.

linafx 11/14/2012

AAAfx is a very good broker

I'm frankly impressed by the quality of service this broker provides , my main reason to go with them was the zulutrade integration which proved itself an excellent one. I have no issues with them so far.

Sven 11/13/2012

AAAFX is a good broker

I use Zulutrade and AAAFX is my favorite broker – slippage is low, payments department and customer support are always replying almost immediately to my question. So far I haven’t had any problems with my account.

Sjord van de Kamp 07/16/2012

Low slippage and no commissions at aaafx

I am very happy with AAAfx – before I was trading with another broker on Zulutrade and there was high slippage every day (sometimes over 6 pips!). I was never refunded or compensated for the slippage. I switched to AAAfx and the problems disappeared – now I see way less slippage, I pay no commission and I am happy with the overall performance. The customer support is also very helpful.

Chris K. 07/16/2012

Tried AAAfx for a while, happy with their data feed

This is the same company as Zulutrade. I signed up with them because they accepted US clients but after one month they told me they’re not allowing US traders any more so my account was sold to FXDD.

It’s a bummer, because AAAfx’s data feed was really good and seems like a genuine raw interbank quote. The slippage was often 1-3 pips, which was the disadvantage of the broker. I don’t know how they handle such complaints, though, since I left before I could express my concerns.

Customer support was good but tech support was a bit slow.

Amanda Blunt 07/16/2012

AAAfx is better for trading with Zulutrade

I use two accounts for trading with Zulutrade – 4XP and AAAFx. The second one performs better and I am not charged for any commissions. The execution of the signals happens on time. I don’t use this broker for manual trading but for working with Zulitrade, AAAFx are the best.

Ibrahim 07/16/2012

AAAfx started slow but are improving fast

I’m not a full-time trader but I have been trading the pairs for a long time now. I’ve used many different brokers, including AAAfx. At first I had some issues with them – delays in deposits and withdrawals, I was asked to submit all sorts of papers and documents, there was slippage and executions were sometimes delayed.
I figured I’d give them another chance since they were a new broker and I have to say, for the last 3 months things have really improved. I think AAAfx have taken the right directions and if nothing changes, I will keep trading with them.

andrew 07/16/2012